MDP MPs bolt chamber doors, demand sittings go ahead

Supporters and activists of both main parties surrounded the parliament building in protest today after a third consecutive sitting was disrupted by MPs of the main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party’s (DRP) breakaway Z-faction.

In a protest of their own, MPs of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) bolted the chamber doors and refused to let opposition MPs leave.

Maafanu North MP Imthiyaz Fahmy told Minivan News that MDP MPs shut the chamber door at about 1pm when the sitting resumed after being adjourned in the morning.

“We said Majlis has to go ahead because it has been stopped everyday while there are important economic bills to pass,” he said. “Every day they bring the sitting to a halt and everybody just goes home. Today we said nobody can leave.”

He revealed that the MDP MPs opened the doors at 2.30pm when sittings usually come to an end.

Imthiyaz strongly criticised the Z-DRP MPs for disrupting three consecutive sittings “on orders from [former President] Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.”

“Every day it is just three or four people stopping Majlis,” he said. “These Z-faction MPs don’t even have any legal status. Because if they belonged to a party, they would recognise the party’s leader and accept his decisions.”

Shortly after today’s sitting began at 9.00am, Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim adjourned it when Z-DRP MPs, Ahmed Mahlouf and Ahmed Ilham, refused to comply with an order to leave the chamber.

Both MPs were protesting in front of the secretariat desk when the Deputy Speaker ordered them out after repeatedly advising the MPs to return to their seat – the Z-DRP MPs have now disrupted three consecutive sittings after vowing to do so in protest of the recently approved committee composition.

Under article 54(f) of the parliamentary rules, sittings cannot continue if an MP ordered out remains in the chamber.

Minivan News will continue to cover the situation here as it develops.

2:38pm: MDP supporters have gathered near parliament and are attempting to climb inside. Police are in the area attempting to control the situation.

2:40pm: MDP activists told Minivan News they would “knock down” any opposition MP attempting to leave the parliament.

2:57pm: Activists outside are claiming: “You [MPs] have taken thousands from the state budget to pay your salaries, but have done nothing for the citizens.”

3:15pm: Independent MP Mohamed Nasheed said he left the building shortly before the incident began. MPs inside the building have so far not responded to calls.

3:16pm: Opposition MPs have left the building however MDP MPs remain in the chamber. Former Parliamentary Group Leader Reeko Moosa Manik told media that they would not leave until the sitting was resumed.

3:18pm: Opposition and ruling party supporters have gathered at the same gate and are trying to break the police line and enter parliament. Minivan News observed that the crowd includes supporters of both parties, one shouting about Gayoom (“Golhaabo”), the other about President Mohamed Nasheed (“Ganjabo”).

3.50pm: Scuffles have broken out between MDP and Z-DRP activists. Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam told Minivan News that police are attempting to “bring the situation under control.” Police have formed lines to separate the two groups of supporters.

4.10pm: According to the MDP website, chamber doors were opened shortly before 3pm and some opposition MPs have left the building.

5.42pm: Police have used pepper spray on the protestors while opposition MPs are reportedly being escorted out of the building under guard. Police are warning that the crowd will be dispersed by force.

6.23pm: Crowd has begun to disperse and thin out.

6.55pm: The MDP’s National Council has passed a resolution calling its members in the atolls to come to Male’ to participate in “a large demonstration” in protest of “the Majlis being hijacked by a few members encouraged by former President Maumoon [Abdul Gayoom].”

The resolution proposed by Madaveli MP Mohamed Nazim and seconded by Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Rasheed was passed with 58 votes in favour and two against.

6.57pm: A number of MDP activists are continuing the protest outside all three gates of parliament. The activists have issued a warning to police that they will storm the building between 8.00pm and 8.30pm. They continue to call for opposition MPs to come out.

8.45pm: MDP MP Ahmed Sameer has told protestors still outside parliament that the party is trying to hold a sitting tonight. Among the five MPs designated to preside over sittings in the absence of both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker include MDP parliamentary group leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

10.40pm: Tomorrow’s agenda has been published on the Majlis website. Addressing protestors earlier tonight, MDP Chairperson “Reeko” Moosa Manik said that the rules of procedure allowed sittings to be held in the absence of either the Speaker or Deputy Speaker: “We don’t mind if it starts tomorrow morning or at 12 midnight, we are here to do this […] It is not the spirit of the constitution for two members to stop Majlis and bring it to a halt for weeks on end. We showed them today. We were able to bolt the doors and sit in front of the doors. We can do it again. They had to stay inside until we opened the door.”

Moosa alleged that the forced cancellations were “planned in advance at the Deputy Speaker’s office.” The former MDP parliamentary group leader said that the party was ready to pass all the taxation bills in one sitting if necessary.


25 thoughts on “MDP MPs bolt chamber doors, demand sittings go ahead”

  1. Stupid crazy selfish old Maumoon would willingly bring the whole country to a state of chaos and hell just so he can get a massive amount rather than a fair amount! Where the hell is this all going to end? Worst case scenario - the situation escalates into massive scale riots, the MNDF take over the Government, suspend the constitution and impose emergency rule? Is that an exaggeration, yes probably... But this is what 'could' happen if the tyrants just can't let go of their own greed and serve Maldives rather them themselves!

