MDP vows to pressure Supreme Court if it fails to investigate Abdulla Mohamed

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Vice President and MP Alhan Fahmy met on Sunday with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Ahmed Faiz, presenting two cases against Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed and demanding the cases be concluded in 48 hours.

Before going to the meeting Alhan met with the press and said that he will present two cases relating to Abdulla Mohamed: one regarding the Civil Court’s ordering the judicial watchdog – the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) – to delay taking action in a judicial misconduct case against the chief judge, and a second regarding the High Court’s ruling that he did not have to obey police summons on January 16.

The latter ruling led to police requesting the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) assist in the arrest of Abdulla Mohamed, and his subsequent detention on the MNDF training facility of Girifushi where he remains.

Alhan told press outside the Supreme Court after meeting with the chief justice that the MDP would put pressure on the Supreme Court if it did not conduct the cases.

He then told a group of MDP supporters waiting for him outside that if the Supreme Court did not conclude the case in 48 hours, the MDP would “raise its voice”.

The whereabouts of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed following his arrest were not revealed until January 18. The MNDF has acknowledged receipt but not replied to Supreme Court orders to release the judge.

Prosecutor General (PG) Ahmed Muizz has joined the High and Supreme Courts in condemning the MNDF’s role in the arrest as unlawful, and requesting that the judge be released.

According to the PG, police have to go through the PG’s Office to obtain an arrest warrant from the High Court.

According to government officials, military assistance was sought for reasons of national security. Judge Mohamed has been implicated in 14 cases of obstruction of police duty, Afeef alleged.

Actions include ordering unlawful investigations, withholding warrants for up to four days, limiting the issuance of warrants to himself exclusively at times, disregarding decisions of higher courts, strategically delaying cases involving opposition members, and barring media from corruption trials, according to Afeef.

Defence Minister Tholhath Ibrahim Kaleyfan has said police had sent a letter to the armed forces on Monday, January 16, “requesting assistance to carry out its legal duty under article 71 of the Police Act, stating that the Criminal Court was not cooperating with police and that as a consequence of Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed obstructing police work, the country’s internal security was threatened and police were unable to maintain public order and safety.”


14 thoughts on “MDP vows to pressure Supreme Court if it fails to investigate Abdulla Mohamed”

  1. If the MDP demands the supreme court must do it .why wait 48 hours...Alhaan your disgraced voice had been herd by all people in the maldives.All the lies and the way u have manipulated people doing your deeds to fulfill satisfaction.WHAT THE MALDIVES NEEDS IS A FREE NATION OF ALHAAN MOOSA AND THE OTHER WHO FOLLOW THIER PATH

  2. Who the hell is this Alhan to challenge the Supreme Court? Or to give a deadline to the Supreme Court? He is a nobody. Seriously he is a nobody. He is just drift wood.

    This is merely grand standing for self promotion. The guy had earlier said that he will contest for the Presidency after HEP Nasheed's tenure! kekeke!

    So this is all part of his attempts to show that he is a very 'powerful man'.

    If some one else from MDP lets say Iboo or Maria, or Aslam had gone to meet Chief Justice, I will consider that of importance. But an ant???

  3. Alhan is a disgrace to MDP and general public. same goes for Ibrahim Waheed. those MPs who changed sides probably for monetary gains..(corruption). do you really expect anything good will come from these guys, except propaganda..

  4. President Nasheed has been unable to handle himself in a rational manner after seeing the large demonstration of 23 December. First he closed down all spas in tourist resorts in the hope that the public will rally against the opposition parties. When that failed, he began arresting opposition leaders. When they were release he arrested the judge who released them. Now his own Vice President has announced that he is ashamed to be in President Nasheed's government due to its undemocratic and brutal practices.

  5. In 2009, President Nasheed won the Anna Lindh Prize, in recognition of his work promoting human rights, democracy and environmental protection.

  6. @ Jaiz Maathoda on Mon, 23rd Jan 2012 11:39 PM

    "In 2009, President Nasheed won the Anna Lindh Prize, in recognition of his work promoting human rights, democracy and environmental protection."

    Jaiz, this is EXACTLY WHY the abduction of Judge Abdulla on President Nasheed's orders by the military forces of this country is so reprehensible!

    How would it look if lets say a Nobel Peace Prize Winner murders some one? huh? Think about it!

    Many supporters of President Nasheed including myself are disgusted with these actions, because we simply did not expect this from Nasheed - a human rights champion!

    So, by his actions Nasheed's credibility is lost, and his image tarnished forever in the international arena. Once the image is shattered there is no way to regain that!

    The world is watching the ugly scenes unfolding every day where Nasheed is now seen employing the very same tactics used by Dictator Maumoon to suppress dissent- The very same brute force of the police and the military against which the President struggled so much for so many years.

    Sad and pathetic isn't it?

  7. Prosecutor General (PG) Ahmed Muizz raises his voice against the arrest of this judge but we havent heard his voice when case after case submitted by the Prosecutor Generals office was thrown out of court by this same judge for "failure of sufficient evidence submitted" and so on. If indeed Abdullah Mohammadh was correct and the PG Office was not doing its job properly, the parliament should call for a vote of no confidence or call for his resignation or for his removal.

  8. Can other means be utilised to create an independant judiciary?

    I think, we have to think creatively. We have to try to come up with stratgeies to achieve noble aspirations, such as judicial independance, without resorting to this.

    I do not know if my crazy ideal is even possible. Yet I do know, if it is possible, it will only be possible through the collective mental struggle of all, and through the Grace of Allah.

  9. @ Ben Plewright on Tue, 24th Jan 2012 4:00 PM

    "Can other means be utilised to create an independant judiciary?"


    The judiciary ended up where it is because different political parties were trying to divide it up amongst themselves during the confirmation of judges and the appointment of the Supreme Court.

    Anyway without going back to the past, we can still find a creative path forward to screen the serving judges and to remove those who are unqualified and of questionable integrity. The judiciary can be made more impartial,independent and professional.


    It's too early to discuss! hehe.

  10. This ghazee can rot in girifushi. If it is the best thing for the country, and I believe so, I am for it


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