MDP one vote behind combined opposition, as MP Raheem joins party

Former opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Abdulla Abdu Raheem has signed with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) after resigning from his previous party earlier this week.

Raheem marked his signing at an MDP rally yesterday with a speech in which he called for the government to resolve the country’s currency crisis by “getting rid of Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) Governor, Fazeel Najeeb.”

”Instead of giving high priority to his responsibilities in that position, he gives priority to other things in life,” Raheem claimed.

Raheem’s joining the MDP follows in the footsteps of the former DRP Deputy Leader Ali Waheed, DRP Sports Wing head Hassan Shujau and deputy head Assad ‘Adubarey’ Ali, and leaves the MDP one vote behind the allied opposition parties.

With Raheem the MDP’s parliamentary group controls 35 votes, including MP ‘Redwave’ Saleem who has signed a coalition agreement to vote with the party.

The alliance of opposition parties, including the DRP, Jumhoree Party (JP), Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and the People’s Alliance (PA) control 36 votes, although given the present hostility between Gayoom’s faction of the DRP and that of Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, this tally is less than assured.

Neither the MDP or the opposition parties control a brute voting majority of 39 in the 77 member Majlis, a situation with the potential to give the balance of power to the six independents: Ismail Abdul Hameed, Ahmed ‘Sun’ Shiyam Mohamed, Ahmed Amir, Ibrahim Riza and Mohamed Zubair.

Independent MP Mohamed Nasheed predicted that closely-fought bills – such as the government’s proposed income tax on those earning over Rf 30,000 – could potentially be swung by the independent votes.

“Since the parliament is going to be nearly equally divided between government and opposition, come June my inclination is that in matters where a clear parliamentary majority of 39 votes is required, responsible decision making from the independents will be crucial,” Nasheed told Minivan News.

MDP MP Eva Abdulla said the party was starting the next session of parliament “with an entire legislative package to implement the government’s economic policy, including a number of amendments as well as new bills, mainly taxation. “

While a number of MPs had already expressed opposition to the income tax bill, “these bills have been widely discussed with stakeholders and we feel the opposition is coming by and large from those still adamant on defending their own vested financial interests,” she said. “This is what they have done in parliament for the last two years.”

“We are confident that with the new majority not only can we pursue the legislative requirements of the government’s economic policy more smoothly, but also reverse some of the laws they had previously disfigured,” she said.


16 thoughts on “MDP one vote behind combined opposition, as MP Raheem joins party”

  1. Yea Nasheed it will be as responsible as saying "I need some cash"

  2. Where is your conciseness Kutty?. "Hows your hand top and I need some cash" is your true reflection. Learn, learn and learn again.

  3. One thing for sure. Thasmeen and his supporters in the Majlis will not oppose MDp's proposal to strip the benefits and privileges entitled for Former Presidents if they engage in political activities or remain in the leadership of political parties.

    Once, Maumoons fat allowances and security is stripped, then he will come down to earth.

    The second step should be to arrest him for carrying out systematic torture of prisoners during his reign of terror not to mention the millions of dollars embezzled and stolen by him and his close associates.

    HEP Nasheed and Reeko Moosa should move fast to complete these matters which are essential for the peace of our country.

    Just pull out the roots of our curse please.

  4. With big Zeday eyeing the remaining testicle of hapless Thasmeen, i think the dirty work is being done already within the DRP.

  5. This is the closest that any Government in Maldives history came to challenge the long established order. If MDP succeeds in passing a comprehensive economic and tax package with the current majority (with some help ofcourse..), the country would never be the same.. Bye bye Maumoon.

  6. This Kutti Nasheed is a gone case. Now he is trying to become the running mate of Gasim in the 2013 elections; the amount offered is yet to be found out!

  7. @Hope

    "This is the closest that any Government in Maldives history came to challenge the long established order."

    Hear hear. The truth indeed. Now's the chance to free ourselves from 1000s years of enslavery by the ruling classes of this country. When this tax legislation is passed, the ordinary man has a fighting chance to get out of poverty and take part in building a better country.

