Nasheed “slaughtered” democracy: Gayoom

The Maldivian people saw “democracy being slaughtered” during the administration of former President Mohamed Nasheed, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom reportedly said last night at a ‘Progressive Coalition’ campaign rally in Malé.

“During those three and a half years, things reached the point where we feared Islam could disappear from the country. It reached a state where we feared we might lose our independence,” the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) leader and figurehead said.

“We saw the economy devastated, ruined and fall into a deep pit. We also saw democracy being slaughtered.”

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government “hijacked” the People’s Majlis, locked the Supreme Court, detained a sitting judge, and arrested politicians “in the name of democracy” during its three years in office, Gayoom contended.

“We saw many such inhumane and undemocratic actions,” he added.

Gayoom also criticised Nasheed for resigning on February 7, 2012 halfway into his five-year presidential term.

The country has faced “more difficult, burdensome, sad and tragic events” in its history than the circumstances that led to Nasheed’s resignation, Gayoom continued, but leaders had not stepped down “for the sake of the nation and religion.”

Referring to the failed coup attempt on November 3, 1988 by Tamil mercenaries, Gayoom noted that no senior government official resigned despite threats to their lives.

“They did not go home. They stayed resolute,” he said.

Gayoom urged voters to choose pro-government candidates in the March 22 parliamentary polls to ensure that the PPM-led coalition government secures a majority of parliamentary seats, which he contended was necessary to carry out development projects and implement policies.

“The cooperation of the People’s Majlis can be assured by the Progressive Coalition securing a majority,” he said.

“The tree called MDP”

The opposition MDP has meanwhile been campaigning on a platform of reforming the judiciaryempowering local councils, and consolidating democracy.

In a speech at a campaign rally in Malé last week, Nasheed contended that Gayoom had retained his influence over the judiciary when sitting judges – the vast majority of whom were appointed during Gayoom’s 30-year reign – were controversially reappointed en masse in August 2010.

Nasheed entreated voters to study the recent past of the Maldives and consider current trends, suggesting that “you certainly don’t need to be an expert to know what could happen to this country in light of that.”

“The country is being rolled back to autocratic rule. President Maumoon is taking one step after another down that path,” he said.

Gayoom’s longstanding opposition to allowing political parties in the Maldives was elucidated on page 123 of his biography, “A Man for All Islands,” Nasheed said.

“I want to ask you, are you really confused about who President Maumoon is? Are you really going to accept him today as a man of democratic principles who loves freedom? What I want to tell the people of Malé is, don’t let yourself be stung twice from the same burrow,” he said.

Meanwhile, speaking at a rally in Baa Eydhafushi last night, Nasheed said the MDP’s objective was securing financial independence for local councils.

Councils should be able to generate revenue from publicly-owned land in the island as well as nearby uninhabited islands, he said, which would enable councils to undertake infrastructure projects.

“Our pledge is not having to make any more pledges. God willing, we will provide the [financial] wherewithal for you to fulfil your own pledges,” he said.

He added that the MDP was the only party pledging to reform the judiciary.

“I want to tell other candidates, and the many candidates participating in this election – this tree called MDP has not yet blossomed. It has to be watered. It is not yet time to cling to it and spread vines under its shade. We have to let this tree grow.”

“I won’t talk about this in the next election. God willing, by then our political system will have matured,” he said.


8 thoughts on “Nasheed “slaughtered” democracy: Gayoom”

  1. Gayoom's party was the loudest voice calling for Nasheed's resignation pre-coup. Now he doesn't like that Nasheed resigned. You can never please a dictator!

  2. That is correct. Nasheed's and the MDP's politics are incorrigibly autocratic.

    For the sake of our democracy I urge the authorities to pursue every legal avenue to ensure that these voices of despotism and opposition no longer be heard. The will of the people, as reflected in the decisions of the Supreme Court, must always be respected.

  3. Gayoom just sums up what he does and blames it on others. Funny thing is, many ignorant people actually believe it.

  4. It seems that most talked person in Maldives, Qayoom does not even have the slightest idea of what democracy is. Nasheed is known throughout democratic world as the person who started promotion of democracy in Maldives. Nasheed was toppled by anti democratic forces including Islam, the biggest obstacle in Maldives for democracy to thrive here in Maldives. The reasons why most of Maldivian are psychologically disturbed is radicalization of Islam from their childhood. Everybody knows that when children are brought up with fear, they grow up with psychological problems.

    No one likes their children to grow up under circumstance that can disturb their mental health; parents even don’t like nowadays to punish their children because they fear that this might trouble the life of their children. But no one thinks of what damages are done to children with monstrous teaching of Islam by instilling fear of the most horrendous punishment they have to go eternally when they die. But still this mental case Qayoom, thinks that talking against Islam destroys his tiny sand dunes, when in reality , the Maldivian are psychopaths due to growing up under dictatorial ideology that disturbs mental health. You can imagine when tender brains are nurtured with such fear as Islamic Hell, what psychological trauma they must have gone through causing tremendous psychological imbalance making them psychopaths, schizophrenics, maniacs, criminals, drug addicts and you name it, Qayoom! You are a crazy maniac who grew up in Dark Age in the most horrible place “Middle East “on earth. Please leave Maldivian to be Maldivians under capable people like Nasheed who are well educated and intelligent. .

  5. At lease Laila did not spend on shopping sprees in Dubai and Singapore, from the government's money. That is enough. Nasreena's bills were HUUUUUGE.

    And all Maumoon's thimaage meehun went to Singapore even if a tip of a finger is cut. Some of them 20 times, or more. All on Theemuge' expense.

  6. Yes, I remember meeting Dunya Maumoon in Singapore when her father in law was sick. Later I found out from the hospital who paid her bills. Secretly, the hospital revealed it was Theemuge'. The bills were HUUUUUGE.

  7. So heartwarming to hear how much Gayoom values democracy. It's now been 2 years since the "transfer of power" and they're still blaming the state of the economy on Nasheed. Good times ahead with Yameen! He'll get things back on track in no time. Of course 20 years from now, PPM will still be using the 3 years of Nasheed as the reason Maldives is broke. But I bet judges and politicians will have money for trips to KL, CMB, etc. for hookers and booze! While local islands can't get fresh water, teachers or decent medical care. All hail PPM!

  8. Gayoom was a proven murderer during his years of dictatorship and the underpants man and the rest of the corrupt supreme court are extremely undemocratic.


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