MDP needs Adhaalath, says Reeko Moosa

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) could not govern the country without the religious conservative Adhaalath party, MDP Parliamentary Group Leader “Reeko” Moosa Manik has said.

Addressing supporters at the MDP rally on Monday night, Moosa said Adhaalath party has played an important role in the government and had overseen religious matters capably.

“MDP will not sever ties with Adhaalath. That will not happen,” he said. “It would be very difficult for us to carry on with our good governance without the Adhaalath party.”

Moosa apologised to the religious scholars of Adhaalath as he could “say anything when I get too excited”.

“Because we hear every other day someone from the coalition say, ok, we’re leaving now,” he said.

Earlier this year, Moosa attacked senior officials of the Islamic ministry for publicly criticising the government while still “turning up for work every day and regularly collecting pay checks”.

In March, the Islamic ministry came out against regulations revised by the economic development ministry to authorise sale of alcohol in hotels.

The revised regulations were scrapped following public outcry and demonstrations.


30 thoughts on “MDP needs Adhaalath, says Reeko Moosa”

  1. So is it a coalition govt once again???

    Make up ur minds for crying out loud...and Moosa needs to mature drastically, without saying things like... that he cud...

    “say anything when I get too excited”.

    “Because we hear every other day someone from the coalition say, ok, we’re leaving now,” he said.


  2. After reading the article I am under the assumption that Reeko Moosa is a bit lost, someone should look into that for his sake.

  3. Glad that Moosa realized that his ego is going to high. but still he sounds like an immature activist trying to act like a politician. If you don't know yet, Moosa, politicians must think 5 times before lashing out in public, specially if its directed to an ally. suddenly its a coalition again. what a joke!

  4. amaabandu...Is Adhaalath mdp's football???.....Remember 'once bitten twice shy'....these mdpians cannot survive without the coalition..let us all join our hands once again to get rid of these good for nothing clowns once n for all..its making me sick...

  5. ok is Hassan saeed running for presidency
    i really dont want to vote for DRP

  6. Jeffery have you got anything to say to this? It is just only with GIP related things right? Is your daddy running for 2013 presidency. We might have to go for him now. Any port in a storm.

  7. May be tommorrow Reeko might say Maumoon is right and all those taunts is because he got excited too much. The failure of our nation is because of these hypocrites.

  8. I agree Reeko is very colourful (to put nicely) but against people like the VP line up of DRP, you need a bit of that element in MDP. I also want to say his style of blood boiling anger was a key element of bringing people togather and eventually bringing down a dictator. I will give my respect and credit to him for his part in that, but he could perhaps tone things down a bit now.

  9. I do not think that MDP or this government or the president should be judged on the actions of an immature clown like Reeko.

  10. It's too late MDP(Reeko and Maria).
    You have SHOWN your true colours.
    Now there is no going back!
    You choose your DOOM long before!
    DOWNFALL now awaits round the corner for MDP! In fact the dismantling is already on it's course.

    The goat that jumped over the fence will jump over the next!

    Beside why do you need Adhaalath when you already blurted out this "today there is no choice for ANNI but to run the government according to what you two order! (Marina and you)!"

    Keep ordering! You gibberish mouth!

  11. Reeko Moosa is like a drowning man clutching at a straw.

    Is the ship we call 'government' really sinking?
    Then we can understand why suddenly Moosa thinks the government IS a coalition.

    All these days we were asked to believe that the government is run as per Moosa's and Mariya's advice; that running the government is a totally MDP affair. No wonder the ship is sinking.

    To keep the government afloat, it needs the support of not just Adhaalath, but ALL the others who are in the coalition. It could have done just with Adhaalath had things been better. But now the water level is rising at alarming speed and so they need EVERYONE'S hand to bail them out of the mess they created.

    The sentiments we hear that are directed against the government are fast becomming ubiquitous. And as a Maldivian, I am so disappointed in all this.

    Before it becomes the biggest joke of the country's political history, the government needs to REALLY WORK VERY HARD. I am praying that things will become better.

  12. We gave Anni a Chance.. Now its time to give someone else.. Not Hassan Saeed and not DRP... Who else is there?

  13. This is just pathetic, agree with Jenny's comments. The upholdes of the legislature of the country need to re-align their focus and be more responsible. Woder if the statements that Hon. Moosa makes in Parliament are just simply statements that he makes whenever he sees or feels that the government policy is being challenged. Definitely Hon. Moosa is having an "over-inflated ego" and he is too often making statements that he should have retracted long back or least of all toned down. Whats the state of politics going to be in this country, especially when the leader of the Parliamentary Group makes such feeble excuses or rather justifications for his actions. Pity .... this is not the democratic change which we would like to see in this country.

  14. Political Facts:
    1. ALL TOP SO CALLED POLITICAL FIGURES (EGOISTIC FIGURES SUCH AS DR.waheed, dr.Hassan, Thasmeen, Yameen, Umaru, Rekko, Maria) wants presidency at any COST!!
    2. In time of coalition both MDP and Dr.Hassan party, Dr.Waheed Party, Gasim party never wanted a coalition but wanted to get hold of what was available for that time and later grab it you see now they are trying to stab Anni and get all the power.
    3. Dr.Waheed has no political future with his wife's family (specially Ilyas) acting as his brain! He got a world class PhD and he needs to use the knowledge and judgment, then and learn and work hard for the way the Maldivian political animal is molding..rather than always take what others give. So his political future is gloomy as of now..He also needs to distant himself from dummy political figures in his party such as trade minister rasheed and needs to listen more closely to Dr.Mustafa!
    4. Dr.Hassan and Yamin needs to tame down their ego a bit. And grow their humbleness and sincerity! They currently lack it!!
    5. Dr.Munawar, I would say he cannot simply do it..cause he is too lazy and only street smart!
    6. Thasmeen lacks leadership, humbleness and sincerity for the people..all he wants is money money money and fame! (Yamin and Dr.Hassan may have more leadership but the rest is same as Thasmeen!)
    7. Anni may not win if he continues the arrogant way he currently operates by only representing MDP..but needs to unify the country and also needs to distance a bit from the so called liberals.

