No MP wants Rf20,000 committee allowance, claims MDP MP Musthafa

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed Musthafa has claimed that no MP really wanted to take the Rf20,000 committee allowance, or had so far received it, despite DRP MP’s Ahmed Mahlouf’s resolution to cut the allowance being dismissed yesterday.

Out of the 58 MPs present during the vote yesterday, 17 MPs voted to accept Mahlouf’s resolution and cut the committee allowance (+) while 20 voted in favor of keeping it (-).

16 MPs abstained from voting. 19 were absent, a quarter of the chamber.

Breakdown of the vote, by MP

Musthafa said that his intention was to throw the matter out of parliament, despite voting against the resolution to dismiss it.

‘’This resolution was not really presented to the parliament because they care about the citizens,’’ said Musthafa. ‘’There is no MP that wants the committee allowance, and so far nobody has even received the committee allowance.’’

Musthafa said he voted in favour of the committee allowance ‘’just to close the whole chapter for good.’’

‘’I don’t even touch my monthly salary, I give it all to my constituency,’’ he told Minivan News. ‘’I don’t think there is any MP that depends on their salary.’’

Musthafa also claimed that MPs did not work for their salary, but by working for the rights and needs of the people.

MP Musthafa was the only MP out of 10 contacted by Minivan News who commented on the matter, which has raised public ire and concern over the prevalence of MPs giving their salaries to constituents who approach them with medical and educational expenses.

MPs on both sides of the political fence have previously acknowledged to Minivan News that the expectation from the public is that MPs will hand out this money, particularly in response to demands for foreign medical treatment, “and it is hard to say no.”

Nasheed’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair said earlier this year that the government “does not believe that MPs should spend their salary on welfare for their constituents – they are paid principally so they have a dependable source of income and are therefore less susceptible to corruption – but many instances of assistance being provided in this manner are in fact acts of corruption. Some MPs have not grasped that – they are not supposed to be giving charity.”

The committee allowances are derived from a new pay structure formulated by parliament under Article 102, which does not require Presidential ratification.

President Mohamed Nasheed in January refused to ratify the controversial MP Privileges Bill, which included additional financial benefits for MPs including health insurance for life, pensions after a single term of five years’ service, and concessions such as freedom from paying duty on imported cars.


14 thoughts on “No MP wants Rf20,000 committee allowance, claims MDP MP Musthafa”

  1. "No MP wants Rf20,000 committee allowance" ...

    Coming from Thimarafushi musthafa? Ha ha haaa...this has to be clearly the funniest joke in the history of jokes. This man would filch out even a "loa laari" from a beggars begging bowl!

  2. President Nasheed has majority in Parliament. It was with his blessings that MPs got their Rf 20000 allowance.Thats good governance Anni style.

  3. Musthafa you are a liar and you need to learn about democracy. Why give your money to your constituents? Bribing them = Corruption.

  4. MP Musthafa contested on an MDP ticket and won the election. MDP had promised to stop the culture of begging for health care. However, MP Musthafa is now promoting the same system of dependency that was promoted under the 30-year-old dictatorship. When the next parliamentary election comes, people will be forced to vote for Musthafa again just because he paid for their children’s education and health care out of his salary and allowances. He gains an unfair advantage over other candidates. If this is not corruption, then what is corruption? These MPs, by dictating their own salaries and allowances, are paving their way to win the next parliamentary election and at the same time keep the Maldivians under their slavery and bondage.

  5. This is crazy. Where are the check and balances, if parliament can approve huge expenditures without the ratification of the president. President should come out and directly condemn lavish and unnecessary expenditure ,which as stated above, could be used to buy votes from desperate people. We now know president may not get involved. MDP, DRP or PA may not get involved. I reluctantly call on Umar Naseer to take this matter. If you protest for this, I don't care whatever your other policies are, you have my loyal support.

  6. Ho-hum. Keep rubbing our powerlessness in our faces Minivan. Yeah we get it. Our population does not possess the education, awareness and financial means to fight for our rights. So what? We knew that already. It was only a couple of gung-ho college grads and immature yahoos who thought the whole regime change was about bringing power to the people.

  7. "Musthafa also claimed that MPs did not work for their salary, but by working for the rights and needs of the people."

    Hear hear, the need of the people was another Rf20,000, makes sense. Proud of you Musthafa.

  8. MP Musthafa is the best MP ever. They fought for the allowance so that they can give it to their constituents. Very bold and heroic.

  9. "but many instances of assistance being provided in this manner are in fact acts of corruption. Some MPs have not grasped that "

    Oh, c'mon Mr Zuhair, we all know they grasp that and more. In fact, I've got to start rethinking my career options. Becoming an MP has so much going for it:

    (i) New business opportunites open up, if you don't already have one.
    (ii) You can shape the country's laws as it fits your business interests.

    (iii) Bribe constituents so you keep your seat as long as you want it.

    (iv) Total financial independence and lucrative financial deals forever.

    (v) Minimal work load. Not accountable to anyone. Heck, you don't even have to turn up to Parliament at all.

    Hmm, can we have a show of hands here as to who would like to become an MP?

  10. Mustafa, you are becoming too smart for your seat. I will make sure you do not get elected to a seat in the parliament ever in your whole freaking life full of corruption.

    @Rinzy... MDP do not have the majority of the parliament yet. However, it is the majority party. There is a difference.

  11. Clearly those with even an iota of sense in them have lost all faith in the newfangled political system that we citizens are constantly reminded that "we" ushered in.

    So, unless the MDP is willing to buy us all out the whole nature of the MDP is bound to change.

    No doubt, the sheer numbers of the powerless masses in the islands ensure an election win in 2013 for the MDP and their cult leader. This, incidentally, is the same strategy utilized by Maumoon after his revolution wound down and the student population and reform-minded individuals fell out of love with him and his junta.

    So, the cycle repeats itself. The MDP are dancing out of sheer joy as they have finally learned to control our population. Ours is a simple social system. Feed the power players, fool the people and flog the opposition.

    However, all things come to an end. The MDP would know that. All that remains is to secure as much wealth as possible in the time available.

  12. I remember having a hot debate with a close friend of mine who is a strong supporter of MDP back in 2008. Our subject was how all our problems can be solved once MAG is toppled. My stand was that whoever comes in after MAG, will not make a worthwhile difference until the Majlis is made accountable, and we see that today. In fact, the powers and controls given to the Majlis under the new Constitution are much more, with no way accountability. We will continue to have more of the same.

  13. Perpendicular from the heavens, truth is being spoken! Hail the HONOURABLE Mustafa!


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