MDP reveals candidates for parliamentary primary

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has announced the names of candidates competing in parliamentary primaries for 72 out of the 85 People’s Majlis seats.

Candidates for the 13 Male’ City constituencies will be announced on 31 December. Party primaries are scheduled for January 24.

Of the 72 announced today, only a single candidate applied for 22 of the constituencies, therefore winning the party ticket without an election.

They are:

  • Hanimaadhoo constituency -Ahmed Adil (Minister of State for Home Affairs in MDP government)
  • Nolhivaram constituency – Ubaidulla Muaz Kendhoo (Former Secretary General of Jumhooree Party, and ran for Kendhoo seat in 2009)
  • Komandoo constituency – Ahmed Nashid ‘ADK Nashid’. (Former MP and member of constitutional assembly)
  • Funadhoo constituency Abbas Mohamed, M. Aa’alimas
  • Alifushi constituency – Mohamed Rasheed Hussein (Ran for the same seat with an MDP ticket in 2009 as well)
  • Eydhafushi constituency – Hisaan Hussain (MDP legal director)
  • Kurendhoo constituency – Abdul Bari Abdulla (MDP Minister of State for Health and Family)
  • K.Guraidhoo constituency – Ali Shaahin Hussein (Kaafu Atoll councillor representing the same constituency)
  • Mathiveri constituency – Hassan Zareer, A.A.Himandhoo
  • Dhangethi constituency – Ibrahim Rasheed Abubakr, Adh. Maamiligi
  • Mulaku constituency – Ibrahim Naseer, M.Mulak
  • F. Nilandhoo constituency – Ibrahim Khaleel, F.Nilandhoo
  • Th. Guraidhoo – Ali Najeeb, Male’ Dhafthar
  • Isdhoo Constituency – Umar Abdul Razzaq, H. Hiki Finifenmaa Ge
  • Gahdhoo Constituency– Ibrahim Ameer, Gdh Gahdhoo

Among the 22, seven are sitting MDP MPs.

  • For Shaviyani Milandhoo Constituency – MP Ali Riza (Milandhoo MP)
  • Kulhudhuffushi North Constituency – MPAbdul Ghafoor Moosa
  • Kendhikulhudhoo Constituency – MP Ahmed Easa
  • Holhudhoo Constituency – MP Ali Mohamed ‘Alibe’ (Currently representing N.Velidhoo constituency, joined MDP in 2013)
  • Hinnavaru constituency – MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (ibu)
  • Thoddoo constituency – MP Ali Waheed
  • Kaashidhoo constituency – MP Abdulla Jabir

Out of the 174 candidates competing in the MDP primaries, only nine are women.

With the exception of three, all incumbent MDP MPs are competing.

MPs who did not submit their names for primaries are Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Rasheed, Komandoo MP Hussein Waheed and Gaddhoo MP Zahir Adam.

Parliamentary elections will be held on March 22 to elect the 18th People’s Majlis, the second since the democratic transition in 2008.


2 thoughts on “MDP reveals candidates for parliamentary primary”

  1. Out of the 174 candidates competing in the MDP primaries, only nine are women.

    And MDP is supposed to be a provider of opportunities to women folk in contrast to the so called extremist-right winged parties ?

    I rest my case.

  2. Am glad that MDP took me from the streets,as all you would know, am a corrupt,mean bastard, who would sell my own flesh for cash, although i run a hospital,from the blood of both Patients & doctors, i make 800% profit each year,
    My restaurant only makes 200,000 sales per day
    so i can pay monthly leas with my both hands tied behind my back
    But i still intend to steal & rob you on daily basis
    caring about you when you need it most,,
    Ya right!!


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