  15. Reeko Moosa ... a true politician 'cos he's a born liar... i'm surprised that some people actually believe him!

  16. Maybe Sheikh ilyas told this clown Reeko, no Hoori's for you, no wine from those rivers. Buggar realised and now begging and apologising...too late man. too late

  17. Well atleast Reeko had the guts to apologise.
    Agree with HassanK, that Reeko's fiery speeches and excited speeches did help bring the dictator down. Infact i know of two people who decided to not vote for Maumoon after hearing Reeko's speech about what a person should consider before voting.
    But he needs to realize now that they are in the government he needs to tone it down, and speak calmly and in an inclusive manner. Change of position should bring about a change of tactics also, Hope Reeko realizes this, or else he will be doing a great disservice to his party.

  18. Dear confused,

    MDP doesn't need Adhaalath. Infact, I doubt anyone does.

    Yours sincerely,
    The Majority.

  19. Dear Ayya,

    The Vice President, to this date, has absolutely no intention of running for President in 2013.

    The Secretary General of GIP said that he would like DrW to run, but right now - the only thing the Vice President wants is to be allowed to contribute to government in the way that was agreed between MDP and GIP. In the way that was portrayed during the MDP Itthihaad Campaign.

    I believe that all this talk of 2013 is premature. It is more than three years away, can the vultures stop circling?!

  20. Political Facts
    - Anni was never a sincere man from the start
    - He told Thousands of lies to win the public
    - The biggest lie he told was that he will never run for presidency, and stay as story writer.
    - The 2nd Biggest lie he told was that he was running for MDP primary to give the MDP candidancy to Dr. Hassan or to Alliance Candidate.
    - 3rd Biggest lie he told to 2nd Round to Qasim Ibrahim after signing an agreement for 30% of Govt.
    - He have continued to lie public on every occasion. But funny enough Ibrahim found anni as the most sincere person hehe. You MDP activist from Presidents Office.

    The truth is anni have betrayed nation, mass public, Dr. Waheed, adaalath and all coalition partners. His liberalists friends will never let him escape coz its DO sappe the biggest liberalist in the country.

    Its common news Anni drank Alcahol infront of Diyana and Dr. Jameel in Italy, and later Diyana blackmailed Anni to give his hudsband Herethere Deal, Kuda Viligili and for her Sarc Secretary General.

    You MDP idiots think the whole nation is sleeping while you guys are fooling around, the truth is Anni cannot keep his boat until end of the term. He will fall Next Year during June/July Latest. So pack up

  21. good lord! what has happened to the principles of liberal democracy? One day, Adhaalath party calls for complete veiling of women and how women cannot run governments, shaheem calls for johad, the next day, leader of the MDP comes and say we cannot run the government without these mullahs! What has happened to the principles of MDP and how much are you betraying us, people who believe in a tolerant nation? Adhaalath is the most intolerant, self righteous , conservative, condescending, misogamyst party in the country and how could MDP be saying these things! Enough is enough. Adhaalath has gone out of control in trying to make our society conservative and create a mini saudi arabia where women are not even allowed to get into a taxi alone! MDP - please wake the ** up!

    Mr. President, you need to get your act together and get a clear picture of what is going on and how much you are letting us down in our battle against these misogynistic bastards.

  22. Why are comments closed for the Salaf Wahhabi group's news on Minivan website? I dont understand! Nobody has the right to comment on what these extremists are doing?

    Clicked the wrong check box on our side - too much caffeine. That story should be open for comments now.

  23. Something drastic must have happened for Reeko to take a 360 degree turn on how he was before. It does not sound like small pressure either. The article about Bilal and his sermons cannot even be commented on...wonder why? Why is MDP in fear & intimidated by Adhalath & the rest of the religious conservative groups, like Salaf?

    For Reeko to come out and say MDP is NOTHING without definitely is a HUGE thing... He is basically saying that shud Adhalath leave the govt, the govt wud collapse... How secure is our govt?? Such comments makes the political climate seem even more uncertain.

    Just a few weeks ago Mariya And Moosa were ready to kick Adhalath out of the Islamic Ministry... now the new story is rather hilarious. Reeko is paving way for the first "democratic" party to be influenced by the most conservative and non democratic of the parties in our nation... He is also saying that there is no religious credibility in MDP???

    The implications of his words r far greater than meets the eye.

  24. Adhaalath must know about some very strange skeletons in MDP bigwigs' closets for Adhaalath to have such strong hold over the MDP. I will not vote for a party that is held to ransom by a bunch of extremists! If MDP ever wants to win an election in this country again they need to break clean with the extremists.

  25. Can someone put a bullet in my head PLEASE...YES mine, not Reeko.

    What is wrong with this guy, I was in that rally when he called "shit" to Adaalath and again I was in that rally he "Praised" and apologised Adaalath. oh! man.....someone put a bullet in my head PLEASE..YES mine, not Reeko

  26. All the best governing with the Adhaalathu party.

    The MDP won't be getting my vote in any further elections.



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