  2. Z-DRP dickheads are being told to leave so that the session can carry on...but they wont leave.

    And now MDP is stopping Z-DRP members along with other opposition from leaving because surely both sides are being very logical (sarcasme)

    Kon balaaeh! All these MPs are such disgraces, next time dont sell your vote for 500 rf or some shit...this is exactly your monies worth your seeing in our parliament.

  3. All these MPs should be stripped of their position and an election held to choose new ones who would stop treating the majlis as a circus.

  4. When 2 MPs have stopped the country's Parliament sessions for 3 consecutive days and the whole country is keeping silent is a PROBLEM that has to be solved immediately...

    Step 1 - MNDF can ask the MPs to leave the Premses

    Step 2 - If the 2 MPs do not obey, MNDF shall act against them as per the country's law

    Step 3 - Let the Parliament sessions continue with those compliant MPs

  5. A militant government run in the name of a democratic government. Shame on you Mr. President, feel ashamed i voted for MDP. Hijacking the parliament is an act of terrorism .. chee chee

  6. I'm witnessing a protest, potentially violent one, when a few people had tried to forcibly break in to the Majlis, but there are no police in riot gear. Nothing. I guess when everyone has double standards with regards to rules and regulations in this country.

    I also witnessed another thing. Some MPs tried to block the walk out of ZDRP members, preventing members of the majlis to leave the building. Unfortunately, that's unconstitutional - no person can be forcibly held against their will. I guess there's no one to hold these MPs accountable for their actions.

    Over the years, I've witnessed several days when the Majlis was in a deadlock, going on weeks during the making of the constitution. My point is it is not without precedent. If there is a deadlock in the Majlis there are ways to resolve that. I do not believe that forcing a member to stay in the chamber against his will is the best recourse.

    It seems to me that this double standards is not going to help foster democracy in this country. Can we all agree to treat each other equally as fair citizens under a common law, even when we disagree, and disagree strongly?

  7. G'day Ben, It is not that Maumoon would not willingly bring down the country .. . He already has ruined the State many years back.

    Even the Azhar and other scholars who used to be around Maumoon have left/deserted him and now he is flanked by Umar Naseer and Ilham in their gatherings - say no more. As Ilham would say, this is reality.

    I reckon these 4 or 5 MP's should not be referred to as Z-DRP, they do not have anything to do with the Party anymore but should be referred to as Maumoons Rebellions.

    When Maumoon says that he does not interfere with the proceedings of the Majlis, none would believe that. Kulhudhuffushi MP, Nasheed could vouch that he had remained online with Maumoon throughout the whole session informing Maumoon of the all that goes on in the Chamber, that was when Nasheed was the Ammen Aaam. Nasheed would also know of his reporting to Maumoon on the day Anni returned to Male from self exile, there were some important debates in the parliament on that day and at that time. Maumoon has always interfered with the Parliament and he is continuing to do so. It is his hunger for power but the real cause is money as one may say, yes there was a lot of corruption.

  8. MDP MPs have played by the rules of Z-DRP. Well done reeko Moosa and other MPs of MDP!

    It's not only the barbarians of Z-DRP who can play this game. What needs to be done now is to send Nihan, Mahloof, Arif and Ilham should be sent to Guraidhoo.

    These lunatics need to be medicated for mental illness and kept away from the general public and especially away from the Majlis.

  9. A year ago or so, I contested that the will of the majority of Maldivians, who voted not to be oppressed by the tyranny of Maumoon and Yamin, is still violently repressed by Maumoon Abdul Gayoon and his cronies.

    I put forward the following…

    Opposition control of the country is displayed by: the helpless state of the police force: The decisions of the Judges: The decisions of the Parliament

    For example, the powerlessness of the Maldivian police to protect the Maldivian people from gangsters due to the opposition’s control of the gangs was evidenced by the fact that the Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh was summonsed to court because he helped protect Thimarafushi from gangs.

    Maumoon, Yamin, Judge Abdulla Mohammed, stop perpetrating violence on the masses through your continual repression of the dignity of Maldivian humanity. You are responsible for the sadness, the anger, the darkness, the hate and the consequences of these things – drug addiction – depression-immorality, violence, and…Religious Extremism…

    For many Maldivians, human dignity is more important than life or death itself, because that essential SENSE of raw dignity is all that is left. All hope for a better material world has been stripped away! Death with dignity (as defined by Islamic struggle) is but entrance into paradise for those who are deeply prayerful, it is all there is left to hope for, so the sooner it is realized, the better it will be for some. Life for many is nothing more than this painful yearning for the bliss of Jannah, perpetual hunger for eternal paradise. Sadly, for these deeply oppressed, life in this Dunya (this world), this bitter weeping for what lies beyond the grave, is hello n Earth already because the tyrants have made it as such! Hope for happiness in this world is continually shattered by the barbaric cruelty of the power hungry, mind controlling, blood thirsty narcisistic tyrants!

    For some, only anger provides any reason to continue. Once this is exhausted, suicide becomes an option.

