MDP elects Nasheed as presidential nominee

The Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) members have elected former President Mohamed Nasheed as the party’s candidate for the next presidential elections.

Nasheed stood unopposed for the presidential nomination, although MDP regulations state that sole candidates must receive the votes of at least 10 percent of the party’s membership.

The MDP’s current membership stands at 48,181 according the Election Commission (EC)’s figures, giving it the largest membership of any party in the country. Therefore Nasheed had to gain just over 4,800 votes to secure the nomination.

Following the final count of the 258 ballot boxes, Nasheed recorded 31,798 votes in favour to 269 against his being the party’s presidential candidate, after over two-thirds of the party’s membership turned out to vote. Chairperson candidate Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik had 29,044 votes in favour to 2160 against, while Deputy Chairperson candidate Ali Shiyam had 563 in favour to 7 against.

The MDP has called for fresh elections on a regular basis since Nasheed’s resignation from the presidency on February 7 – a resignation he later claimed was made under duress. The party has held regular demonstrations since that time calling for early elections.

The current President, Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, has stated repeatedly that the earliest date elections can be held is July 2013 according to the constitution. He recently also told UK media that he refused to resign and hand power to the speaker, a decision which would also trigger an early election. Speaking to the BBC last week, Waheed also said that holding elections before key institutions can be strengthened would be hazardous to the stability of the country.

Despite the questioned  legitimacy of the current President , MDP spokesman Hamid Abdul Ghafoor said the party had never wanted to return Nasheed to the Presidency without fresh polls.

“The remedy is election, not reinstatement,” he said.

Ghafoor also stated his belief that, with the reformed CNI due to begin its investigations soon, there was no reason for the MDP not to begin its election preparations.

Today’s internal elections decided upon a number of other key posts within the party including chairperson and deputy chairperson, as well as atoll constituency presidents and secretaries.

Polling took place around the country as well as in three locations around the capital Male’, including Male’ City Hall.

MP for the Hulhu-Henveiru constitutency in Male’ Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik was standing uncontested for the role of party chairperson, having served in this position on an interim basis previously. The position of deputy chairperson was being vied for by Nasheed’s former economic advisor Ali Shiyam.

Both men also appeared to have achieved the 10 percent minimum vote at the time of press.


The elections come after a period of internal dissent within the party, culminating in a vote to oust the party president and vice president from their positions.

The MDP’s National Council met on April 30 to vote on the no-confidence motions against the President Dr Ibrahim Didi, and Vice President Alhan Fahmy.

Hamed Abdul Ghafoor said at the time that the motions had come after both men had been making statements considered to be against the official party line regarding the events surrounding Nasheed’s resignation, alleging they were trying to bring about a coup within the party.

A party resolution on February 8 had declared that the previous day’s events had amounted to a coup d’etat and that Nasheed and his cabinet should continue to sit in the party’s National Council as senior members of government.

The motions were approves by 95 percent of those present and both Didi and Fahmy have since left the MDP, joining the Jumhooree Party earlier this month.

Didi and Fahmy have criticised the internal democracy of the party, alleging that Nasheed’s authority within the party has become too great, blaming him for personally instigating their ejection.

“No one person or a group can hijack a party like that,” said Fahmy at a rally held to ‘free the MDP’ from Nasheed’s allegedly nefarious influence.

Didi and Fahmy have also been quoted in local media as describing Nasheed as a ‘spiritual leader’ who removes anybody that speaks out against him.

Last month, the pair also alleged that the recent removal of MDP General Secretary Hassan Shah, who subsequently moved to the JP, was intended to manipulate today’s elections

Fahmy is reported to have grouped Nasheed with former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, charging both men with “hijacking” Maldivian politics.

“These two people had hijacked the whole country’s political beliefs during the political turmoil in the country. This is not an idea anymore. Former President Gayoom and former President Nasheed are here now. The people need to understand that democracy is not something we get by following a certain person’s belief,” Haveeru reported Fahmy as saying in late May.

‘Reeko’ Moosa has since been called on any prospective candidates to replace the two deposed members to halt their campaigns whilst the party considers whether the posts of party President and Vice President are still needed.

Voting for these posts was scheduled for August 31.


26 thoughts on “MDP elects Nasheed as presidential nominee”

  1. The MDP has clarity and a clear vision under Nasheed. He is the most popular politician in the country.

  2. Clear leadership and a chance for us to vote and decide! The MDP is looking organised and fair.

  3. Shouldn't the actual headline be "MDP confirms Nasheed's bid for Presidency in referendum"?

    After all, MDP has always supported pluralism and advocating against single-candidate referendums was one of their main platforms in attacking Qayyoom.

