MP Muthalib reissues death sentence amendment to parliament

Jumhooree Party (JP) MP Ibrahim Muthalib has resubmitted an amendment to the Clemency Act that if passed would require any death sentence then upheld by the Supreme Court to be carried out.

Muthalib is the second MP to table a motion to change the Clemency Act after the Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) Ahmed Rasheed last month forwarded similar amendments.  Rasheed later withdrew these amendments from parliament though over concerns about the need for new regulations like the Penal Code to be passed.

Currently, death penalties imposed within the Maldives are able to be reduced to a 25 years prison sentence by the president under the Clemency Act. In November 2010, the Criminal Court of the Maldives issued a death sentence to a person found guilty of murder. However the last person to actually be judicially executed was Hakim Didi in 1953, who was executed by firing squad after being found guilty of consipiracy to murder using black magic.

MP Muthalib told Minivan News that the purpose of the latest amendment was to uphold Islamic Shariah in the Maldives.

”[The amendment aims] to avoid human beings from changing the verdict determined by Islamic Shariah,” said Muthalib. ”Its the same bill as presented last time.”

If the amendment gets passed, the president would not then have the authority to grant clemency on persons found guilty of murder, according to the parliamentarian.

The amended bill has been introduced in the parliament and now awaits a preliminary debate by members.

Early last month, MDP MP Ahmed Rasheed presented an amendment to the Clemency Act during a parliamentary session that required the death penalty to be administered without fail in cases where the sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court.

According to MP Rasheed’s proposed amendment, if the Supreme Court upholds a death penalty ruled by any court in the land,  a sentence of execution will be required to be conducted.

The MP said he felt he had to present the amendment because of the increase in assaults and murder cases, which had “forced the living to live amid fear and threats.

In 2010, Rasheed said that 423 cases of assault were sent to Prosecutor General, with 454 cases in 2009 and 104 reported during 2008.

After the preliminary debate was concluded and he was given the opportunity to say the last word on the amendment, Rasheed withdrew the changes he had originally submitted to parliament.

The MDP MP said he withdrew the amendment because other necessary bills related to gang violence such as the Penal Code and Criminal Justice Procedure Bill had yet to be passed.

According to Rasheed, after these bills were passed, he will then re-submit the amendment.


19 thoughts on “MP Muthalib reissues death sentence amendment to parliament”

  1. Shows again that our MPs just haven't the ability to see beyond symptoms and attack it with whatever they think is going to meet least resistance.

    Unless it involves their paycheck. Pathetic.

  2. Shows actually that the Adalat and their movement is organized, well-funded and has the political skills to get things done.

    People like Yaamyn disregard the Islamic movement as led by a bunch of misguided people who blindly follow an ideology. It's politics dear boy. The ordinary citizens believe in "democracy", "human rights" and "fat-free milk".

    But the truth is, the people behind the movements know what they're doing, and for bloggers and would-be activists to underestimate such individuals spells the death of the "liberal" movement.

  3. 1) Put on underwear
    2) Put on your pants next


    1)Penal code first
    2)Then talk death penalty

    How hard can it be?

  4. O Muthalib, no point commenting on him here. He cant read anyway

  5. Eye for an eye... Should that way . We need to get rid of all these murderers. Kill them all !!! Who kills .

  6. we need a death penalty now in our society. look at all these murderers in our society. this is the only way to curb them down.

  7. I hope he does not do a U-turn because of pressure from his political friends. Dont all of a sudden withdraw this like how Ahmed Rasheed did. I am sure he was pressured into it. This if passed, can be the first step the Parliament would take in making the country safer from criminals. Ofcourse many will ask why did we have to wait this long? How many had to be slashed and killed? And how many more would suffer before it is really implemented?

    Will other MPs chicken out and claim its not Human Rights? Do show that the United States of America is one of the top countries which practices Death Sentence in the world. (Pls do a search and educate yourself). So is not US supposedly the democratic leader of this world to seculars? If so, why not follow it? Why follow American values in one way and not the other if you love America so much?

