Nasheed urges President Yameen to take charge of Rilwan investigation

Expressing concern over progress in police’s search for missing Minivan News journalist, former President Mohamed Nasheed has called on President Abdulla Yameen to take charge of the investigation.

Evidence suggests Ahmed Rilwan was abducted at knifepoint outside his apartment in Hulhumalé on the early morning of August 8. Today is the 41st day since Rilwan disappeared.

“I call on President Abdulla Yameen to have the case of Rilwan’s disappearance investigated under his direct oversight,” Nasheed told the media after a visit to Rilwan’s family on Wednesday.

“Neither Rilwan’s family, nor we, can accept that the government is conducting a thorough investigation into this matter,” the opposition leader said.

“I believe that the Maldives Police and MNDF have sufficient capability to conduct an investigation like this. They have the experience, and the skill support. And yet, as I see it, they are not conducting an acceptable level of investigation in this case.”

Rilwan’s disappearance has caused great distress to his family, Nasheed said.

“Over 40 days has passed since Rilwan was last seen, and there are certain rituals that we must complete even in the religious regard as we are Muslims. Rilwan’s mother is deeply concerned about not getting the chance to do that,” he said.

Increase in violent crime

Rilwan’s disappearance is the most crucial problem facing the Maldives now, he said and called on civil society organisations, political parties, media outlets, the  government, the justice sector and the whole state to put in a more concerted effort to find Rilwan.

“Abductions are on its way to becoming commonplace. Knife attacks are increasing day after day. Dr Afrasheem was murdered. Before that, Hilath Rasheed was attacked. We do not know the truth behind these and many other such attacks,” Nasheed continued.

Police failure to solve multiple cases of violent crime and murder leads to the perception that politicians are involved in violent crimes, Nasheed said.

“As I see it, the Maldives is getting a bad name in the international community due to such crimes, and it will affect the tourism sector in future. If we don’t take proper action immediately, our situation will drastically deteriorate in the coming days,” he said.

“None of us will cease our efforts to find Rilwan. And I personally will do all possible to assist their efforts,” he said.

Rilwan’s brother Moosa Rilwan said Nasheed’s visit had given the family additional strength.

“During his visit, President Nasheed spent a lot of time listening to the concerns that our parents have. His concerned has given us more strength. We are now even more determined to keep working until we get answers,” he told Minivan News.

Suvaalu March

Rilwan’s family and friends have announced plans to hold a “Suvaalu March” (Question March) on Friday, September 19, to call attention to police failure to answer key questions regarding Rilwan’s disappearance.

“We call on everyone to join us in our efforts. It is important for every individual in our society to stand up against the violence and injustice now rampant in our community,” Moosa Rilwan said.

Atleast 31 people have been killed in the Maldives since 2007. Three were killed in August alone.

Rilwan’s friend and member of the march organizing team, Yameen Rasheed, said the aim of the walk was to hold the police accountable over failures in the investigation.

“As citizens sharing this same community, we have to hold the state accountable,” Yameen said.

While the march focuses on shortcomings in the investigation to find Rilwan, it will also raise concern over increase in violent crimes in the Maldives and police’s failure to provide security for citizens, he added.


9 thoughts on “Nasheed urges President Yameen to take charge of Rilwan investigation”

  1. Nasheed are you crazy ? There institution entrusted to carry out such job and they are doing it.

    Yameen is over all in charge but he does not micro mange the country like you used to.

    Don't try to fool the Maldivian and we know who you are what you are up to.

  2. 42 days have passed with only statements being issued (by the institution to which the case was entrusted to) when someone voices something or does something is all what is seen!

    This is disgusting!

  3. From Holland me and my family want to wish Rilwan’s family all the strength to deal with this awful abduction of their beloved sun and brother.
    Everyday I hope to read good news, but with the days passing my hope is lessening.


    It was 1977 and I just passed my pianostudies. After all those years of hard work I rewarded myself with a vacation to the Maldives. Due to political tension on Ceylon the holliday shortend to 3 days.
    I was speechless to see so much beauty on the tourist island Bandos where I met my future husband(36 years ago). It was a different Bandos, for me, more genuin, more nature build but I realize that are nostalgic memories.
    The people were so friendly and PIECEFULL I can and will never forget. It were the days of president Ibrahim Nasir.
    Although there was poverty under the island people the peaceful character dominated. I told so many people about the islands and their inhabitans, the craftsmanship, their lovely stories and the manny nights we sat under the bunyan tree listening to their island stories endlessly drinking tea. There was no question about a late night safely walk home. We felt so safe! Maldives was a unique islandsociety but what did it changed to three presidents later?
    In 1978 maumoon abdul gayoom came to power and under his reign Maldives changed a lot and we call ik now ‘kuda Hong-Kong’. If the change is for the better or the worse, that is up to the Maldivian people to decide.
    Gradually the social and political climate changed to the horrors of today. Is this what is left of that friendly and peacefull nation? Where and why did it go wrong? Can politics change people into the nowadays society? I do not have enough tears for you my once so lovely islandsinhabitants.
    Everyday when I see Rilwan’s name, Afrasheem and many others in the paper I feel the tears coming up. How can a mother who gave birth to her son live with this grief? All that sadness can change people and finally makes them ill.
    For the sake of Maldives future do a proper investigation and give insight in the results. I’m quite sure you have the best trained investigation people but please be accountable for the steps you take in the investigation of course beyond the necessary limits. Not only in a democracy but in every society people expect you to justify your actions.
    It troubles me that a beloved son anyway would try to sent a message to his family which he didn’t .

    Mr/mrs Hero on friday; Forgive me but there is no solution in throwing filth to one another

    Hudu Fathun

  4. @Johanna. V all want to find him alive in good health and find him quickly.

    But making accusation by Nasheed is not going to help anyone to find him. When Nasheed accused or makes comments blaming Gov, for the loss of the journalist then it is also not right.

  5. Why big mouth hero is it your damn god given right that you can only express your opinion about current events,other also have the right to express their opinion, no one has given you lordship over others expressions of opinions

  6. @Hero: We're not accusing the government. The government incriminated itself in its rush to dispose of the evidence.

    @cabs: Eh, that's how those filthy imperialists have always been. Anyone who speaks in opposition gets murdered.

  7. @Cab and Maldivian.
    Here is the proof. YOu guys have no tolerance to digest anything and you expect everyone to bow our heads to your supreme leader. Forget it, we will never do it and we are not afraid of your threats even during regime in power.


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