NSC to summon five cabinet members over Israel airline issue

The National Security Committee has decided to summon five cabinet ministers, Vice President of Adhaalath Party Dr Mauroof Hussein and Chief of Defence Force Major General Moosa Ali Jaleel in a bid to determine the potential consequences for allowing an Israel airline to operate to the country.

The matter was submitted to the parliament by Adhaalath Party Vice President Dr Mauroof Hussein.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed Nazim, who is also a member of the National Security Committee, confirmed the summonses to Minivan News.

‘’The Chair of the committee will decide a date to summon them, it has not been decided yet,’’ Nazim said. ‘’They will be summoned and questioned about the issue.’’

MDP MP Mohamed Riyaz refused to comment on the matter while DRP MP Ahmed Mahlouf did not respond to calls at time of press.

During yesterday’s meeting MPs also reviewed the matter  of the ‘silent’ protest for religious tolerance held on Human Rights Day on December 10, and the planned protest due to be conducted next Friday to ‘protect Islam’ in the country.

In May this year Israel’s national carrier El Al formally applied to the Ministry of Civil Aviation to begin flying to the Maldives from December.

Later, Adhaalath Party severed its coalition agreement with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in September, soon after the Transport Ministry granted a licence to Israeli flag carrier El Al to begin operations to Maldives.

Recently the Adhaalath Party sent a letter parliament’s national security committee which has begun debating whether to permit Israeli flights to land in the Maldives.

“If there is a terrorist attack in the Maldives due to the commencement of Zionist Israel’s flight operations to Maldives, the tourist arrival rates for the next 12 months will decline by 10-36 percent,” Adhaalath predicted in the letter, adding that the tourism industry would face a loss of US$200 million to US$1 billion. The party did not elaborate on how it reached the figures.

In the letter forwarded to the national security committee, which has an MDP majority, Adhaalath alleged that the Israeli flights are “targeted by the terrorists” and said that terrorist “eyes” would turn on Maldives if the operations commence, posing “serious threats to the national security”.

Transport Minister Adhil Saleem that time observed that opponents of allowing Israel to fly to the Maldives “don’t seem to have an issue with Israeli tourists coming to the Maldives and spending their money.”

His mandate as Transport Minister was to increase air, sea and cargo transport to and from all countries, Saleem said, “and if there is no specific legal exemption for Israel, I cannot treat it any differently as that would mean I was corrupt.”


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  1. Saleem your comment “and if there is no specific legal exemption for Israel, I cannot treat it any differently as that would mean I was corrupt.” Would be funny if it was not so true!

  2. why the hell should adhaalath party be consulted or even involved in national security issues, unless of course they themselves are the the threat....

  3. Mullah's are all over the Maldives and Maldives became terrorist planet on the earth, when the time comes we should drill all Mullah's head.

  4. Of course there are terrorists eyes on the airline, and they live here.

    This 'national security commission' folk would do well to arrange some security to visiting Israeli tourists from our Adhaalath protesters - you know, to protect our national economy.

  5. Stop all the flights.

    Let Maldives fall into the dark ages. Where ignorance, stupidity, chilld-forcedg,-marriage, bend over to every whimper of beardees, young boys and girls get raped by mosque imams goes rampant again.

    This is also called Islam.

  6. Maybe the transport Minister need to read the Quran to understand the evilness of Israel and watch the news more about the Muslims that have been killed by Israel. We Maldivians are not heartless peope. Maybe some in the government wouldn't mind any dictator or oppressive country to visit and spend money here. But Israel is singled out as an enemy of Muslims for the hundreds of thousand of Muslim children and women they have killed cold blooded in front of each other. The brutality is unimaginable. So try to have a brain and go against this with your own will. You do not have to listen to the Government because they are already in big trouble. So you better distance yourself from the Government for your own good reputation in a 100% Muslim nation. We pray that you come to your senses and not think Maldivians love money over the life of another Muslim.

