MDP national council pass motion to “do whatever it takes to bring down coup regime”

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) National Council passed a motion on Monday agreeing to “do everything it takes” to bring down the “coup regime” of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan, by “all necessary means and sacrifices”.

The motion was proposed by the former chairperson of the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA), MDP constituency president of Haa Dhaal Nolhivaram constituency Ibrahim Waheed, and seconded by MDP MP Ahmed Sameer.

The motion stated that the initial three member panel of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI), which President Waheed formed to investigate the controversial transfer of power on February 7, had failed to include several “key facts” in its timeline. Despite the absence of these facts, the timeline revealed the transfer was a coup d’état, the MDP stated.

It also stated that the report composed by Mohamed Aslam and Ameen Faisal revealed that the government of MDP was toppled illegitimately, and alleged that the perpetrators of the coup had planned to harm President Nasheed.

The motion further stated that current President Mohamed Waheed Hassan had played a pivotal role in the coup, self-proclaiming certain powers which President Nasheed had not delegated to him as per article 117 (a) of the constitution.

The motion concluded stating that the National Council believed that necessary action needed to be taken to bring down the illegitimate government by all means and any sacrifices needed in the process, until a legitimate people’s government was installed in the country.

During the debate over the motion, several members of the national council claimed that President Waheed had come to power in a coup d’état, and the party should do whatever it took to bring down the regime and install a democratic  government.

Members of the national council expressed concern over recurrent  police brutality, and claimed that this had increased to such an extent that some police and MNDF officers had begun openly robbing people on the street.

Speaking in the debate, ousted President Mohamed Nasheed said that despite the MDP refusing to recognise the initial composition of the CNI, the latest timeline released by the initial three member panel of CNI also implied that it was a coup.

Former MP for Thimarafushi Constituency, Mohamed Musthafa, said during the debate that the party must be willing to make sacrifices to ensure that the “legitimate” MDP government was reinstated, and the democracy was  reestablished.

“Coming out on the street once a week to show our hands and dance about and then go home is not a solution. We need a solution by any means possible,” he said.

He further said that the MDP should not be scared if sacrifice also meant going to prison.

During the vote for the motion, the motion was passed unanimously by the 55 attending members of the National Council.

Earlier, fresh protests erupted following a MDP National Council meeting held right next to the police barricades near the swimming tracks after police raided the MDP’s protest camp Usfasgandu. The clustered meeting of 43 members of the council took the stand that “enough was enough” and that party should take to the streets to get their constitutional rights.

Immediately, 400 protesters gathered in the area to challenge the legitimacy of police and demand the return of Usfasgandu, saying that they had not done anything violent. The protests triggered a brutal police crackdown leading to arrests and injuries.

Speaking to Minivan News, MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor said that the purpose of the motion meant that the party would stand firm and strong to defend the public rights.

“The National Council’s decision will be forwarded to a committee within the National Council, and they would decide how the party would act upon the motion. What I know is that we will stand strong to defend the public rights,” he said.

He also added that it was a part of party’s ongoing rally under the name of ‘Insaafuge Dhathuru’, translated as Journey to Justice, which began on February 17, just ten days after the MDP government was ousted.


9 thoughts on “MDP national council pass motion to “do whatever it takes to bring down coup regime””

  1. 1- The current governments shady, how it gained power is shady,

    2- Nasheeds regime wasn't all that great either, you couldn't disagree with him

    “when a member of another party asks me for a favour I will show them what evil I am capable of, They would not be able to imagine what I would do to them”

    And where is the "democracy" in violence? and at what cost? our country NEEDS stability, tourists wont show up otherwise and it doesnt matter if Anni is running the show or Waheed, we need stability and not conflict, some compromise is needed here, Not an internal civil war, and lets not forget there are people who are NOT mdp in this country as well, and a large number of them, what about them? Remember MDP came into power because of the coalition at the elections, or else wed still have maumoon,

    3- PPM, DRP- Same crap spineless and corrupt and has the roots of something that resembles an autocracy

    4- Adhaalath- It would be a nightmare if they ever gain power, because its people like them, who causes islam to look ugly, their interpretation of Islam is just plain wrong and evil

    5- Gaasims party- Again allegations of corruption and you DONT keep a business man in such a position of power

  2. “do whatever it takes to bring down coup regime”? Whatever it takes? Are we going to see people being killed? buildings being torched? public property being vandalized?

  3. The MDP have been driven to this. Good for them, they have my support. We have been robbed of our basic human rights and our democracy. They must do what ever is required to save the country from these criminals!

  4. Whatever it takes? LMAOL...everything has alreaady been taken by Reeko, Maria and the gang....LOL...the only thing left is a hollow (whatever) for you guys to screw...LMAOL

  5. whatever it needs - right that, let's get those bagees out, no matter what is will cost, enough is enough


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