MPs released from Dhoonidhoo but party members remain in detention: Solih

Five Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs who were arrested during yesterday’s peaceful march around Male’, including Mariya Ahmed Didi, Alhan Fahmy and Imthyaz Fahmy, were released from Dhoonidhoo Detention Centre at midnight last night.

MDP MP and parliamentary group leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said the MPs had been handcuffed since the time of their arrest between 4:00pm and 5:00pm yesterday, and their release at midnight. Didi has sustained injuries to her arms, back and face, he said.

Over 50 party members and citizens were admitted to the hospital yesterday with head injuries and bruises to their backs, arms and stomachs following yesterday’s march, which was reportedly attacked without provocation by police forces.

Party Chairperson and MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik was last evening reported to be in critical condition following the attack. In an interview given to local media Raaje TV from his hospital bed, where he was on a ventilator being treated for serious head injuries, Moosa claimed security forces “wanted to kill me.”

Speaking today to Minivan News, Solih said the doctor is examining Moosa’s injuries. “He is still in the same condition [as yesterday],” he said.

Former president Mohamed Nasheed also sustained injuries to his back, hands and head. He was kept in a safe house until some time last night, when he returned to his home in Male’.

MPs held in Dhoonidhoo have returned home, but more than 15 party members were believed to remain in Dhoonidhoo.

Solih said security forces have not been cooperative with providing information.

“They are not answering our calls, and didn’t even allow lawyers to go to Dhoonidhoo, saying their computer system was down. They continued to refuse lawyers access to the centre and later released the MPs,” he said.

Solih said the party is currently trying to get information about party members who may still be held in Dhoonidhoo.

Meanwhile, Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed has issued an arrest warrant for Nasheed and former Minister of Defense Tholhath Ibrahim.


11 thoughts on “MPs released from Dhoonidhoo but party members remain in detention: Solih”

  1. If this is the same treatment dished out to Judge of Criminal Court by President Nasheed the police should be held responsible for it. Hope the police will respect court orders to release them unlike President Nasheed who refuse to obey High Court and Supreme Court orders for the release of the judge.

  2. If the MPs and XP has stayed at home they wouldnt be beaten up. XP betrayed us. He resigned but not at gun point. He knows each and everyone in armed forces. Was he able to give us any proof of it. tell us who pointed the gun at him. utter nonesence.

  3. Is the International community going to stay firm on their butt and say "we are watching the situation closely" and do nothing when they know exactly who this "Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed" is, who don't have a basic educational certificate to burn down a new born democracy, who has been bought and paid by the Traitor Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and his clown..

    Listen to our cries Please Please.

    Have you not learned enough lessons, not to buy the rhetoric's of old rulers in the middle east and help us this little country get back to democracy and away from Taliban and Al Quida.

    Dear Western countries, India and friends of Maldives please don't let this infant democracy destroy it self because few businessmen have bought the country's Army and the Police.

    Aren't we all still suffering because we let Usama Bin Laden buy Afghanistan and cause so much terror around the world.

    Do you want our Current president Mr.Hassan, Gayoom, Yamin, Gasim to just purchase our country and drive us to stone ages.

    OH world please help us get rid of this menace.

  4. Was Judge Abdulla beaten up..or have seen such police brutality against unarmed civilian in 22 days of Umar Naseer (Badhabindhaa) led protests.

  5. all those judges are still the same people who supported and maintained the dictator. Same with police and army. Now they support both the dictator and the fundamentalists. Maldivistan has arrived ... try to feel welcome xxx

  6. Cartels of Maldives

    Mohamed Waheed Hassan Cartel,
    Maumoon Abdul Gayoom Cartel,
    Yamin Abdul Gayoom Cartel,
    Gasim Ibrahim Cartel

  7. Mr. Nasheed, during his tenure as a president of the Maldives, did everything to consolidate democratic set up. Remember, he had so many factors to look into. It was Gayyom's rule for 30 long years left the country into shambles. People of Maldives were not educated Politically and they knew only to throw stones and use box cutter knives. Given the situation, Nasheed tried hard since November 2008 to educate the people about democracy, rights and duties, etc. But the Civil Servants and the Judiciary who were benefited by the Gayooom's regime did not like the new changes and created much trouble to Nasheed. The opposition as well as MDP MPs too politically immature to do any good business in the Parliament. International community failed to educate the elected representatives and the people in general how to participate in a democratic set up and how to obey the constitution. Nasheed should have been allowed to complete his term in the office and the Civil Servants should have joined him in his effort of Nation Building. It is the religious extremists element in the Maldives did not like his policies. Hence the downfall.

  8. The last sentence of this article just cracked me up. So, The Judge has ordered the arrest of Nasheed and the former defence minister.

    No sooner has he returned to the bench, did he start his old tactics. Who asked for the arrest? On what grounds? Sure, we have a the police and military running the country.

    They are, of course, following the law of the jungle. You can arrest Nasheed and keep him locked up. Nasheed knows a thing or two about that. You cannot put down Nasheed so easily. The Judge will fall, for sure!

  9. We have no idea - how Burumaa Gasim got the notion that Maldivians will ever elect him as our President.

    We Maldivians are getting educated day-by-day, and we know that the cruel fellow doesn't even speak English - though English has been our second laguage for the past 100 years.

    And this idiot even can't properly speak our native laguage Dhivehi without stuttering.

    Maldivian are fully aware of the advantages which the bastard has taken from the Dictator Gayoom and his family, which belongs to we Maldivians.

    It's a bad mistake that our President Honourable Mohamed Nasheed has made - by letting him freely operate his unlawful businesses without recoursing for law. Unfortunately the people who are supposed to impose our law is also corrupted.

  10. Dear Maldivians - we need to recall the day we got INDEPENDENCE from the Dicator Gayoom and his thugs.

    It was October 2008, that we all voted for our President Mohamed Nasheed - and on that same day, after counting the vote - Dictator Gayoom and his thugs worked so hard to bring a Military Coup - However Allah SWT (the most merciful and all knowing) saved all of us (Maldivians) from that attempt.

    Again the same Militray Coup has occurred on 7th Feb, 2012 - by threatning for a blood-shed to our President Mohamed Nasheed.

    Insah Allah! We all have to unite as ONE - and pray to Allah! SWT to save us from this unforeseen and unexpected Military Coup.

  11. To all those who have been struck blind by the antics of the alcohol guzzling ex-President Nasheed.
    Minivan News is deliberately publishing lies to promote its own agenda. The editors are paid directly by Nasheed to weaken the united Muslim fabric of our society.
    Judge Abdulla Mohamed has taken leave after the first day he returned to court. Whatever is happening now is within the due process of the law. Get your facts right!


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