    One thing that opponents of Death sentence always does a lot is ... complain, complain and still complain. Yet, none of them could ever even for one give a short term solution to street crimes which can match the results of death sentences to convicted criminals. What is this result, you may ask?

    When one criminal sees his buddy being killed for a crime he did, you really think the one watching will want to be in his buddy's shoes? He will think twice and seeing this punishment will bring chills down every criminals spine.

    Now give us all a solution that would have a better effect or result compared to the death penalty if anyone is against it. Be logical and dont just talk big. I am sure we will find some MPs that does the same during the debate.

  8. This Muthalib is a mad hatter. He is a guy who does not whether he is going or coming.

  9. what will this mean to all the Al-Qaeeda trained people in Maldives who might start looting resorts and killing people in the name of Jihad? They will get away I suppose.

  10. Masha Allah. With the grace of Allah, Insha Allah there would be a day we would implement Islamic Sharia.

  11. I dont mind it at all.

    But, if you intend to do that, have the courage to face it all. If you dont have the balls, forget about it.

    Chop hand for stealing, Stone to death for adultery/fornication, disfigure all childrens toys, disconnect internet nation wide, behead for murder.

    I mean why not, the horny judge always flogs the 18 year old girls for having sex...

  12. @John
    Masha Allah. With the grace of Allah, Insha Allah there would be a day when this beautiful country be returned to it's people along with all it's old Maldivian & Islamic culture from the past, and people like you with your beliefs go back to Saudi or Pakistan, a place were you will be warmly welcomed with open arms.

  13. wow... what way to react. first ignore the youth, and now when they cant be controlled... kill them all. now courts are learning to be violent from violence. ironic!!! if this starts im sure they will endorse death sentence to most of the crimes such as illegal abortions to illegal sexual intercourse... common every body knows this country is full of religious s**t which leads to more s**t.

    why cant they just afford to keep murderers for life in jail.. oh wait... yes i know why.. because that causes mps salary.

  14. where is Prophet Mohamed when it comes to controlling courts or mps anger? shouldn't they be forgiving... after all.. this is all their doing. i don't blame the murderer i blame the government for neglecting youth. its time to give them freedom, to let them out of their depression and oppression, because what ever comes from oppression does not smell good. it always smell like s**t. why didn't muthlib propose a bill to understand the underlying issues of rising murders among youth. no one wants to address these issues because they don't want to work hard because they think thy are not getting paid enough

  15. Mutholib is a time waster looking to enjoy the spectacle of human beings put to death, probably with the usual tradition of decapitation by sword after Friday prayer!

    He had better attack the system that produced criminals deserving death for their crimes.

  16. Muthalib should be "stoned" to death. We must convert all the money Jasim has into RF2 coins and use them in the stoning process.
    goodluck Muthalib

  17. death sentence will not prevent more crime.
    punish the families as well for the crimes their kids committed, then you will see how they make sure the kid is under control.

  18. How come several countries that don't have death penalty have less murders per capita than so many countries that have death penalty?

    Should we rape the rapist or rob the house of the robber? What shall we do as punishment for the drug smuggler? Smuggle his wife to a brothel in Mumbai redlight district?

  19. We can all pretend to understand complicated sociological studies such as those regarding links between penalties and crimes.

    The truth is, the gist of this matter lies in our financial dependence on loans from international donor agencies which will not condone further Islamization of this State.

    The "West" has us by the cajones dear people and we do NOT have the freedom to experiment with legal systems that they do not approve of. The US is free to do as it pleases (please refer to their economy). We, on the other hand, have outstanding debts to the West. Think of it in the simplest terms. If you owe your friend 500,000 Rufiyaa, and that friend agrees to extend the loan repayment period, would you not do whatever your friend asks???

    I am not making value judgments here but let's not be stupid. We OWE the west to support the Israeli cause in the Middle-East. We owe the West to harp on about the fruits of democracy in Islamic countries. The MDP-led government with its weak economic policies is especially prone to further indebtedness.

    Elect a leader which will guide us out of our quagmire and then we can start talking about ambitious projects such as establishment of Shari'ah against international norms as defined by the G20, the UN, the EU and the IMF.


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