MJA condemns protesters’ blockade of journalists

The Maldives Journalist Association (MJA) has said that two journalists and a cameraman from the Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) were verbally attacked and obstructed from covering a protest by the Adhaalath Party in Male’ last Friday .

The MJA has claimed that protesters had been found to have deliberately obstructed MNBC staff, as well as allegedly “verbally attacking”  its journalists.

”As freedom of gathering and freedom of journalism are rights guaranteed under the constitution, any act that obstructs from gaining these rights are not acceptable,” said MJA.  “And we condemn any person that encourages such actions.”

The MJA said that despite any considered bias in MNBC’s broadcasts, ”we call on everyone not to obstruct the work of any journalists working in MNBC, and it is not something this organisation will support.”

During Friday afternoon, the Adhaalath Party held a protest against the government’s decision to transfer all the students to the land of EPS School until the new Arabiyya School building was finished.

Arabiyya school was closed after cracks in the building’s wall led to it falling, a development which was linked to the structure’s age.

Some students were forced change to other schools because the capacity in the building they were transferred was inadequate for all the students.

However, parents and students were unhappy because of a wish to study in Arabic.  Arabiyya is the only such school in the country thought to offer such a service, according to protesters.


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  1. This goes to show how incompatible what these beardies preach is with the modern society. Also their hypocrisy. It's only their 'freedom' that matters, others not so much.

  2. Hey Minivan

    The quality of English has been on steady downwards trend for sometime now.

    Its painful to read ... some of these articles, not for the content but for the poor quality of English.

  3. "Some students were forced change to other schools because the capacity in the building they were transferred was inadequate for all the students."

    I did not understand the above sentence

  4. @fagodi,
    we know how u enjoyed the chrismas night with vodka! Lets see where u will end up after death! Lets wait and see...

  5. at safari, Who knows that on the day of Judgment how you will be judged. Don't be judgmental on others coz only ALLAH can be the judge and the jurist on the day of judgment, not you. I think there is a disorder in the educational thinking of you. Bro, use the wisdom given to you by ALLAH.

  6. @ibrahim,
    U were perfectly OK when "fagodi" or anyothers call names and mocks those who have same rights as them to have or not to have beards or dress as they wish! U got so touched by life after death? I thought u guys have already finalize this world is all what is left..so enjoy with alcohol, gambling, drugs and samesex or illegal sex!
    Ibrahim..if u wann stand up for the right and just do also stand up when islam is been blamed for all injustice in Maldives! Do stand up for the poor! Do stand up when the very politicians in all parties who promise to uphold constitution is breaking it secretly and openly! Go to Bankok or Colombo or Singapore u will see how these politicians enjoy!! And yet the play drama for the public eye! They all are same!! I am deeply dissapointed!


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