  7. It is clear that the time for dialogue and debate is over.

    The lines drawn between supporters of political parties at opposite ends of the spectrum are dug deeper and deeper by every divisive statement made by President Nasheed and his opponents.

    This country needed stability to ride out the impending economic disaster following 2004 Tsunami.

    What we saw instead was political turmoil followed by an unstable government and confrontational politics drowning out the sensible among us. What the people do not understand is that given the 2012 budget we cannot escape the inevitable fact that consumer items are going to become very precious in the near future. We are going to be forced to make drastic life changes and forsake a lot of pleasures that we as a people indulged in without giving much thought to it. Those without a proper saving will be hit hardest of all.

  8. I want ask all Mullahs, that I am a Maldivian I do not believe a word in Islam as something worthy that I submit myself as slave of Allah. Do you have any grudge on me being a Maldivian that I do not like your religion? Also I don’t care whether you give your life to Allah and do anything that he has asked for you to do, you can stone to death if someone in your fold wants to be stoned or decapitate. Why is it not same for you that let others live their life as long as they don’t bother you? It is not that I am an evil person. I believe I am better than you morally and ethically, that I do not want anyone to be treated differently than me. You probably think that your Allah has already put a seal on me to be unbeliever and he has already condemned me to hell. Then why are you overruling on your Allah’s decree. So you think you can do better than your God. Why you want save me when Allah don’t want me saved. Isn’t it stupid? It is not that I don’t know Islam and Quran that make me to reject Islam, It is vice versa. I believe everything in Islam is man mad stupid stuff that does not make any sense for 21st century brain. You can’t expect me to believe these nonsense same way Hindu or Buddhist teaching makes you no sense. Think for a moment, Islam is against all human development. You preach, against music which is one of the very thing that human has developed to be first thing that made human different from Apes, you can name it from arts, literatures, photography, sports, happiness, entertainment all these are evil things for Islam when these are the things that makes us different from animals. If we human have not developed these skills, you would not have created even your Allah.

  9. It is clear that the stability of our country will be affected if we allow the zionists to penetrate with El Al. Political squables and democracy should be put aside. Where is stability of former dear leader to ensure that our eyes are not stolen to used in the Zionist pork soups.

  10. @Naeem
    Who cares about yor pevert ways? who exactly are you? some anonymous wayward soul somewhere questioning your identity? who cares? are you that important for us? no dho?

    As for amputating and stoning,, come to us muslims if your child or wife is raped and you know the culprit who did it. you will only wish for harsh punishment if somehting bad happend to you. but we muslims, we feel every victims pain. atleast in theory we are supposed to feel that. that's why we will never abandon our desire to enforce capital punishment according to islamic sharia. now if you will want to say thank you for the rapists who raped your mother or daughter for violating her, then its the beauty of your soul. we normal humans cannot be that compassionate!

  11. Well, check why Denmark has banned the zionist airlines from coming and check how it is a normal thing to allow the airlines of a zionist country that burns Mosques almost on daily basis to come here. Alsocheck how the israeli security will be behaving in Male airport and how they will stop sea traffic and ferries and dso forth for being paranoide. Sure this will be a target and an easy one.

  12. Awlaki-
    Let see how I am not import and nothing for you. If I go public and denounce Islam, you will all react like blood thirsty animals. You must be out of your mind and really don’t know what a pervert is.
    (a person whose sexual pleasure is derived from stimuli almost universally regarded as unnatural, such as a fetishist or sadomasochist; a paraphiliac). Look at dictionary and ponder on your Maldivian cult society. Everyone will fit in to this category. And read the history of your prophet with open mind and see how his sexual life was. The danger for my sisters and for daughter is perverts like you. If we get rid of your cult we are all safe and will be normal human being.

  13. Why so much hate these days in the Maldives? what is wrong. Hate and fear can only cause unrest. Why such a beautiful country is behaving like a wilde animal cage so full of hate. What is wrong with us?


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