MP Musthafa blames ‘Reeko’ Moosa over finance controller’s resignation

Finance Controller at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Ahmed Assad, resigned yesterday after attempts were made by MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik to exert undue influence over the senior government official, claims Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed Musthafa.

In a text message circulated to several media outlets, Musthafa alleged that several “capable professionals and technocrats” were quitting the MDP government in protest of acting chairperson Moosa’s outsize influence and “corrupt dealings” for personal gain.

Speaking to Minivan News today, Musthafa claimed Moosa had asked Assad for Rf5 to 6 million (US$320,000-390,000) to complete a project awarded to Moosa’s company Heavy Load Maldives to construct the jetty off the island of Kumundhu in Shaviyani Atoll.

Assad was unavailable for comment today as his mobile phone was switched off.

“Assad refused to issue the money and he went into a quarrel with Moosa and Moosa attempted to use his position and authority to exert influence over him,” Musthafa alleged. “He also tried to influence Abdulla Ziyadh, civil engineer of Works Corporation and tried to collect money for a Heavy Load project before it was completed. They completed 20 percent of the work and asked him to pay for 70 percent of work.”

Ziyadh had resigned from his post at the Works Corporation under the Housing Ministry in the wake of the incident, Musthafa claimed.

“Moosa has also taken Rf4 million (US$260,000) worth of oil for credit from Fuel Supply Maldives (FSM) and tried to get more oil for credit without paying for the oil he purchased earlier,” he alleged.

Musthafa said he planned to submit an amendment to the MDP charter to ensure that a businessman could not hold the post of chairperson.

Responding to remarks made by Moosa in the local media that Musthafa was “using my name to gain fame for himself,” Musthafa said: “,I ‘Seafood Musthafa’, was more famous and a millionaire in this country when Moosa was riding a bicycle around Henveiru.”

Contacted for a comment today, MP Moosa Manik said he did not wish to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair said Assad had not divulged the reason for his decision to leave the government in his resignation letter.

“Unless he confirms the allegations, I would say that is just political speculation and theories,” said Zuhair, referring to Musthafa’s allegations.


11 thoughts on “MP Musthafa blames ‘Reeko’ Moosa over finance controller’s resignation”

  1. The question is what does Reeko Moosa has or is getting that Musthafa does not? This is the real issue and both of them are just not fit to be parliamentarians.

    Businessmen should not be a party chair or a parliamentarian or a politician. period.

    I hope that MDP will be more careful in case the Kashidhoo seat gets vacant. It won't be easy for MDP because it's a previous regime strong hold. Certainly Lolly Jabir and Dhonbileh Ahmed cannot take that seat.

  2. reeko moosa should have stuck to acting. running behind mariyam nisha and chasing her behind a crane suited him fine. hes intellectually bankrupt and morally decayed. president nasheed should be smart and let him go despite a possible short term loss in some of the sensationalism moosa brings to the table. zuhair could downplay this as much as he wants to but this is a rather big pickle for them.

  3. I think Anni has lost all his credibility by protecting these cartoons. He must take total control of the situation and put these people to where they belong. His domestic policies are hijacked by a few individual and this will lead us to nowhere. Anni must stand up and stop defending himself. he must be more proactive and get things done more openly.

  4. neither the actor nor the "Business clown" can govern / lead a bunch of lemming out of a sac. These idiots are trying to use their influence and power which was gained by throwing around the money -that was gained either by defrauding honest workers or out right embezzlement (as can be seen by the amount of court cases against these idiots for not repaying one or the other), to turn the country into a oligarchy. The resemblance of current state of affairs with the state of affairs that was in Russia after the fall of Soviet union is really remarkable.

  5. Why on earth is Anni tolerating these scoundrels? Anni has nothing to loose politically even if he is to throw these idiots to some junkyard today. Dear president, Sir. We beg you! These corrupt opportunists are destroying your reputation! Please kick them out. We the genuine supporters of the democratic movement and MDP are now getting sick and tired of 'defending' these vultures just for you, Sir! Please dont do this to us!

  6. MDP as a party of party workers should take off to dispel the apparent lack of accountability of party superiors.

    All cannot be done at Government officials' behest. Pure party office holders should not always toe the line of the big shots to carry out their regular responsibilities.

    Any way MDP very ably still represents the true pulse of the people and grassroots

  7. Lots of supporters of MDP are now considering leaving the party due to corruption allegations, especially the scandals related to REEKO. Enough is enough and he should be downsized to his real size now!

  8. Argument that Reeko is the reason for Assads resignation does not make sense. Reeko is not the one who appointed Assad to the post of Minister. The free hand given by President Nasheed for corruption by his supporters is a more likely reason for Assad's resign. Looking forward for an answer from the horses mouth.

    Reeko Moosa had his uses on the podium during the change of government. His trademark story telling and film acting background did attract attention and provoke audiences to vote for MDP.

    The fact that he is eyeing the MDP Chair's seat is a tell tale sign of his intentions in 2018. Right now - maybe a good time for Reeko to reinvent his "brand" as the story telling Gayoom gouging politician to a more refined intellectual / "presidential" one. None of his current actions are helping if he is harboring hopes not only to get elected as Chair of the party but a more sound political future.

    Musthafa is not only keeping in line with his own unique "brand" but also upping the ante with this new conspiracy theory connecting Assad's resignation to Moosa's corrupt intentions. It will play well with many ordinary folk who may not comprehend the real problems with the government (which may have really prompted Assad's resignation) but it gives a star-plus -soap-opera-value explanation and 60 minutes of fame for Seafood Musthafa.


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