MNDF refuses to present Yameen on court order

The Maldives National Defece Force (MNDF) has today declined to obey a court warrant issued by the Criminal Court to summon People’s Alliance (PA) Leader and MP Abdulla Yameen, who was taken to Aarah island this morning at dawn by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) reportedly “for his own protection”.

Police were compelled to used force to restrain ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists outside Yameen’s house last night. Shortly afterwards, both police and protesters were showered with rocks an other projectiles by people from nearby buildings, injuring many. Police used tear gas while the MNDF deployed an armoured car to contain the incident.

Yameen was taken to the Presidential Retreat ‘Aarah’ to provide assistance and protection to him upon his request, according to the MNDF.

The MP and high-profile businessman was recently summoned for questioning by police concerning charges of bribery and treason. After a series of court hearings regarding the legality of his arrest and detention, along with Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Gasim Ibrahim, the Supreme Court ruled he be released from house arrest.

However the government yesterday indicated that it was unwilling to drop the matter, and was monitoring judges for signs of corruption.

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair said the MNDF had refused to the court warrant to summon Yamin “because the MNDF does not believe it was a lawful order issued by the court.’’

‘’He requested the MNDF provide security and protection for him,’’ said Zuhair. “He told the MNDF that he wished to leave Male’ and stay on another island.’’

Zuhair said Yameen had attempted to stay on an island in Alifu Atoll but the MNDF took him to Aarah island “because MNDF knows where they can provide him best protection.”

‘’It was the [opposition] who sparked the riot last night,” Zuhair claimed. “At first it was just a peaceful assembly, but some people tried to attack the president. A group of people ran towards him to attack him, but his bodyguards confronted them.’’

Zuhair said MDP supporters gathered outside Yameen’s house following the attack, alleging he was the person behind the attack.

‘’When MDP supported gathered near Yameen’s house, people in the nearby buildings threw pavement blocks down at them. It proves that they were ready for violence,’’ he said.

PA Secretary General Ibrahim Shareef said everyone should follow an order of the court.

‘’We will not accept this,’’ Shareef said. ‘’If everyone uses their power anyway they want, there is no use for laws and regulations.’’

Shareef claimed that the MNDF took Yameen against his will, and not by request.

‘’They took him after the riot was controlled and when everything was over,’’ Shareef claimed.

Major Abdul Raheem said he did not have detailed information regarding the case, and recommended Minivan News contact Attorney General Husnu Suood.

Suood did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


28 thoughts on “MNDF refuses to present Yameen on court order”

  1. Well done MNDF

    Baru tha vakivefa ona nizamega , Ebbarun aney bara Nufooz nufoaruveyne, veema Salamathy baraka, Courtuthkakaves Nufoozu nofaruveyne, Meege fahun Ganoonu mana kuran jeheyny Lafuzun,
    Riyasee Nizaameyga, 3 Baaru vakivefa onna iru kiiney Court thaka beynun ha gothaka Salamthy baaruthka kulheveynee

  2. this is the first time anyone reported that yameen requested protection from the army. if thats true then why his lawyers are running from court to court trying to release him and why is his lawyer refused to meet him? also this is the first time anyone claimed that some people tried to attack the president. the event was broadcast live and when the president was escorted by his body guards there was no signs of an unrest. the local reporters covering the event have reported that they didnt see any attack on anyone.

    this government has failed miserably. now the only way they can hold on to power is by using the military and that's what they are doing.

  3. Anni saved this country from a dictatorship. It is time to save the country from judicial tyranny.

  4. Yes its time to throw away all the corrupt judges and MP's away from their seats! This is becoming too much now!

  5. The Judiciary is compelled to follow what is in the written laws of this country and the Constitution. If there is a corrupt judge, and there is proof against such action, removal of such a judges or judges is quite easy. The problem is the current Constitution was written specifically to make it almost impossible to detain a person for Political reasons, which is why we are faced with this situation. If the Government has any evidence which can be accepted to the court (as per Constitution) I doubt whether the Judges would delay a Court Order for even a minute.

    Yameen, as quoted by Haveeru asked MNDF if they want to give him protection, he wanted his house to be protected.
    The role of MNDF has become questionable in today's incident, and it is likely that the next bill in Parliament will be to remove the Power of the President to sack the Chief of Staff and Commissioner of Police. While this bill did not receive support earlier, it is likely it will pass now.

  6. I WISH you guys knew YAMIN you would understand how deeply he has hurt many ppl, it is indescribable, the pain, the humiliation and the indignity Yamin had caused so many... The fear Yamin has put so many through, what my little poor fqamily had been through brings us to tears at what Yamin did to us...I believe that the MNDF are doing the Divine Will of Compassion by removing Yamin from the scene. I wish somebody could understand!

  7. What we see today is a 'FRIGHT'. who is frightened , it is the all these CON MEN and the 30 year dictated Nazi's , yes this country needs to get rid of FOUR. ONE is the Brother of the DICTATOR GaYoom and the other 3 the whole MAldives will know. Wee need to show these RATS THAT WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THEM AND NEITHER WILL WE TOLERATE AZIMA SHUKOOR AND HER HAIR.

  8. Anni must not turn to be what he professed not to be. He must work within the law, and present the evidence without reasonalble doubt to the court sufficient to convict Mr. Whoever.
    Now a weakned and angered anni is breaking the law. Too bad. Can He be the player and the referry? like maumoon used to be? Is Anni another Maumoon, we worked so hard to get rid.

