NGO coalition sets up table in front of Arabiyya to hear parent’s complaints

The same NGO coalition that once worked against the banning of alcohol in inhabited islands has now launched a campaign against the education sector of the Maldives, today setting up a table in front of Arabiyya school to collect complaints from parents.

‘’We have received several complaints from parents from different eight schools in Male,’’ said Ibrahim Mohamed, an official of the coalition’s analysing committee. “Parents are co-operating with us and raising their voices, many of them have concerning issues.’’

Ibrahim said the parents were demanding the education sector uphold the religion and article number 36[c] of the constitution.

Article 36 [c] reads ‘’Education shall strive to inculcate obedience to Islam, instil love for Islam, foster respect for human rights, and promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all people.’’

“The education sector of the Maldives is now operated not only against the constitution of the Maldives also against the manifesto of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP),’’ Ibrahim claimed.

“The fact that President is not taking any action against this proves that he also has an agenda in this.’’

Ibrahim referred to article 67[g] of the constitution and said that making Dhivehi and Islam optional [at A-level] violated the article.

Article 67 (g) demands the preservation and protection of the state religion of Islam, culture, language and heritage of the country.

“It is against democracy to dismiss the voice of the citizens,’’ he said. “We regret that our president is dismissing our voice and refusing to meet us.’’

Yesterday the NGO coalition and some parents gathered near the President’s official residence and demanded to meet the president, before a riot police squad arrived and dispersed the crowd.

The series of gatherings triggered when the education ministry expressed an idea of making all government schools co-educational. Currently all but four are co-educational.

The NGO coalition, religious NGO Salaf, Adhaalath Party and the minority opposition People’s Alliance (PA) strongly condemned the idea.

Deputy Minister of Education Dr Abdulla Nazeer recently told Minivan News the ministry had not decided to mix female and male students in the secondary grades.

“But we have decided to establish primary grades in all the schools,’’ Nazeer said. ‘’So Majeediyya School, Dharumavantha, Ameeniyya and Hiriya will no longer be solely for secondary education.’’

Secondary education will be provided in all the primary schools as well, he added.

The Education Minister Mustafa Luthfy has come under pressure from religious NGOs and other concerned people, following the ministry steering committee’s proposal to make Dhivehi and Islam as optional subjects for A level students.


24 thoughts on “NGO coalition sets up table in front of Arabiyya to hear parent’s complaints”

  1. Ibrahim said the parents were demanding the education sector uphold the religion and article number 36[c] of the constitution"

    you mean your version of religion? what ?

  2. look at the photo. beard extremists wanting to convert Maldives to Afghanistan

  3. Wahhabis don't yet realize that this isn't only theirs. There are a majority of non-wahhabis living in this nation, and by no means should this country be turned into a new Afghanistan. These people are trying to spread THEIR version of religion, nothing else. And in the meantime, they are using religion as the best tool of gaining political power in the country. Take Adhaalath Party as an example. Huge failures in the elections, and they are still in the ruling government.

    People really need to start how to say NO at extremists. If Seyk Fareed or Ilyas comes to you and says that killing innocent civilians will make you holier and better than everybody else, would you?

    SAY NO TO EXTREMISM AND WAHHABISM, the BIGGEST problems the country is currently facing.

  4. So "love for Islam" can only be achieved by turning this country into Talibanistan?

    Bronze age thinking from bronze age salafis.

    The Balrog is right, this is by far the biggest disease afflicting our society today - wahhabism.

  5. The solution is to allow them to establish their own schools with the curriculum approved by the ministry of education. This is to make sure "Jihad" is not one of the subjects. This way everyones' rights are upheld.

    i dont mind if people grow beards and if women wore black curtains (as long as its their own decision). I don't mind if they ride camels to work as long as they allow me to live my life the way I want.

    I think most people will agree.

  6. Holy mackeral. How hard headed and stupid can Maldivians be.

    Enjoy while you can, what you can here on bloody earth!!! Stupidity and ignorance on your part is costing too much on the rest of us.

