MDP government should have continued after Nasheed’s resignation, says DRP MP

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ali Azim has told local media that he believes the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government should have continued following the resignation of former President Mohamed Nasheed on February 7.

The DRP Council Member and MP for mid-Heniveru constituency told local newspaper Haveeru that he did not believe that with the resignation of the former president Nasheed, succeeding president Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan could abolish Nasheed’s cabinet. There was, he said, “a problem” when the MDP was not allowed to complete its five year term which people had voted for in the last presidential elections.

“This government should consist of officials that can sell the ideologies that MDP believed in. I still believe the government should be run with MDP members.  They should be given the duration that they had been elected for. Otherwise, that is a problem,” Azim told Haveeru.

Azim further said that he opposed the idea of DRP joining with the coalition of political parties currently in support of President Waheed’s government. He said he had objected to the decision during his party’s council meeting, and that he was one of the three members of the council who had objected to the decision.

He said he had warned that joining the coalition in support of the new government would pave the way for internal conflicts within the coalition, and that such a coalition could not work in the best interest of the country.

Azim said that the DRP joined the coalition because the party council believed that if the party refused to join, then it would further stir up claims of a possible “political deal” between former President Mohamed Nasheed and DRP Leader MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali.

Azim added that despite his belief that it should still be an MDP government, he would assist the current government through the parliament and by other means.

Minivan News tried contacting Azim but he did not respond at time of press.

In response to Azim’s statements, fellow DRP MP Rozaina Adam told Sun Online that she believed the government was now belonged President Waheed and his Gaumee Iththihaadh (GI) – which has 2600 members.

“Whoever is in the position of the President, the government shall be of his party. President Waheed wanted a unity government, and therefore it is now the government of President Waheed. This government has the support of the DRP,” she told the newspaper.

However Adam added that even though her party supported the government, it would not support any actions of the government which it was dissatisfied with.

“If this government carries actions about which the DRP disapproves, we will not stand in support of such actions,” she added.

Minivan News contacted Rozaina however she said that she had already spoken to the media about the issue and that she did not wish to speak about it again.

Following the controversial resignation of Former President Mohamed Nasheed on February 7, then Vice President Mohamed Waheed Hassan was sworn in as President on the same day. Afterwards, Waheed dismissed Nasheed’s cabinet and announced the formation of a ‘national unity government’, which consisted of the political parties that had opposed Nasheed’s administration.


14 thoughts on “MDP government should have continued after Nasheed’s resignation, says DRP MP”

  1. The old brutal dictatorship is back by the use of the gun!! This is an illegal coup government.


  2. Whatever type of government is okay if it does suit to Gayyoom because it was he and his cronies who ousted President Nasheed as he promised earlier

  3. What we (most) Maldivians does not seem to understand is that "Maldives" is the "Private Property of Maumoon". It is not upto the Maldivians to decide as to who shall rule over them. It shall be the sole decision of Gayyoom and his alone. One call from His Majesty to Fori Waheed will shut up Azim, New radiant and Medhu Henveiru.

  4. Nasheed , the dictator resigned from his post since he does not have the capacity to handle situation and he does not have the capacity to run a country.

    A guy who was not able to run a small company can not expect to run and manage a country. These are basics .

    Today I am happy that i voted for the dictator in 2008 because of coalition and my vote had gone for a toss since the dictator start to remove his coalition partners within no time he got the power.

  5. Yeah, the coward resigned because he could not deliver what he ranted all through his reign.

    What a shame.

  6. Pred.Nasheed...The biggest coward Maldives had ever seen....Pres.Ameen never resigned.

  7. Nars, Mode and Ismail Nazim; Yep, you all are really brave and gutsy people, calling President Nasheed a coward given that he spent so many years in jail being tortured by your beloved dictator Maumoon and given that when President Nasheed came to power, he did not jump to immediately put Maumoon in jail and torture him. If you people want to know what who the real cowards are, take a look in the mirror and you'll see...if you are not blind that is 😉

  8. @Mariyam on Wed, 16th May 2012 6:56 PM

    Dont misunderstand me. I voted for Anni. But he failed. miserably.

    And, I am NOT advocating the current regime, but now my hope on the one that I supported though to election, has failed.

    And I know why he failed. He has sharks hounding him, both within and without. Mostly I blame within!

    I know why you support him. He is the only one who would not bind you to house arrest, with a penguin dress, under a pretext of obedience. You want to drink, lust after every man, feel free like a ass...

  9. Its guys like you who have called Anni a coward, a loser and a failure who are the losers, cowards, and failures.

    Its a tragedy that your eyes and ears are so closed. Tragedy for you, your children and our nation.

    Go buy the house, car the second wife, the mistress, the power bike, the resort, the holiday home, the Rolex, go put your kids in elite schools and adorn your women with gold.

    But remember when you die you leave behind what you created in your life.

    If this is what you are creating, then ask yourself what future do our children have here??

  10. This is "window dressing" by the DQP to remove them selves from the coup and position themselves as some sort of "saviour" which joined the new government to provide stability and avoid chaos. Look for the DQP to campaign strongly in the next election on the position that they did not influence the coup and are now the best party to form a new government.

  11. People, People, it was not Anni, but the Manifesto MDP laid in front of the general public we all voted for. It was never the Gaumee Iththihaad. Gaumee Iththihaad will not get even the 2600 votes of its own members. How stupid can an MP be.
    Besides it was Anni who resighned, not MDP.
    How can Iththihaad run a people elected Governmnet, when the people did not vote for or elect them.
    People, people, this is the fate of this country you are talking about . Not the fate of Anni or Qayyoom or Iththihaad.

  12. Someone please tell Azim, to read the constitution. As an MP, the guy should at least have a look at it.

    Azim is panicking now, knowing his Master Thasmeen has no chance to win the Presidency now. When Anni was in power, at least Thasmen had someone to criticize but now he is forced to pretend support for govt. even when elections are fast approaching.

    Thasmeen should forget about his ambition. With or without Anni, he has no chance at all. Someone should tell this to Rozaina too.

  13. Socrates asked, is something right because a God, or THE GOD says it is, or because it is right in itself!

    Not for ANNI, NOT for MDP leaders, but for ALL MALDIVES and her ability to choose her destiny and be free from tyranny, I say, allow the process of democracy to decide the leaders, elections ASAP and a return to the elected leaders cabinet until elections!

  14. Was there a coup?

    We seriously need to ask ourselves this question before we fall victim to Nasheed and his attempts at mental slavery.

    What are we parrots? How can we claim to have personal knowledge of something that we cannot possibly be sure of?

    What really happened on the 7th of February 2012? All we know is that we had 22 days of unrest in the city with opposition parties agitating against the Nasheed-regime while the regime became increasingly dictatorial and desperate to hold on to power.

    But what did happen on that fateful day? No government is composed of one man. Nasheed rules by the will of his financiers, masters, backers and close clique of cronies. Where were they that day and what was the agreement reached when he resigned?

    What we know for certain is that none of us know the answers to these questions so let us stop behaving like fools and mimicking Nasheed every time he comes up with some kind of motto for us to mimic as if we were mindless drones.


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