MDP VP candidate Alhan Fahmy pulls out of tonight’s debate

Tonight’s debate between candidates for the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) vice-presidency has been cancelled after MP Alhan Fahmy decided to boycott the event alleging undue influence.

According to the MDP website, the debate was canceled after Alhan sent a letter to Chairwoman Mariya Didi raising “issues” with the advertised debate.

MDP Secretary General Ahmed Shah said that although there were three candidates including Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam and Hussein Adam [Adambe], the latter has “showed no interest” in either the debate or campaigning for the post.

However the debate between contenders for the party’s top post – Special Envoy Ibrahim Hussein Zaki and former Fisheries Minister Dr Ibrahim Didi – is set to go ahead as planned.

Meanwhile in his letter of protest, Alhan wrote that he did not wish to publicly reveal his objections to the debate as disunity or discord within the party was not his intention, adding that he did not want members to lose confidence in a cabinet minister.

Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam did not respond to Minivan News at time of press while Alhan was in a meeting and unavailable for a comment.


7 thoughts on “MDP VP candidate Alhan Fahmy pulls out of tonight’s debate”

  1. Alhaan chickened out since he knows aslam will be much much better than him.

  2. aslam is an idiot. he talks like he's reading a poem. he can star opposite Chilhiyaa in a tv drama.

  3. There is no way alhan could have matched Aslam in substance. an MDP audience would have been discerning and they will know the difference between mere flair and substance.

  4. I will not vote for Aslam because

    INCOMPETENCY: When he was give the portfolio he had transport, housing and environment. Now transport has been taken from him and so has Housing in Male. Environmental issues at large are looked after by president himself. Don't know when harbour and sewerage will be handed over to someone else.

    ALLEGED CORRUPTION: Rumour has it that DhiTV sent his campaign opening rally for FREE; a couple of weeks after environment ministry visited one of DhiTV stake holder's islands. There's also questions about giving dharubaaruge to Rajje TV.

    In my opinion, when it comes to alleged corruption Alsam and Alhan are in the same boat. Therefore I have to rule out Alhan too.

    I will vote for Hussein Adam.

  5. Aslam used his ministry officials to let Dharubaaruge given to Rajje TV making even the unbiased members of MDP to think twice before voting him. It looks like Aslam is too scared to go into a free debate rather he opted to go with a cover. Aslam may have joined MDP first but the fist thing may not be the best.

  6. I hired Alhan as my Lawyer. Paid him the full amount. he attended court twice after that the summons started coming back to me. The reason stated was the hired lawyer did not accept the summons from court.

    I was not able to reach him after that.

    I wonder how he can rule a Party.

  7. Is this the genius that thought is was a great idea to litter his posters all over Male'?


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