MDP slams president’s response to journalist’s disappearance

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has slammed President Abdulla Yameen for a perceived lack of empathy when questioned about the missing Minivan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

When asked by a journalist about the matter upon his return from China yesterday, Yameen refused to comment, saying that the police and Home Ministry had already spoken on the matter.

“A journalist is missing, I think. So work will be done to find the journalist, right? And, God willing, that will be successful,” said Yameen.

The President’s Office had previously noted that the government is “deeply saddened and concerned” over Rilwan’s disappearance 13 days ago.

An MDP statement today, however, accused the president of being “irresponsible” in his reply to the question, and criticised him for failing to publicly express concern over the disappearance, now believed to have been an abduction.

With international concern growing over the disappearance of Rilwan – 28-years-old – the opposition party noted the example of US President Barack Obama, who addressed the nation yesterday following the murder of journalist James Foley.

“We note this is how a president in a democratic state becomes accountable to citizens,” read the statement.

The Home Ministry yesterday revealed the the Maldives National Defence Force had joined a team of 40 police officers in a search which now included the Hulhumalé lagoon.

Rilwan was last seen on a ferry heading to Hulhumalé in the early hours of August 8, while neighbours reported a man being forced into a car close to Rilwan’s apartment less than an hour later.

Ascribing the case “top priority” status, Home Minister Umar Naseer acknowledged reports of the abduction incident, but said police had not yet been able to establish a link to Rilwan.

The Home Ministry failed to inform Minivan News of the latest press conference, with officials later explaining that the oversight had not been intentional.

International groups including Reporters Without Borders and the United Nations Office for the Commissioner of Human Rights have expressed concern over Rilwan’s disappearance, calling for a thorough investigation.


11 thoughts on “MDP slams president’s response to journalist’s disappearance”

  1. Just to play devil's advocate he might have been aiming for a response that would not further fuel rampant speculation over the issue.

    However, the response can be perceived as insensitive because of the dismissive attitude and the refusal to refer to the missing journalist by name. The words and tone that were used also appears to trivialize the issue or portray it as an everyday occurrence.

    Whether it was a gaffe or actual lack of empathy MDP is right on this one. He should hire a better PR outfit.

  2. The greatness of highly apology for human biology on the way of criminal investigation that cannot be appreciated by human capacity of whole world and who believes the man of mankind for the nation of brotherhood.

  3. WHAT? “A journalist is missing, I think. So work will be done to find the journalist, right? And, God willing, that will be successful.”


  4. I don't think that human feelings are required to run a country. Surely the president has other more important things to do than be concerned with petty crimes.

  5. Yameen is not trying to run his Government like Nasheed. Police is being entrusted to do this type of work and not the president office or himself to do the investigation.

    Yameen had said enough about the missing person and his cabinet minister and police had shared information on the missing person case and that is enough .

    He also mentioned "In Sha Allah, we will find him" and that is more than enough. How can we can expect him to explain or make verdict about the case when the case if not resolved.

  6. "The Home Ministry failed to inform Minivan News of the latest press conference, with officials later explaining that the oversight had not been intentional."

    Makes total sense to me, I'm sure it wasn't intentional. Forgetting to inform the news outlet who the missing journalist works for is a very easy mistake to make. And these turds will keep taking infidel money from UN, Commonwealth, etc. for development projects, human rights education programs, etc. that will never happen. The infidels didn't care about the coup so unlikely they'll do anything about one journalist. Disgraceful behavior from everyone involved, expect the journalists trying to do their job.

  7. This likly linked with dot or adhaalth extrimists , salaf jamiyaa also too .. maldives national security is failed after the coup since 2011

  8. @mukunu
    So you consider kidnapping and murder (not confirmed but most likely at this point) to be "petty crimes"?
    This culture is so messed up. Petty crimes; kidnapping, rape, pedophilia, murder, embezzlement, sex with prostitutes and human trafficking. Major crime; only one and that's making anti Islamic statements. For example... suggesting that a culture and government that protects murders, thieves, etc is beyond messed up.

  9. Its so easy to find signs of kufr and nifaq from diseased hearts. if somebody has it he would hate islam and anybody who advocates for islam with violent hatred. This is how people associate adhaalath and salaf with every crime that ever was comitted without the slightest proof. Just conjecture was enough for them to go on villifying the supporters of islam.

  10. He couldn't even pretend to give a ****. Disgusting even by Golha standards. By law aren't you responsible for the safety and security of ALL (and not only those of personal interest to you and the Missus) the citizens of the country? If Moyameeha can get abducted without a trace how safe are the rest of us?


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