MDP now the largest political party, says Elections Commission

The Elections Commission has announced that the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has overtaken the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) to become the largest political party in the country.

President of the Elections Commission Fuad Thaufeeq said the MDP is now the largest political party with 31,171 members, narrowly overtaking the DRP’s 30,775 members.

Fuad noted that there was a possibility the DRP would regain its position once another 2000 membership forms were processed.

DRP Secretary General and MP Abdulla Mausoom claimed the EC had not included the forms of 2400 DRP members in the list it had released.

”We want to believe that EC is an independent commission,” Mausoom said, ”but sometimes questions arise about them.”

DRP MP Ali Waheed accused the the commission of failing to include DRP members, claiming it was influenced by the ruling party.

”We are visiting the atolls this weekend,” he said, ”and during that  visit we will reveal what action we plan to take.”

Fuad rejected the allegations as false information.

”We cannot be influenced by any party,” he said, noting that the commission did not support or depend on any political party. In a previous interview with Minivan News, Fuad has noted that sometimes existing members seeking to join other political parties failed to realise they had to leave their current party before applying.

MDP MP Alhan Fahmy said the DRP’s claims the EC was being influenced were “regrettable”.

”Everyone must respect the independent commission,” he said, ”and when things do not go the way [DRP] planned it is unfair to say the commission was influenced.”

Alhan said when he joined MDP, “many DRP members followed.”

Umar Naseer said he respected the EC and did not believe it was being influenced, but suggested DRP’s membership would top MDP when the new membership statistics settled this week.

By the numbers

After the two major parties, the third largest party in the Maldives is the  Jumhooree party with 7565 members, followed by the Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) with 5359 members and the  Adhaalath party with 5163. Former President of the IDP Umar Naseer is currently attempting to dissolve the IDP, however the EC has ruled against this decision.

The People’s Alliance (PA) has the least number of members at 3107, below the Dhivehi Qaumy Party (DQP)’s 3480 members.


7 thoughts on “MDP now the largest political party, says Elections Commission”

  1. As to being right or wrong in most democracies the majority is often wrong and the minority is often right,it just takes the majority a little bit longer to realize what is right. If the majority was always right, the world wouldn't be in this dismal state. But still, if majority view was not allowed to prevail, we would have societies which are totally haywire. So the minority just has to put up with the majority.

    The fact is, that the majority of Maldivian people do not want democracy or the rule of law. They just want to empower individuals who will look after their personal interests, and a government which will provide personal opportunities for them at the cost of their neighbour’s opportunities. Feudalism at its best. This is the harsh reality. Corrupt politicians can only succeed in a nation of corrupt or apathetic voters.

    The truth is often bitter, isn't it?"


  2. As a MDP member I am not sure whether to be proud or ashamed. The President's party was and is again the largest party in the country. MDP was registered before DRP but had to wait until Anni became President to become the largest party.

    This still does not guarantee a win in the elections. I know that quite a lot of new members including some cabinet ministers joined the party for selfish reasons - to get as large a share as they can from the rampant abuse of power that is going on today. Believe it or not, its a fact.

  3. Whenever something goes against DRP, They would cry like babies and put the blame on others?? Thats the DRP we know of!!
    What a Joke???

  4. @yaantey Obviously you haven't been to an MDP meeting.In power they have blamed the DRP more than golhabo did during his final 4 years. every failure of this government is being blamed on everyone else its either the parliament or any other independent institution. When you see beyond party lines its much more clear. I am an MDP member and the reason I voted is for them to govern not to pass the buck around. Next week we will see the government going around and creating another controversy that they don't need.The thing with Maldivians as @northumbria has mentioned above when in power everybody flocks around as they all want a slice.

  5. Alhan, ofcourse when the big rat moves tha small rats will follow. thats obvious isnt it?

  6. @ IBRA & hameed: You are both so right and I've seen the tendency towards corrupt practices of the new breed of Ministers and their support bases first hand. Then again, every single revolution in history has proven that these elements will exist within any form of governance and any administration.

    It remains to be seen whether popular ignorance regarding even a working knowledge of democracy and democratic ideals might lead to a regression of the Maldivian democratic experiment to a nominal form of democracy administered by self-indulgent autocrats. A culture of respect towards and enforcement of the rule of law is paramount.


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