MDP seeking public opinion over party reform

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has invited its members and the general public to submit suggestions and ideas for reforming and restructuring the party in the wake of electoral defeats in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The party’s national council last week voted to form a three-member committee to study a reform paper (Dhivehi) submitted by a group of members and collect opinions and ideas for reform.

At a press conference on Thursday, the committee – comprised of MDP Youth Wing Leader Aminath Shauna along with Ali Niyaz and Ahmed Mujthaba – announced that it would be accepting suggestions for a two-week period.

Party members were invited to submit a form (Dhivehi) either to the party office or [email protected]

Alternately, members could use the #tellmdp hashtag of social media or visit the secretariat office in Malé between 11:00pm and 1:00pm and 3:00pm and 4:00pm on weekdays to share their views in person.

Speaking at Thursday’s press conference, Youth Wing Leader Shauna assured members that the committee would not censor or amend any suggestions.

At the end of the two-week period, she said, the committee would compile a report and submit it to the national council.

Shauna noted that the committee also welcomed opinions and ideas from members of the general public who were not registered MDP members.

Niyaz explained that while some suggestions could be approved by the national council by adopting resolutions, other reforms would have to be passed at the next national congress.

The national council decided last week to hold the party’s congress on June 6 and 7. The last congress took place in October 2010.

Among the ideas shared on social media so far, supporters have suggested clearly delineating the role of the chairperson and president or abolishing one of the posts, strengthening the administration of internal elections and primaries to ensure fairness and transparency, improving engagement with the media and increasing involvement of youth.


12 thoughts on “MDP seeking public opinion over party reform”

  1. MDP will never be a democratic party as long as Nasheed is there.

    Its a cult and cult leader is Nasheed and people will have to move around with Nasheed and no choice.

    Look at how he has been kicking the leaders out . Ibra, Dr. Didi Munavvaru and Now Reeco all are out .

    Gaumy Majlis is controlled by Nasheed and they keep on passing motions in favor of Nasheed all the time. Anyone who oppose Nasheed opinion are criminals and they are eliminated .

    Nasheed is even much worse than Maumoon.

    At least we have now started seen the signs if breaking this party and its going to be like DRP.

    But we need a strong opposition party to come alive but not Nasheed.

  2. Can you imagine Emperor Maumoon ever seeking public advice? This is why MDP is the only choice. Simple as that. Kuribee will be quick to come here and say that Nasheed did this, Nasheed did that. So what? What other choice is there? Gasim? Maldivians are so stupid to give the country back to Maumoon. They will regret it.

  3. MDP got tarnished by an image of corruption. This is ironic given that MDP came to power on the promise of eradicating deep rooted corruption after 30 years of dictatorship.

    However, after assuming power, the perception of the public (and later proved in audit reports) was that of a party that was helping itself or more accurately of a party whose leadership was helping itself!

    Here are my suggestions:

    (1) The biggest challenge for the party is to clean up its image and practice what it preaches. Make an example of corrupt individuals and have a policy of zero tolerance.

    (2) Improve your Islamic agenda and reach out to scholars of distinction and bring them on board.

    (3) Transparency, transparency and more transparency.

    (4) It's quite clear that for the foreseeable future, no single party can hope to gain a majority government. Come up with a strategy to deal with that.

  4. Short Answer - Hypocrisy at the top. For evidence, read the following Tweet

    Ahmed Naseem ‏@KerafaNaseem Apr 2
    @JenniferAishath.Islam gaum akun. evaruge Bodu Mahasinthaa eh Casino eh gaa bavva iru Guruange barakathun baa ey fattaanee Hithaharanee

  5. Rihaakuru .

    U dump ass will say Nasheed is the champion democracy and will continue to write in praising the guy and nothing else.

    You will never see how irony the guy is and how dictatorial his policies are and how intolerant he is and how he can not digest the criticism ?

    Last Gaumy Majlis is an example ? Who ever had raised voiced against Nasheed were asked to keep thier mouth shut and people like CEO of former Aasndha had gone whispering to the key people there and ask to shut-up and appoint Nasheed as interim President and make him as permeant Majlis member for his life ?

    How democratic that process was ?

