MDP to set deadline for early election date, stepping up of protests

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has said that former President Mohamed Nasheed will soon announce a deadline for the party to step up political protests, with the intention of  preventing President Dr Waheed Hassan from entering the President’s Office.

The MDP is pressing for an early election date, while the new government has backed away from the suggestion following a breakdown in India-mediated peace talks last week.

Addressing supporters near the tsunami monument – an area the MDP haas taken to calling ‘Justice Square’ – Nasheed said he had not announced the identities of those who tortured inmates in prisons under Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s administration, and did not send the cases to internation courts because he did not wish to shame the Maldives’s new democracy.

According to MDP, Nasheed accused current Commissioner of Police Ahmed Riyaz of being in charge of the prison guards brutality in October 2003 that led to Maafushi Jail shooting incident and the death of Evan Naseem – a prisoner who was allegedly beaten to death in Maafushi Jail.

Speaking at a press conference, MDP Spokesperson Imthiyaz Fahmy made several accusations against police after MDP activists were detained on drug and other charges.

Imthiyaz alleged that many police officers in riot gear “were drunk” and some fell to the ground “while others were seen vomiting.”

Imthiyaz further alleged that police officers had forced MDP activists to drink alcohol.

A police official told Minivan News that the accusations were baseless: ”It would be better to report these allegations to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) or some other independent institution to investigate, rather than making false accusations,” the police spokesperson said.


28 thoughts on “MDP to set deadline for early election date, stepping up of protests”

  1. Nasheed you have can set deadlines and provoke hatered and bring violence to the streets. But I am sorry you have lost it. Completely lost it. I think many of us who stood behind you before are getting very concerned about your state of mind. If this country has seen a violent hate monger than its becoming clearer day by day that it is you your self. You have demonised Islam and if you think that will take you anyweher in this majority Muslim country you are deluded big time. And now you claim you were incommunicado following your resignation. Are you seriously suffering from early dementia? Any way we want an election and boot you in the election big time.

  2. @ Miner - where you take power by guns, means that you did not achieve it with votes! That is the definition of democracy! Shame on you and your old regime criminals.

  3. onething we should admire President Nasheed was that he never resorted to revenge after he was democratically elected.Hats off to him.

  4. Anni you belongs to a zoo. You are too cute to be a ruler. I would love to tame you, train you and keep you in my house as pet. I love Anni

  5. We want peace.
    Stop vandalizing and sacrificing everything for the lust of power.
    Please, please, please... come to the path of peace.

  6. Guys…! Don’t give up democracy for those who think protests are violent and abusive that disrupts harmony. It doesn’t look like Anni is power hungry and the reason behind his actions are due to this addiction. He is simply asking election for the people in Maldives to select their leader on ballot box. I don’t see this is a bad demand compare to those who are preventing that election with the help of very ignorant and brutal force with guns, shields and pepper spray. There is no any rational argument for constitutional changes and or any issue what so ever considering the circumstances around the whole issue of Ann’s fall from the presidency to delay the election. Giving up democracy is going back to square one. We need to resort to all kind of activities to teach that police and so called military and those who are against democracy that the time of that garbage is over, that we cannot accept a person to rule on us without our approval even for a second, and it is not for the police or for the opposition to decide who should rule us.


  8. It would be a mistake to step up with the aim of preventing Waheed from entering the President's Office. This will backfire on MDP in a manner far worse than the arrest of Judge Abdulla. Think hard about this before you do it. This is a free warning to you guys!

    MDP have already used their remaining life lines by stopping the opening of Majlis. This is just going too far and beyond the realm of reasonable protests.

    Nasheed needs to calm down and think with his brain first! I don't think that's the case right now.

  9. coup coup coup.. Most of the people in the world know that Mr Anni was threatened to be killed. That's why he resigned. Bloody traitors!

  10. Drunk Police and MNDF? Great! Where's our Sheikh Imran? How come he isn't out there screaming "laadheenee police and mndf!" Maybe the Sheikh is also drunk and passed out some where eh! What a bunch of jokers really! At the rate these fools are going, pretty soon they'll be exposing each other and the ithihaad will be a big circus to watch and enjoy.

  11. I will accept Waheed's government as legitimate if only he could adhere to MDP's manifesto...That guy is the vice president of MDP...He has no right to come up with a national unity government manufactured by his own, that too with the support of a minority...

  12. A father of democracy would have died to protect democracy, before he handed it over to a dictator.

  13. @Shahid
    Thank you for explaining the meaning of democracy. As I see the biggest criminal in the Maldives at present is Nasheed. Nasheed is responsible for the violence and chaos in the country. If he feels that he resigned under duress then he should have the guts to behave like a civilised man and negotiate wit hose who forced him to resign to hold an early election. Instead what we see from him is the actions of a low level scum. The reason he give for resignation has no conformity. The truth is even if gets elected, which I doubt very much, he won't last long.

  14. anni is not the father of democracy.... bit he is the step father of democracy....