  9. When you are driven by desperation and hopelessness you are apt to do the incredible. Anni is now tredding on unpopular grounds. YOu will pay the price in the next elections, if you flex your high handed muscle.
    I beg you, dont listen to people like Riko Moosa and Jesus Afeef. They will guide to to doomsday ville.

  10. I thought arbitrary arrests and extra-judicial punishment can never happen once Nasheed takes office as the president of this country.

  11. it seems that Anni, who advocated democracy and separation of powers is backtracking now facing the realities of politics..i would suggest him to get his act together before his supporters realize that they have been taken for a time people will realize that no demonstration or unrest will give courts or parliment or president any more powers than what has already been written down in constitution..

  12. There are some who advocate for democracy only when they are out of power, once they are in power they are ruthless in suppressing the rights of others-Brack Obama- MP Yameen is the chair of National Defense committee and the recent release of gitmo prisoner exchange program was shocking. i don't see NASEED different from what Obama has said. i no longer trust or believe in this Administration as its becoming a dictatorship. i am No supporter of Yameen, but a supporter of Democracy and Freedom.

  13. it s time that the public spoke out and not the "reendhoo" public who protest day in day out. it looks so ridiculous with the frivolous claims. and zuheyru every now and then comes out with utter rubbish. i wonder if he himself believes what comes out of his mouth. it seems MDP cannot take the heat. then get out of the kitchen. i was one who supported you and i beleive maldivians will get fed up of you pretty soon. i guess since it took us 30 years to get rid of one dictator we must have learnt something... so shouldnt take that long to get rid of reendhoo dictator. you are the minority even if your delusional mind does not accept it... it is depressing to see what has happened to my beloved country after we gave MDP power hoping for a "heyo verikan"

  14. the headline itself tells you the state of our country. there's nothing anyone can do. if the opposition comes out to protest there will be bloodshed on the streets of male'. so the only wise thing for the people to do is watch and wait until they are tired. there will without any doubt come a day for us to take revenge for destroying our hopes for a modern democratic government.

  15. its like when MDP is not happy about any thing they use force and make it look bad, i don,t think in UK or US the courts do what ever they want. they base their judgments on fact, why was Reeko Moosa not arrested? it was same kind of evidence produce to Police.four years back VP said right about MDP. its a militant moment. hope this will be viewed.

  16. This is indeed a worrying precedent. What if all future Governments of Maldives resort to Military using the same logic- the corruption argument.

  17. Corrupt majlis guys and their judges are dragging this country through the mud. The president is stopping the rot. Well done MNDF and Police.
    These judges need to learn what 'ethical' means before they start banning police prosecutors. Judges are bringing shame to the law and their country.

  18. Why dont you guys eliminate him like Hussain Solah. Eliminate him and make up a story saying he was released 2 days back.:)

  19. democracy cannot survive in maldives...people are just too ignorant. i used to be a reformist and went out to the streets to protest against maumoons government. but i realise i shouldn't have. being someone from male', maumoon had everything worked out for us. everybody needed to come to male'...i don't pay rent but i collect it. life was good. but i thought if more islands of this country was developed i would have more choices on where i could live. i didn't like the feeling of having no choice of moving away from where i was born...

    but the people of most other islands don't want that. they want the old system. and i say anni should give it to them...he should resign and let drp take over. he won't be forced to go against the law. and there is no point in staying in power consuming resources when nothing gets done. at least drp can run the government with the help of parliament...

  20. MDP is now making room for the next government to take back the little freedom that ever was for us. What the F*** is wrong with you Anni. Can't you behave like a grownup and can you not be a bit more rational that be the same roudy (MF) you were when you did not have a job.

  21. Mr. Nasheed You cannot be the president and behave like that. If you want to be the popular man you were on the streets of Male, then resign and let get to the street.
    You are now a disgrace. You have proved that you are nothing more than a "Vakaruge Boy" as they say.
    You still think like a kid. you instigated Yaameens arrest and blatently lie in public. What the F*** do you think you are doing? Only thing that's happenning is you are hurting your own career. You will be written into history as a villian.
    The little but valuable good you did will be forgotton for the much trouble and bad you are doing now.
    Stick to the Law.

    Where are your gutts?? You seem to have suddenly become worse than the egyptic maumoon.

  23. what is the real question govt rising against the parliament members?thats corruption against MP"s for bribing parliament members.IS this true? Let us see the clear picture without any bias.
    1.the govt must first go through the corruption against Alhan fahumy.This is just b'cos Alhan won the seat as a candidate of DRP.he was refusing arguing,questioning against govt policy heavily till he suddenly join MDP while there was motion for Foreign minister DR Shaheed.what make him to join MDP?After he join MDP we have seen he owned BMW car instead of his MOTOR CYCLE.where on earth he got MONEY?
    2.saleem of labor party join MDP while govt and MDP hard core activist file case against him for it seems file was closed.
    3.Is there any Parliament members joined DRP OR PA from RULING MDP OR ANY OTHER PARTY.
    Now you ppl judge the real scenario.what i do believe is president nasheed is abusing his power and leading to dictatorship.he is not obeying Maldivian judiciary.not human rights.not independent commission.for him "ONLY he is RIGHT."

  24. Thank you MNDF.

    This is something this President want do in the pretence of "hiythiri" crap. I am begining to wonder if President Nasheed is part of the corruption.

    Dear Members of MNDF, If you don't clean this country of thugs, looters and evil Judges we the ordinery people will suffer for ever.

    So Please help us.

  25. Maldivians, please wake up and smell the coffee! Your judges are corrupted by the Gasim & Yameen team. They are pulling out all the stops to derail Anni's reform and development efforts. Give Anni time to see the fruits of his efforts...


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