  6. Some humble thoughts for review / consideration by MDP Leadership:

    1. Refocus on the original Ideology of MDP, which I believe is clean and non-corrupt. During the past years, this has got COMPLETELY DILUTED with greed, deceit, favoritism, bias and short shortsightedness

    2. Nasheed should continue to be the LEADER, but grow in stature by becoming an ACTUAL LEADER than a SENIOR ACTIVIST. Also, ensure that other leaders with contrarian thoughts and beliefs are ALSO allowed to prosper in the MDP leadership.


    3. Knock OFF all the CRONIES who are currently close to the Senior Leadership and are interested ONLY in money, personal gains and are absolutely GREEDY(Everybody knows who they are)

    4. Now since you are a MINORITY OPPOSITION, this is the right time to get close to the public, by having a constructive MALDIVES DEVELOPMENT plan to help the public in various areas of Maldives, than just sitting in Male` and Addu and going on doing protest AND CRYING FOUL ALWAYS.

    Get critical private enterprises to support the MDP DEVELOPMENT PLAN and ensure that it is conceptualized, formalized, implemented fully.

    In the next 2-3 years, IF the above is done constructively and progressively, MDP can easily complete some amazing development for the common man, whereby they can STAND by their core philosophy - FOR the people, BY The people, WITH the people

    5. Bring in more transparency and professionalism in the recruitment of the leadership, than it just being open to a SELECTED FEW, at all times!

    6. Educate, guide and TRAIN the MDP followers that it is NOT just about being revolutionary OR ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT. It is also about how MDP party workers can contribute Constructively to the society as a WHOLE and ensure that Maldives as a WHOLE moves in the right direction.

    Educate the hardcore party workers to get OUT of this "YELLOW" fanaticism and EMBRACE every Maldivian into their fraternity. I believe this POLARIZATION tremendously affected MDP in the elections

    7. LASTLY and MOST IMPORTANTLY, WEED out ALL these opportunitists, political cronies who have been JUMPING SHIP, without any sincerity OR loyalty to the party's cause and have joined MDP , just to win the elections , WITHOUT ANY FEELINGS for the core MDP Philosophies or principles.

    People like THasneem, his wife, Jabir, his wife, Kaanal Nasheed ETC. ETC. should be THROWN OUT unceremoniously, IF MDP really wants to make a CHANGE and come out clean.

    To conclude, I HUMBLY request HEP Nasheed to grow in stature and BECOME a WISE LEADER, than taking his followers on the wrong path EVERY SINGLE TIME. HEP Nasheed, as a RAW person is so genuine, who truly believes in the FREEDOM of SPEECH , belief for the MALDIVIAN PUBLIC. I just don't know how he has got stuck with all these DRAMATICS and IDIOSYNCRASIES... STOP MAKING IRRESPONSIBLE STATEMENTS ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    Believe in yourself, go back to basics and YOU WILL BE AN INCREDIBLE PRESIDENT of the MALDIVES in five years time. MDP needs HEP and HEP needs the CORE MDP principles and Values.

  7. my suggestion would be to dissolve the party. it does more harm than good if mdp stays.

  8. @herokuribee

    Let's assume for a moment what you're saying is true, even if it's really not. Nasheed is still a better democratic leader than Yameen or Waheed or Maumoon, and he still values human rights more than Yameen or Waheed or Maumoon. For a country like Maldives where these fundamental values are still not entrenched in society Nasheed is the type of leader it needs. Next time you reply to me try make an actual point, you little child!

  9. 1. Promote internal democracy within the party.

    2. Dont allow corrupt people with criminal histories take over the party.

    3. Think deep about why the party was formed and return to its root values.

  10. Samatan?

    U have well said and that is what is expected from MDP.

    But i doubt that Nasheed is the right man do to this job given his past action and rather need to find a leader like Shahid, Ibu etc to take over the leadership and get this done.

    Perhaps, Nasheed can give a helping hand to them to make things easier for them to run the party.

  11. @Samaritan - all good suggestions but it does not address the core issue - ie, who sets the MDP ideology?

    Remember, MDP prides itself as an ideology. However, in reality MDPs professed ideology is seen as too toxic, unnecessarily pro -westen, and personal revenge driven when ever Zaki, Shaheed or Naseem opens their mouth.

    Nasheed needs to dump some serious waste from the party. That will alone do the trick.

  12. The lapdogs of Endherimaage imperialism go on and on about "Nasheed's dictatorial policies", but when asked to clarify, they tend to go silent.

    I say they're just upset because Nasheed had the guts to arrest a drug and child porn dealing judge, and shut down the supreme porn studio and screwed up their life of luxury.


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