MNDF threatens legal action over “imaginary” Ameen-Aslam coup report

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) released a statement yesterday threatening legal action against “those who make false claims about the Maldivian military, issue reports, and act in ways that causes loss of public confidence in this institution.”

The MNDF statement follows the publication of a detailed investigative report by former ministers in the ousted Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government: Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam and National Security Advisor Ameen Faisal (also former Defence Minister).

The Ameen-Aslam report alleged that military intelligence had learned of the then-opposition’s plan to topple the government by soliciting “about 500 police officers to protest at the Republic Square” and highlights “unlawful and criminal activity” of mutinying police officers in the events leading up to former President Mohamed Nasheed’s resignation “under duress” on February 7.

The MNDF statement strongly condemned and expressed concern with “those of a particular political ideology making false claims and issuing reports about the Maldivian military, inciting hatred among the beloved Maldivian people toward the military and causing loss of public confidence [in the institution].”

The military “would not hesitate to take necessary action within the bounds of law against any danger to national security,” the statement added.

President’s Office Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza told Minivan News yesterday that the inclusion in the Ameen-Aslam report of the names of police and MNDF officers accused of involvement in the alleged coup was an “act of terrorism”.

“The report is illegal and an act of terrorism. They can’t reveal the names of officers of the security forces like that and threaten their families,” he said.

Asked if the government intended to take action against either the MDP or the co-authors of the report, Abbas said “the security services will decide on the matter.”

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim called on MNDF officers named in the report to sue for defamation.

Nazim said the officers had the right to clear their names and protect the dignity and reputation of their families, revealing that “internal discussions” were ongoing on the issue.

“The imaginary report released recently had names of some people in it,” he said. “I have told them to go to court and challenge it.”

He added that he would make a decision whether to sue the co-authors for defamation himself after due consideration.

Nazim was named in the report as “a coup leader” tasked with recruiting MNDF senior and middle-ranking officers to the cause of toppling Nasheed’s government.

The defence ministry would provide “any assistance we can” to the officers who intend to file defamation cases, Nazim said. Defamation was decriminalised in 2009 and made a civil offence with Rf5,000 (US$324) as compensation.

The MNDF statement meanwhile contended that the report was politically-motivated, contained baseless claims and was “irresponsible” in identifying individual officers accused of planning the coup.

The report’s naming of individuals in the military “achieves nothing apart from sullying the good name, reputation, honour and dignity of innocent people,” the statement read.

Ameen Faisal and Mohamed Aslam were unavailable for comment at time of press.


9 thoughts on “MNDF threatens legal action over “imaginary” Ameen-Aslam coup report”

  1. 1 goal each.

    Who wins the game,set and match?

    Find out in 3 months time.

  2. These MNDF people raped our democracy and replaced it with a dictatorship worse than the one we had before democracy. We now have a Military junta ruling over our people lead by fundamentalist Islamists bent on destroying our nation and everyone else with the hate and ignorance.

    This is the seeds of a dictatorship that is worse than what we had to endure during Gayoom years.

    This Military junta is in full power, not only are they slowly taking the rights given in our constitution (freedom to assemble and associate), they are also using imaginary made up fictitious things like "black magic" to catch/control and detain pro-democracy protesters. This is disgusting in 2012.

    Anyone who believes in the use of black magic, and enforces laws with such beliefs on an political opponent is not lawful and should be deposed of as soon as possible. This is not the 4th century.

  3. @Shaz on Mon, 11th Jun 2012 2:17 PM

    No to put too fine a point on it, but practice of black magic and voodoo is condemned in Quran. Meaning it it is something real.

    By saying it is a 'fictitious' taboo, you are contradicting The Quran, thus questioning authenticity.

    The local camels would be fuming now.

  4. The public has long lost confidence in the MNDF by the very actions and attitude of the MNDF officers. So nothing more to lose, in terms of public confidence. But maybe the MNDF has a lot to hide and that's what worries them about the report.

  5. it's all tricks to delay = deny "justice".

    In meantime the coup leaders and their gangs are robbing the states tax coffers for their own profit, development has stopped, health care cut, decentralisation finished, projects halted, democracy and freedom gone, murders going on ...

  6. As a nation, we have taken one giant step backwards to the middle ages and democracy has been taken from us. Appalling. We are now governed by the unelected, corrupt and evil coalition.


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