MDP requests parliament look into alleged police cover-up of bystander’s death

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) filed a motion Wednesday (December 12) asking parliament to look into the death of Abdulla Gasim Ibrahim, accusing the Maldives Police Service of a cover-up.

Leaked CCTV footage released in early December threw into dispute the official police account of 43-year-old Gasim’s death. Police had initially stated that he had died due to injuries caused in a motorcycle accident, while the footage appears to reveal that a police officer had some involvement in the incident.

In the footage, a police officer is seen attempting to stop a speeding motorcycle suspected of being used by thieves to flee a crime scene.  Using his baton, the officer in the footage appears to hit out at the vehicle’s driver, causing him to lose control of the bike that then collides with Gasim’s motorcycle.

The MDP has submitted a motion to the parliament asking the Committee on Oversight of the Executive to look into the matter, and hold those responsible accountable.

“The police have not shared details of the actual events with either the family or the public. The video footage that was leaked shows that things happened in a way absolutely contrary to the initial reports. That is why we have submitted the motion and asked the parliament to look into this and make the authorities answerable to this,” MDP MP Mohamed Aslam said.

The motion was submitted by Mohamed Aslam and supported by MPs Ilyas Labeeb and Mohamed Rasheed – all from the same party.

Police Integrity Commission (PIC) President Abdulla Waheed stated today that he was out of Male’ on an official trip and was unaware of case proceedings at the moment.

Meanwhile PIC Director General Fathimath Sarira, speaking to Minivan News on December 3, has stated that the commission had previously received the footage and an investigation was nearing the point of conclusion.

Gasim’s family has said they have received no updates to date on how the case was proceeding either from the PIC or the police.

“I don’t know what else we can do. [police] are elusive and very slow, which is why we keep calling back. All I want is justice,” Naseema Khaleel, Gasim’s wife previously stated.

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) Vice President Ahmed Tholal was not responding to calls at the time of press.

The MDP and former President Mohamed Nasheed had previously also released statements condemning the alleged cover-up of the incident, calling on Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz to take responsibility for the matter.

“I am shocked and appalled by the leaked video, which appears to show a policeman hitting a motorcyclist in the head with a baton, which led to the death of an innocent bystander,” Nasheed stated at the time.

“Under [President Mohamed] Waheed’s administration, we are seeing a return to the thuggish brutality of Maldives’ authoritarian past. I implore the international community to pressure the Waheed government to immediately and impartially investigate this case, to bring human rights abusers in the security forces to book, to cease its harassment of opposition members, and hold early elections so democracy can be restored.”


9 thoughts on “MDP requests parliament look into alleged police cover-up of bystander’s death”

  1. Earlier, it was Evans Naseem death triggered a popular movement that catupulted MDP to power from oblivion.

    Could this by stander death be the second Evan Naseem, that would start the 'revolution' that MDP announced.

    Hope MDP provides a time line and more details of the upcoming 'revolution'

  2. A "Party" like MDP that is not committed to the Rule of Law and has openly adopted itself to "Revolution" to overthrow the Government (and thus has challenged the Constitution as well as the State's Institutions) should not be engaging in politics.

    Its only place is now on the streets in a total rebellion in accordance to the decree adopted by MDP's Council.

    Furthermore, once a registered political party moves outside the laws and regulations governing the conduct of Political Parties, it becomes the duty of the Elections Commissioner to take legal action against the Party. Such action could range from warning to the Party to renounce its agenda for "revolution" to even ban the Party if MDP fails to comply. Such would have been the case in any democracy.

    It is not up to the Government to take any action against MDP for its "Revolutionary" Agenda but rather it is the duty of the Elections Commission.

    MDP is on a suicide mission and will soon implode if they continue to be led by a bunch of erratic clowns.

  3. Ilyas, so it's wrong to announce a revolution but right to just go out onto the streets and bring about a revolution like the current govt did on Feb 7?

  4. Maumoon is the newest PPM Presidential candidate. Minivan please write about it.

  5. FOR THE MATI BOYS WITH LOVE: any ruling oligarchy can only take the piss so much. Right now they may be sitting on a socially explosive time bomb.

    In the past people have been bought off by different politicians, but today as dissatisfaction spreads nobody is voting, joining or selling papers, the party’s over. We know that the Bolsheviks led to the gulag, the National Socialists led to the holocaust and the Labour Party led us up the garden path. No more illusions, no more compromises, no more leaders. This time we’re going to do things ourselves.

    Revolutionary epochs are times when history speeds up, nobody ever sees them coming.

  6. Maldivian Police corrupt and lie in their reports? Never would happen. No story here folks.

  7. Enan Naseem case can not happened as and when MDP wishes ?

    It was not planned one and it was spontaneous one and people like , Ibra, Gasim, Zaki Gogo Latheef and few others stood against Gayyoom.

    It is worth to mentioned the so called" brave Anni" was hiding in UK at that time. This was a Litmus test for democracy in our country . Anni took the advantage and immediately came back and then hijacked the party.

    Lesson are to be learned from the past actions of Anni.

  8. >Modu
    'Anni hiding in UK'. Could it be because - already then - Anni was threatened to death by Gayoom and Umar Naseer ? The infamous Backbone Breaker repeated the same threats last February : "I will kill you, your wife, your kids, your cabinet if you do not resign before 1.30 AM" - said the PA of torturer-murderer Gayoom. Umar Naseer, the Bollywood star of Maldives, the former (N)SS-er, a perfect Man Friday for Gayoom.
    Yes, Ali Did, you want Minivannews to write about Gayoom-for-president ?
    A sick insane society where torturers-murderers would be prez and viceprez (again)? The SunnySideOfLife ...
    Sick sicker sickest

  9. A country without justice is no country. However many of us here does only think that with Gayyoom in the country; justice is there!!!!
    In fact, there is nothing needed to catapult any revolution in this country!
    With the injustice done to the People's Majlis by the judiciary and administrative systems, we already should be revolting and lynching those involved in dissolving our constitution and trying to impose a judiciary dictatorship!
    We are totally mad to remain calm and quiet unless ofcourse we are not with the regime of Gayyoom who wants a retake of the 30 years dictatorship he enjoyed!


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