  15. NO, no!!!!!!!!! Not at all my dear!!!!!!! It's not Nasheed who is responsible for today's sad & dangerous situation of the Maldives........because, the videos of the gatherings during the last week of January 2012 and the 7th February clearly videos and MNBC live telecast clearly tell that it was a mutiny that ousted the country's elected President. Videos tell us some of them, like Waheed, Nazim, Riyaz, Qasim, Yameen, Imran and Umar Naseed

  16. "NASHEED CAUSING VIOLENCE" "nASHEED POWER HUNGRY" when u say this..where were you living in the past few months .dont think every one is as dumb as you are. The crowds show the difference.

  17. Nasheed has destroyed our nation, our people and our economy.

  18. Nasheed is suffering from Antisocial personality disorder
    Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal.

    A person with antisocial personality disorder may:

    Be able to act witty and charming

    Be good at flattery and manipulating other people’s emotions

    Break the law repeatedly

    Disregard the safety of self and others

    Have problems with substance abuse

    Lie, steal, and fight often

    Not show guilt or remorse

    Often be angry or arrogant

  19. would any of you be honest when you answer these questions?

    Do you think Nasheed would get a fair hearing if he went to our courts and said this is a case of police mutiny and coup in our courts? do you think they will look for and show proof and facts?
    do you think people would judge the situation with proof and facts regarding drug abuse, alcohol abuse, religious censure, stealing from the government, stealing from the people, street violence and protests?
    do you think our legal system is up to, ethically and professionally, looking into the current situation?
    do you think protesters would get a fair hearing in this court?
    do you think the perpetrators of the current injustice and violence would get their just punishment in the hands of the judiciary system as it is now?

  20. All you idiots dissing Anni, or siding with the perpetrators of the coup d'etat, should have the decency to acknowledge that you wouldn't have a voice today but for the struggles and very real, tangible sacrifices made by Anni and others like him.

    This country's democracy wasn't granted out of the benevolence of the tyrant Gayoom that you pay obeisance to.

    It was due to the extraordinary bravery of a few people who organized protests on the streets, went out to the islands to spread the message of freedom, and lobbied heavily with foreign governments, and made immense sacrifices and paid the price in solitary confinement, torture and years in jail, and faced continuous intimidation and harassment.. it was due to them that today you have the freedom to make endless insults, even anonymously, on a news website.

    Lots of blood, sweat and tears were spent in achieving this freedom and democracy - ones that you enjoy as much as anyone else.

    It is absolutely shameful for you to justify this return to the dictatorship by insulting the elected President Nasheed.

    Disgusting, to say the least.

  21. "All you idiots dissing Anni, or siding with the perpetrators of the coup d’etat, blah, blah, blah"
    So anyone dissing Anni is an idiot?
    Whether it is Anni or whether it is Obama or whether it is Mugabe, what is wrong is wrong.
    It is wrong on your part to call the change of power a coup d'etat.
    It is wrong on Anni's part to cry over spilt milk.
    There was no coup d'etat.
    There was a snow balling effect of one wrong move. This effect was triggered by Anni. The result was a change in government. Too bad Anni did not see the snowball.
    Anni had all the power, until the very last few hours, to avert this mishap (if I may call it).
    If Anni had let Abdullah Ghaazee free even 20 days after his abduction, this would not have happened.
    Even on the 11th hour, if Anni promised the "disobeying" police that he would not make unconstitutional commands at them, this would not have happened.
    But Anni did not do any of these things.
    And the whole thing slipped right through his fingers.
    All the poweer he had fell apart just like Dominos.
    This is why I call it spilt milk.
    Now, it will be best to concentrate all your efforts on 2013.
    Will have to wait and see what happens then.
    MDP is not the popular party to win another election.
    I will tell you why.
    MDP does not have enough supporters to make thiem win on their own.
    No sane person will make a coalition with MDP after seeing the bitter experiences of those who made this mistake earlier.
    So, be good and behave yourselves. MDPians.
    That might increase your popularity.
    One more thing.
    You cannot play with 'Taqdir', accept it my friend.
    Who ever is to become the president, will become the president.
    Remember a song?
    Kay sera sera
    What ever will be will be
    The future's not our to see
    Kay sera sera

  22. Demo-crazy must be garroted on the spot!

    To be a traitor to demo-crazy is to be a traitor to the zionist puppeteers and to their diabolical schemes to further besmirch the moral charachter of our harlot women, and plunge our nation into an abyss filled with secular debauchery, goat fornication and rampant apostasy.

    That is to say, to be a "traitor" is to be a patriot! Bravo to the traitor patriots, for they are admirable men.

  23. "he s mad" "he destroyed us" thats all you say ..Never WHY? HOW? ....just acusations..I dont think maldivians are that ignorant these days.He he...and when you speak of power nasheed the one who ccould not be patient and made a coup(BAGAAVAAIH)..The people voted Nasheed to Presidency and he only asks to allow the maldivian people to chose their leader again instead of a forced rule... NOT to give power straight to him...We are not fools..We want to elect our own that too much to ask?

  24. After violent protests theres peace always....Keep it up President Nasheed.... Dont let this country be ruled by dictators.....Those who are against protests are cowards..we will live in peace and prosperity after the protests are over


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