Nasheed calls on PG to respect Judge Abdulla’s decision on Thinadhoo arson suspects, says military detention “wrong”

Opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed has called on the prosecutor general to respect Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed’s decision to throw out terrorism charges against 89 opposition supporters.

The former president also said that the military’s detention of the judge during his tenure was “wrong”.

Judge Abdulla dismissed the Thinadhoo cases on Saturday after state prosecutors failed to attend a hearing scheduled for 10am. Last week he ordered 55 of the 89 defendants be held in detention pending the outcome of the trials, claiming the accused were intimidating witnesses. All have been released.

Prosecutor General Muhthaz Muhsin has resubmitted the cases to the Criminal Court today.

Claiming Judge Abdulla properly evaluates matters, Nasheed said it “was unwise for politicians to be quick to act” against the judge’s decisions.

“Abdulla Mohamed has decided the case is invalid. When the prosecutor general submits the same cases to his desk again saying he has the power and authority of the state, that is an affront to the rule of law and courts,” Nasheed told reporters today.

State prosecutors had failed to show up at court with evidence, he continued.

Nasheed today blamed his former Defense Minister Tholhath Ibrahim for the judge’s detention in January 2012, saying: “As you must know, some state officials, especially the minister of defense deemed Abdulla Mohamed’s verdict as a threat to national security. I believe it was wrong.”

Judge Abdulla’s controversial military detention led to nightly anti-government protests and a police and military mutiny that resulted in Nasheed’s ouster on 7 February 2012.

Government buildings  including police stations and court houses were set ablaze in several islands including Addu and Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo after police brutalised Nasheed and his supporters in Malé on February 8.

All of the 89 terror suspects are from Thinadhoo. A further 80 people from Addu are also being charged with terrorism.

An investigation led by Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) found the former president as the “highest authority liable” for the military-led detention of the Judge.

The HRCM also identified Tholhath as a “second key figure” involved in the matter. Others included Brigadier General Ibrahim Didi and Chief of Defense Force Moosa Ali Jaleel.

Home Minister Mohamed Afeef at the time of the judge’s arrest accused him of “taking the entire criminal justice system in his fist”, listing 14 cases of obstruction of police duty, including withholding warrants for up to four days, ordering police to conduct unlawful investigations, and disregarding decisions by higher courts.

In July 2012, Prosecutor General Ahmed Muizz pressed charges against those identified in the HRCM investigation as responsible for the arrest. All cases have subsequently stalled in the courts.

Maldivian Democratic Party lawyers have also condemned Muhsin’s decision today, saying the PG cannot raise the same criminal charges after a case had been rejected.

“It is not common practice for the PG to submit cases where a decision has been reached with the same evidence. We urge the PG to not submit the case again and the Criminal Court to not accept the case,” said lawyer Hassan Latheef.

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10 thoughts on “Nasheed calls on PG to respect Judge Abdulla’s decision on Thinadhoo arson suspects, says military detention “wrong””

  1. The bigger problem is whatever Nasheed says is reflected as the view of MDP.

    Unfortunatley MDP is portrayed as an extention of Nasheed's personality, eventhough being identified with one single individual is a risk for any party.

    MDP is supoosed to be free from the kind of dogma and 'cult leader worshiping' that has bedeviled PPM and former DRP.

    MDP needs to show that its a party and institution rather than one person.

  2. Why did Nasheed allow his ministers to detain the judge? Surely, the President had the power to overrule such acts taken by his cabinet, especially if they contravened the laws of the land!

  3. Well, anni my old friend. You're going soft.

    This is why you make a lousy leader. You're just too soft.

    Sucks to be you, trying to butter up to the enemy.


  4. @ u turn, You are right. This kind of statement makes Nasheed appear like a stark raving loony. He might think he is being extremely smart, and what he might be doing here is to play to a Western audience. But what he is failing to realise is that he is giving conflicting messages to a voting public who can still be bribed into selling their votes!

    Nasheed should realise it is exactly this kind of irrational behaviour on his part that is making business tycoons jittery about electing him as a leader. Not MDP as a party or their policies, per se. Makes one wonder if all those years of abuse in detention has gone to his head!

    In fact,statements like these make Reeko Moosa appear saner and smarter. Perhaps MDP should reconsider their leadership if they ever want to come back to power.

  5. This is no surprise. This guy have memory problem,. He does not remember what he says after few hour.

    Thus guy had hijacked MDP and it has become a cult in the name of democracy .

    Just wait , he will also say that he had made a mistake in dissolving existing MACL board and appointing a new board to award the contract to GMR was a biggest mistake he has done.

    He will finally blame the board for taking huge bribes from GMR and then Shiahb for signing the addendum to allow GMR to do what ever they want and then Gov,. to bare all cost.

    This will ended up MACL board and Shiab been charged on corruption and this guy come out as cleaned . Where as half of the GMR money was spent on his election and other half was deposited in his family member account in Singapore.

  6. I'd like to apply to run for president in the MDP next term.

    I guarantee a 100% extermination of Maumoonism, the heroin traffickers and also, I'll have Abdulla Mohammed, and the rest of those judges arrested and facing judgement. Then, I'll have a special paramilitary force bring Cell Worm and Barons to justice. Furthermore, I will also force the swiss banks to turn over all the cash held by the endherimaage family to the people of Maldives.

    ...and if I fail to do so in 3 months, I swear in the name of Allah that I will personally resign and turn myself in for 'failing to complete election promises'.


  7. Anni is the most important politician, all other politicians must join forces to beat this single guy.

  8. Having the benefit of an advantageous position irrelevant of whatever the outcome of the trial may be, he is now setting the stage for a collision course for the clash of the titans....


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