    Do you honestly believe chanting in arabic would get to your concubines, river of wine in heaven? Most does not even have an inkling of an idea what you are chanting. They are mentally intimidated even to think of their own accord.

    You are given brains. Think. Repeating 'God is great' does not make you believe it more. If you believe it and think it once, it gets registered on your brain and you dont have to chant it repeatedly until you are stupified!
    Its like if it is a sunny day, 'Its sunny', a hundred times. Its hurting your brain deliberately.

    Think again. Why has this happened. There are many reasons. The underlying theme there is control. manage people. intimidate and not let them use their brains much.

    If a god exists, and you are measured for what you did, arabian con-artists would fill hell and would be fried before anybody else.

  7. Lets take a referendum on this matter and see if the secularist+atheists have majority or Modern Islamist (mind you not the Gayoomism or Fathuhulism) have majority! It is very evident Anni and his secular B####s wants to secularize this country for the Saudi Dictatorship and US-Zionist Military Machine agenda! These secularist talk of Women rights..while they use Women as sex objects and they say they want to protect Maldivian culture..while they are rediculing the that very culture!! Shame!! Shame!!

  8. i repeat after u...SAY NO TO EXTREMISM AND WAHHABISM, the BIGGEST problems the country is currently facing.

    I don’t mind if they ride camels to work as long as they allow me to live my life the way I want.

    convert arabiya to girls school and mauhad to boys school, and send your children there. why the hell are u dragging your children to the school we are sending our children?where "westernization" is the theme?i laugh in my head when ever i see a black veiled women and short pants men drag there children to normal schools...what is wrong with your logic.hypocrites!

  9. you are right The Balrog, there are non-wahhabi majority in this country who does not want the education system to change to whims of afghan fashioned guys.. but you the sad thing is in this sick culture we live, no one dares to voice against these people. the mob rules, the one who can affirm his belief in a certain version as dogmatically as possible wins here..
    sad reality is people are afraid of these bearded lunatics, but they fear in a passive and very wrong way..

  10. Wondering why they set up their Arabian tent in front of Arabiyya when the issue is elsewhere?

    Too much rivers of wine maybe ?

  11. look at the photo. beard 'extremists' wanting to defend the religion and the rights of their children.

    'Wahhabis' don’t yet realize that this isn’t only theirs. Its all of us, so why not fight for it? Why let the 'wahhabis' only fight for the country?

    The biggest challenge for people who want to turn this country around, 'wahhabism', why? because they fight for their country and religion!

    'i laugh in my head when ever i see a black veiled women and short pants men drag there children to normal schools'... muslims got laughed all their history, its nothing new.. not many people keep it in their heads by the way.

    whats wrong with your logic you say, don't you realize they want the same education? Issue is with the method and environment. They want to care and love their children as anyone else, difference is they keep their wives, if possible, full time for their children and family, and their husbands work hard to find a living. But some two-parents work and gain 25000 while their kid spends time at a nursery. Some parents think this 25000 is more worth it. The only time they spend with their children is when they come home with some toy or a chocolate and give a hug and a good night.
    What is wrong with your logic! Why the hell are you dragging yourself to this muslim country when you can be 'western' in the west!!!

  12. What’s the real Anti-Extremism?
    Who are the real anti-extremists? Are the people who have found guilty of “possession of drugs”-or else, guys who found unconscious in the isolated islands, or who found in naked pictures boozing?
    I was asked about the zakath money to be used to form a TV channel. I asked them, whether they pay zakath, and whether they know anything about zakath. They said they pay zakath to their friends, where it means they are really ignorant about zakat.
    Tell me any body, how an IT Diploma Holder can comment on Islamic matters, if he says that the Medical Docter, Zakir Naik cannot do so. Who can justify?
    When people do not have anything to do, when they totally depend on their parents, they do not have any knowledge other than just hanging around. It was the level of these fake anti-extremists. They do not have found in any pure knowledge, they were abandoned by their parents, proper guidance were missing, as result they were mostly found guilty in possession of drug, theft, rape and other crimes.
    Proper guidance shall commence soon, as a rehabilitation service, on “pro bono publico basis” targeted to these radical anti-extremists. We shall try to bring them back to the real anti-extremist level.

