MNC gathering international lawyers to pursue Gayoom in court

The Maldives National Congress (MNC) today claimed it was gathering a group of lawyers with the intention of bringing former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom before court, over allegations of human rights abuses under his administration.

President of the MNC Mohamed Naeem claimed Gayoom had killed “many innocent people” during his 30 years as president of the Maldives.

Furthermore, Naeem alleged that when MDP candidate Mohamed Nasheed became president, “there was nothing left of the government’s money.”

“Otherwise, today Maldivians would be living very happily,” Naeem said.

The MNC’s legal team would include lawyers brought from abroad, he added.

Gayoom’s spokesman Mohamed Hussain ‘Mundhu’ Shareef replied that “even if the MNC brings in lawyers from space, they cannot charge Maumoon for something he did not commit.”

Mundhu further added that Gayoom intended to file a lawsuit against Naeem for spreading “untrue stories” about the former president.

“We don’t consider the MNC a political party,” Mundhu said. “They have no supporters. I can say this because I have never met a member of that party from any part of the Maldives.”

The MNC also demanded that Gayoom “must not receive a single penny from the Maldivian government.”

Opposition party DRP spokesperson Ibrahim Shareef responded that if President Nasheed was receiving his monthly salary, Gayoom should receive his allowance for being former president of the Maldives.

Shareef added the MNC “did not know what were speaking about” and that they “had gone crazy.”


10 thoughts on “MNC gathering international lawyers to pursue Gayoom in court”

  1. ah yes. Let the squabble continue. The principal will get a "gift" from a parent. Someone will get detention. Someone will give himself a gold star. Meanwhile the rest of the classroom will sit and watch helplessly as jargons, lies, metaa (sweets) are handed out for those willing to accept it.
    Mohammed Naeem: Don't forget for what and for whom you are fighting for. Mundhu: You're right, they cannot charge Maumoon for "something he did not commit". But admit it, there are plenty of things the he needs to be held accountable for, which the public deserve to know.

  2. Yes mundhu, Maumoon is not responsible for anything. In fact he hasnt done ANYTHING wrong in 30 years (ten thousand eight hundred & sixty days). He is just infallible. He is an angel sent from above.!! and also Yamin, ilyas, abbas, ablo hameed, jangiya nazim etc, hasnt done anything wrong in the last 30 years. We were blessed to have such good men.

    But as an end note would like to say, I and many Maldivians (sane Maldivians) would thank god if good men as mentioned above doesn't rule Maldives anymore.

  3. It's amazing how according the the DRP, the entire democratic revolution and the MDP absolutely had no basis.Complete innocence is a pretty big thing to claim. Surely only the insane or utterly brainwashed would believe this.

    That or Mr. Nasheed was behind a vast 30 year conspiracy to get himself the presidency.

  4. Dhai alhan ulhey kuththaa eh vavvakeh nujahaane ey haru bahehga ovey dho? dholhu aharu vee iruves mi muskulhi beygandu govaigen court ah nudhevey, dhen thibegen vavvah mi jassaniyyo?

  5. MNC and these many political parties came to existence because Maumoon's election's commission leaked id card database to friendly persons to create parties to fragment MDP coalition. So there is no need to blame MNC. They are all forgery parties.

  6. i think the real challange is on Anni, he should be improving our Economy, every time not blaming the 30 years. I am fed-up of that 30 year story to justify when current government cannot do what they have said. We want results from current government, we want our future, not to loose the track looking behind.

  7. Now this Gayoom wants to pass on the batton to his thug kid Ghassan. This Ghassan man did nothing for this country except for running a hate website called the maldivian, in collaboration with boh mundhoodh in the attic of M.Kothanmaage. I mean this chap wants this Gayoom man to be the eternal leader of DRP kekekeek.
    I mean it is a disgrace to human intellect even to think of getting this
    Gayoom man back to power again.

  8. it is going to be fun to see Maumoon elected as the leader of DRP again. I wish, Maumoon gets elected or rather selected by DRP because DRP is more like a family business. Maumoon is to hold throne again and next one is Maumoon and the one after is going to be Maumoon too. It is funny though,having run for presidency in 2008, claiming he has not been president under the new constitution and now taking money only eligible for a president who has completed two terms under the very constitution he claimed he has never been president. The hypocracy speaks volume I guess. And there are people who would just accept defeat at some point in time and does not believe that he or she must be the winner in presidential elections to all the way to sports and poetry amongst other things.
    When Mr Maumoon lost in 2008, his own party (DRP)’s election commissioner Mr Mohamed Ibrahim is sidelined because Mohamed Ibrahim made Maumoon to lose? That also in the fairest election Maldives had ever seen?

    Now Mr Yamin is threatening DRP with only 7 members in parliament representing PA because his 7 votes will decide which way issues will end? Of course, Yamin is not going to take sides with MDP. Yet Yamin of PA is the most influencial person for DRP’s internal politics? I would like to have a good laugh thinking about all this. O people, think think think and support Maumoon if tyranny is what we need or if dictator is preferred to freedom.


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