    The demand to die with dignity and self respect is the all consuming passion of many. This implies a stand against injustice no matter what suffering, violence or destruction such a stand may involve. In other words, you tyrants are responsible for the growing threat of terrorism in the Maldives.

    President Nasheed, somehow. Through the struggle of all, you must liberate your people because they trust in you to free them.

    President Nasheed, when Maumoon allowed you to challenge him in the elections, you were tricked into believing you had been given power, but in actual fact, you were then prevented from taking any real power. Maumoon agreed to elections based on his knowledge that he would control the courts and much of the security no matter who won the elections.

    Democracy, and the struggle for it, was duped into forfeiting real victory by the offer of fake victory.

    Real power is never given, it is always taken. You were given fake power to stop you from fighting for real power, Your Excellency. But now you must, for the love of your people, take real power – and that is going to mean you must battle politically with everything you’ve got for the next few years. It is not for your power you must take power, dear President; it is for the power of the people.

    Power to the people!

    NOW, I believe, that we can see MDP are pushing for freedom quite strongly, real freedom not fake, and, I Pray that we ALL support it!

  10. @Eleven: Yeah, Maumoon could have saved the way he was remembered by many by spending his last years concentrating on his spreading His Message that Islam is for Tolerance etc... Which the Maumoon Foundation was said to do. He should have given up his control of the Majlis and the courts! He should have let go! Now look! In trying to come back into politics and by splitting part of DRP away from Thasmeen, he has fewer fans than ever, and, he will be remembered as a tyranical, demagogic lunatic who wanted to be a God, ZAEEM>>> to his followers, the word has a supernatural RING to it... He thought, before he dies, he'd better become a GOD! La Illaha Alallah!

  11. I mean, we all want to be Gods ourselves Maumoon, but unlike you we had heard La Illaha il Allah! SO we are not crazy enough to actually TRY to really BECOME ONE!

  12. Speaker Abdulla Shahid must designate the MNDF to carry out the function of Sergeant at Arms (of the Majlis) from now onwards.

    The moment an MP disobeys an order from the Speaker for the MP to leave the Chamber of the Majlis, MNDF personnel (acting as Sergeant at arms) should throw out the MP (if need be literally).

    Once this is implemented the gangsters of Maumoon will take heed.

    If they don't stop their attempts to hijack the Majlis, then they should be locked up in Guraidhoo for their own protection. These lunatics are obviously insane.

    Maumoon, Yameen and Jangiya (Underwear) Nazim are the real master minds behind all this havoc. This is a golden opportunity to deal with these guys once and for all.

    The Majlis should pass a special motion to arrest these three gangsters for subversion. Under the motion a special emergency tribunal should be implemented to try them.

    Once these scum are dealt with we can commence reconciliation and nation building.

  13. I think he the issues is not former President, all this is happening because of Anni's stupid agenda trying to implement here. he is failed. he should resigne and leave this country immediate effect ,

    we do not need MDP Raako moosa is ruling the country, he's addicted to alcohol. we have seen him brought cases of alcohol into a Male' city. police has been failed and did not take any actions against that. "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE RULE" but unfortunately we're seen today everything all advantages here all good for MNDP activist only.

  14. @ahmed: one day I want to wake up and see the world through your eyes and take notes of everything I see.
    I want to wake up the next day as my usual self, read my notes and have a good laugh.

  15. To day sitting out side the house where I have rented a room in Male', What I think is, I really do wish I joined Luthufee on that scary day known as November 3rd to get rid of this fungus Maumoon Abdul Bloody Gayoom, that is distroying our beautiful country. I really wish I gave a helping hand him.

  16. Wow very strong words from the "educated" crowd. Referring to ZDRP members as mad, crazy, traitors, an insurrection etc.

    Nothing substantial though.

    Here's the thing. They believe that the vote was carried out in a manner that contradicted with parliamentary rules.

    I can see no one refuting that.

  17. its kind of like how the bishops are locked inside the church to comeup with a name for next pope.. only once the smoke comes from a chimney will the ppl let the door open.

    So its actually good to keep them all locked there inside till they do some constructive work, after all the money that is spent on them...

  18. Many changes, but nothing is changing!
    taxe, taxe, but on the road no one of the Ministers are looking....accident everyday! parking everywhere the Maldivian are not taking care eacht other spec. male people !!!! shame!!
    Housebuilding, the ministery nobody are watching!
    Everbody who is in charge it is just open there money pocket. and not enough! goverment looking for money! and find the stupid european who giving, eheh well done maldives.
    Where is the money going ????
    Hey wake up guys , this is Maldives !!
    with all this income! who is so hungry??

    Young MDP Waheed, has house a big House, Managment position. What school he has? Ask how can he have all this???
    Why people from MDP can now travel? why?

  19. The time has come to stop these gangsters. If the speaker and his deputy is not willing to take appropirate steps, I think we should remove them as well.

  20. if there is a 'like' button on this i would want to like like like Ain's comment. dude, yoiu are so right. this is exactly what happens when you sell your vote for Rf.500 or a fag!... and yep this is sooo true... "this is exactly your monies worth your seeing in our parliament"


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