  13. I think beareded short pants men and black veiled women would want to educate their children according to their why are they wanting to send their children to schools in which the curriculum is based on a western education system to get their children programmed in the infidel ways!

  14. Rain-W maybe the only one who makes sense here. Most of the others are too brainwashed by the west. They don't know that there are people who actually studied in the west but loves islam and 'dhivehi' culture more than they do. What's wrong in wearing the proper garments which are ordained by God Almighty. What's wrong with saying God is Great when he is the only one who is Great. One day (maybe after death) you will realise the truth. But then it would be too late wouldn't it.

  15. ...well I'm not doing what I should be doing either.

    I feel its more appropriate to not comment in Minivan News at all. When I think about it, I don't really regard minivan news as a publishers against Islam or religion in Maldives, they are operating as how a business, more specifically how an online news publisher, should operate.

    Every time I comment here on Minivan news, I feel guilty, but its so tempting when so harsh comments are put forward.

    Minivan news get profits by selling ads on this site. The price of ads rise with the number of visitors. The number of visitors tend to rise with controversial topics specially ones related to Islam and religious NGO and parties since they get more comments which result in more repeating visitors.

    Initially they might have been funded by AAA resorts, but if you look now, Minivan News gets really good ads.

    Minivan News does a professional job most of time, however, fighting for any thing in here is not worth in the long run. Some people might think they are defending a view, but they are actually feeding a bigger giant. Once Minivan News, not that they don't currently, has a major place in the Maldivian media they can turn things around instantly.

    So, bottom line... don't comment in minivan news. I feel so hypocrite at the moment 😀

    p.s. ...and the thing I love about Minivan News is, they have published almost all my comments which never happened in any other. I admire/love Minivan News a lot. I hope to see you beaten.

  16. I forgot to mention a solution... an English publisher better than this which is not going to be easy at all (6)

  17. I can't comprehend why we Maldivians are being so insensible. The system that we currently have is alot better than a wholesale co-education of the entire education system. Generally the students in grade 6 - 10 belong to the age group 12-16 which is the most critical time of adolescence. This is the time when both girls and boys grow up to become young adults. It is in the best interests of these individual students, the education system as well as of our society that boys and girls in these age groups be taught separately. I do not object to the co-education of students above 16 yrs of age at CHSE, EPSS and MES, because most of the students in these schools are above the age of 16. And when these youth pass beyond that age, it is their responsibility to control themselves. If still, this doesn't sound clear enough for all of this age any youth has the mental and physical capability that is required to protect themselves and to be held responsible for unruly behaviour! And this is the system that will help our country. I really cannot understand what is wrong with Dr. Mustafa Luthufee, the government or the Religious affiliations in our country. Neither seems to understand the sensible way to go forward. And it seems one no-confidence vote hasn't deterred Dr. Luthufee from taking yet again another ridiculous political move!

  18. @dhon kamana - Ur questions "which NGO’s are taking part in this NGO coalition?" struck me as being a really good question. Everyday we hear about some 'coalition' holding some protests when all we see are the same bearded faces - usually just a handful. What happens is that a couple of bearded people get together their gang of hypocrites and register a civil organization and then these gangs get together to make this 'coalition'. That is the reason why we get to see the same people at these protests.

  19. quick question to all self proclaimed sheikhs commenting here?. if "they" have a version of islam. whats your "version" of islam? ; just miss the first two and last three prayers? fast the first two days of ramadan? forget about quran? whats zakah? and for sure you have your proof in saying these. cox what ever version it is Allah says in the Quran to ask for proof. you have a dhaleel(proof) right? riiiiiight?

  20. for the people who hate to change maldives into afganistan or pakistan or anyother islamic country, !!!!
    listen my fellow muslims dnt want maldives to follow america so called super power(soldiers of their own rapin n abusing their own soldiers in war) with a population of more thn 300,000 homeless drug thugs n rapist n drug abusers evn in the newyork downtown area!!! hate it or love it wanabe american evn their joke is on ppl like yamin.


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