MJA calls for end to protests outside media organisations

The Maldives Journalists Association (MJA) has expressed concern that protesting outside media organisations ”to threaten interviews” was becoming common and has warned that it might cause the media to back down from coverage.

”Under the constitution, every citizen is guaranteed the two fundamental rights of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly,” the MJA said in a statement. ”MJA calls on people not to misuse these fundamental rights by threatening and intimidating interviewees for a political gain.”

The MJA claimed that every time a person arrived for an interview at a media outlet, “he has to be taken home under police protection.”

Protesters recently gathered near private television station Villa TV (VTV) when Imad Solih of the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) entered the studio for an interview regarding its successful Civil Court bid to overturn the President’s declaration that Addu was to become a city.

”The tendency of protesting outside media organisations has now gone to an extreme level in which the medias is prevented from performing its responsibility to make the government accountable,” the statement said. ”MJA wants to note that recently such two protests were organised outside VTV station, and earlier protests were also held outside DhiTV station and MNBC One.”

The organisation suggested that expressing opinion in the media and responding to opinions people disagreed with through the media would be “much more fair and diplomatic” than protesting.

”As with freedom of expression, we recognise that freedom of assembly is a fundamental right,” the MJA said. ”But we call for an environment safeguarding both these fundamental rights at the same time.”


3 thoughts on “MJA calls for end to protests outside media organisations”

  1. When media organisations disregard decency and common sense and use the cover of the black letter law to report unfair, indecent and dangerously divisive material, how on earth can they ask people to give up their 'legal' right to gather outside the studios regardless of what is right or wrong. The yard stick you use to measure your own standards should be used on others.

  2. The Maldives Journalist Association must put an end to their silence on “judicial bullying”.

    1. It is a fact that Journalists are bullied and intimidated by judges and Courts, and that media has failed to report treason in JSC despite media alerts for months.

    2. It is a fact that the Judicial Service Commission has intimidated, interogated and bullied Media to withdraw complaints of misconduct against judges.

    3. It is a fact that Court Reporters are harrassed and bullied by judges/Courts where they feel they have been insulted.

    4. It is a fact that the Courts and the Department of Judicial Administration put out “Warnings” to MEDIA and PUBLIC threatening legal action where corruption in the judiciary are reported.

    5. It is a fact that the Judicial Service Commission is NOT an independent institution, and use all its’ powers to protect judges without holding them accountable.

    6. It is a fact that we have a runaway judiciary, and the judges/Courts are not ready to uphold their duties under the Constitution in the manner prescribed.

    7. It is also a fact that judges and MPs control the Judicial Service Commission and permit corruption amongst judges. Case in point: Judge Abdulla Mohamed of the Criminal Court appointed as Chief Judge BY PARLIAMENT??!!!

    Stand up to high-level corruption and help clean out the system.

    Thank you
    Aishath Velezinee
    Member, Judicial Service Commission

  3. Thanks but no thanks MJA.
    First of all, call for the so called minivan media to act responsibly instead of trying to over throw the government by spreading false information. The very bised media channels such as DHITV, DHIFM, VTV etc, should be held accountable for spreading fear and hatred in the hearts of teh Maldivian citizens. They spread no information that is benificial to the Nation and rather they are trying day and night to over throw MDP government. Ofcourse we do understand that these channels are financed by people such as Gasim, Thasmeen & Champaa who are thirsty to gain controll over the presidency so that their personal agenda can be put forward soon.

    MJA should understant that we, the Maldivians have their rights to express their concerns too. be it at Presidents office, outside parliment or even outside the TV stations. we will do it when necessary.


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