    There will be a lot of opposition to these bills from our Most Excellent Selfish Members of Parliament. Of course, they are only trying to "save" poor businesses from failure due to taxation. We will see how sincere these people are when it comes to helping the future shape of the nation.

    It's quite clear that the public at large support the taxation bills; however that's not reflected in the will of those representing the people. Perhaps we ought to ask the public directly!

  8. a public referendum on taxation is also a good idea. But If MPs like Nasheed are honest to the people, there would not be a need for a referendum..

  9. hahahah So stupid comments....People will never learn..of course unless all the comments above are from MDP associated cronies who are robbing us as we speak....Absolute power corrupts absolutely..May it be Maumoon or Madman Nasheed or that Imbecile Recko..Maldives is on the verge of a new dictatorship.This isn't democracy Recko is threatening all independent institution and the commentators here just agrees...Corrupt bastards

  10. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb
    "When this tax legislation is passed, the ordinary man has a fighting chance to get out of poverty and take part in building a better country."
    Cud you plz elaborate on that..Or are we all required to agree by clapping and hooting like when your Godking Nasheed speaks....Brainwashed people...No need to lie, just say it you are probably a beneficiary of this government, its either that or you are incredibly stupid.

  11. Hear hear and a yeah for a public referendum for a taxation bill!

  12. What is taxation? What are its effects? How should taxation be practiced? What were the forms through which the government had previously taxed the private sector?

    We need to know these things before jumping on the yes-man bandwagon and running down the private sector.

  13. @tsk tsk

    1.Tax is the due owed from businesses to the state for using citizen's assets (such as state assets/ islands as money minting resorts).
    2. The effects of tax would be social justice and equality as required by Islam.
    3. Previously Government taxed businesses informally and used the money to bribe citizens - thus 30 year rule.

    Hope that is clear.

  14. @answer....That's is not clear, you are making very vague and general statements,it is very clear that you have no idea about taxation or running a business...@tsk tsk is talking about income tax, GST, VAT, inheritance tax, land tax, minimum wage etc and its impact on SME's...MDP government is more corrupt than the last government..Today another 500 million rufiyaa contract has been awarded through dubious dealings for a border control system, in such a environment we can be 100% sure our tax money will be squandered by MDP and its cronies..They are becoming filthy rich while stealing from the poor..Get that yellow dust out of your eyes and think clearly, plz Don't trust MDP...Trust your own conscious.

  15. @Nars
    If you care to remove those 500rf notes from your eyes, you would know that it is the people of Maldives who have elected the Government, rightly or wrongly.

    But you saying the majority will of Maldivains are not to be trusted... and trust only your 'own' conscious.. A heavy Tax should come precisely to prevent this kind of unashamed selfishness that u have professed in your comment. Do you not have any shame what so ever.. Please read your own comment again.

  16. @Nars: thanks for making my position clear. I forgot that sarcasm is misunderstood at times.

    @answer: the issue here is not so much whether our biases in favor of a certain political party justify our positions.

    - The previous governmentS (yes there were many :P) did NOT tax the private sector INFORMALLY. The taxes were very formal. I think INDIRECT is the word you're looking for.

    - My main concern, similar to Nars, is the perceived lack of transparency in State actions, the perceived and sometimes real instances where monitoring bodies have failed to hold the State to account and lack of consensus among public individuals (especially from the private sector) over the timeframe for implementing wide and far-reaching changes to the system of taxation. With all these concerns, my fear is, the ensuing uncertainty and antagonism might badly affect our economy.

    - Also, it is a very real concern that any government, MDP, DRP, Kerafaa, Kaaminee, Velaanaa, Diyamigily, Galolhuge or Kakaage, fails to spell out their position on State expenditure. Simple people like me would say their policy is very much Socialist (involving a lot of welfare handouts and big government). However, recent donor-assisted efforts to reduce the civil service is a good sign. However, a more integrated plan must be shown to the public (in a diluted form if possible) in order to increase private-sector confidence in our their money is spent after it is taken from them.


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