    Weak spin by the way. I think all and sundry have figured out that today's turnout was less than 10,000 and around half that much voted yes for Nasheed's bid.

    Kudos to MDP for learning the hard way that open democratic processes cannot guarantee a sure win for ambitious individuals such as Nasheed and his contenders. I guess we have truly slid back to the days of yore.

  4. 48000 members, 5000 votes....this man cant even get his own people to vote for him. And he keeps yelling that 80% of the Maldivians will vote for him?

  5. MDP elects Nasheed? he should be ashamed of himself and step down. he didnt even get 25% vote of the party members.

  6. MDP appoints the dictator Nasheed as Presidential Candidate.

    He could get even 15% of his own party members to vote for him but he is calling for an early election. ? What kind of joker he is ?

  7. We elected him in 2008 with high hopes. He wasted away the opportunity to govern a truly transparent and democratic government. He continues to blame the opposition for his own failure. He has not been clever enough and has played in to the hands of the opposition. We saw a total mismanagement and weak tactics that led to an absolute mess.

    Question is do we want the same nightmare again?

  8. Hahahaaa.... This is a joke of the century. MDP always keep on lying. Only Nasheed is faced for a primary candidate and always keep on saying MDP has more than 40,000 members. How many of you have voted? That shows the real support for Nasheed (Anni). Now we don`t have a place for MDP. And see 7 years now for the party and only one person there to face as a candidate. What a democracy? I know you cnt publish such a comment. But this is the reality of failed MDP. Thanks!

  9. democracy is the people, support of the people. majority of the people. Anni,, only you can be our leader. Congrats.

  10. From MDP to JP, and back again to MDP.

    Democracy is fantastic in the Maldives.

    We have heroes and spiritual leaders and saviours.

    We have the greatest democracy in the world.

    Is it possible to have democracy without political parties?

    I think we can. Ancient Greeks and Romans had them. Actually the concept of democracy comes from Ancient Greeks and Romans.

    Their democracies without political parties will, I think, be more suitable for the Maldives.

    If there are no parties, the need for party-changing will not arise.

    We can just change from one hero to another, one saviour to another, and one spiritual leader to another.

    We can still change. We can change our leaders. We can have democracy. We can have freedom of speech. Parliament. And free elections.

    There will be a bit less bureaucracy.

    That democracy can be called direct democracy.

    I would recommend it for Maldives.

    We can continue to have our heroes, saints, saviours and even prophets and Gods.

  11. What is the point point of the vote anyway?

    This act my MDP resembles like leadership announcements in Countries like North Korea and Russia.

  12. Congrats Anni.You respect us and becuase of it we respect you. You are our hero. Definitely Inshah Allah, we will wait to see Anneh Dhivehiraajje!

  13. Supreme Leader, Spiritual Leader, Single candidate what a landslide victory and the most democratic party. Ooops one candidate did want to compete he was thrown out.

  14. Recent updates show that former president Nasheed secures over 27,000 votes in MDP presidential primary. That is he had received more than 50% of party membership votes. His popularity seem to be at peak after the coup 7 Feb.

  15. MDP has once again proven to be an example of democratic practices. Its leader was ousted in a coup. Their members were beaten and tortured and beaten again and continued to be harasssed by the security forces. Yet, their confidence and courage to carry on with the aim to establish a stabledemocracy is simply why we should once again elect MDP and Mohamed Nasheed to Presidency. Well done. Who are these people with no democratic mandate to speak of hero worshiping. We support him, because we elected him for 5 years and you traitors ousted him by force. We will stick with our leader and once hes completed his term, we will find another Anni!

  16. Oh finally they found some boxes (ballot) inside some go down, and now the spiritual leader has won 80% of the votes.(32000)! now this smells like Saddam Hussein's (Bass Party) or Ba'ath Party....

  17. The negative comments here represent the scared voices of the evil coup regime.
    GO ANNI !! Bring back democracy and economic fairness to our country. You have our vote and 100% support.

  18. So what is the difference between Mr. Gayoom the Dictator and Mr. Nasheed the Democrat?
    Maumoon would not have cheated the public or his supporters in this darn age in time to this scale. But Nasheed did.
    MDP insiders dissatisfied with Nasheed's self appointed approach claims the figure are inflated and inacurate.

  19. @ Shaz, oh yeah everybody is scared to death....why cant you guys tell the world how many members of MDP came out to vote? this 32000 is out of what?

  20. 30000 vote hoadhan jeheynee huvafenuga, konthaakun nikuiy baeththa vote lee? Ladhuge kanfulheh ves nethee ey

  21. Anni must have got 100,000 vote this time and not less than this. We have seen that entire Maldives was on halt during this election .

  22. Congradulation brother. Hope you will work to improve relationship with Our country.


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