Oath-taking ceremony for 14 councils delayed following High Court injunction

Oath-taking ceremonies for newly elected councilors were held on Saturday, except for those areas where complaints have been filed in the High Court.

The High Court on Thursday ordered that 14 areas were to suspend their oath-taking ceremonies until the High Court conclude cases filed regarding the elections.

Ceremonies scheduled to be held for H.Dh Nolhivaranfaru island council, H.Dh Nolhivaram area Atoll council, N. Miladhoo island council, R. Maduvvari island council, R. Maduvvari Area Atoll council, G. DH Faresmathoda island council, G.Dh Faresmathoda Area Atoll Council, A.Dh Dhangethi island council, A.A Mathiveri island council, A.A Atoll council, L. Atoll council, G.A Vilingili island council,G.A Atoll council and L. Dhambidhoo island council were delayed by order of the High Court.

The Court said if successful candidates in these areas took the oath while a case was pending in court, it violated the rights of those who filed the cases.

In all the other areas, successful candidates took the oath of office in their respective councils on Saturday.

Ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has recently said that “thousands” of complaints were received by the party regarding the elections, and also accused the Elections Commission of being partial and unfair, filing such cases in the High Court.

MDP contends that some complaints could potentially change the results of some areas.

President Mohamed Nasheed has meanwhile said that the oath of office for local councillors was “a  historic step towards consolidating decentralisation.”

Speaking during his weekly radio address, Nasheed said that councilors were officially part of the country’s executive branch, and urged them “to work closely with the government to achieve the policy targets set out by the government.”


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  1. Afrahsheeem!you have failed us all badly.
    It was your mission to arrange the high chairs in time for the fun.
    did we not warn you not to stick to facts and stop singing your songs in public.

  2. Afrahsheeem!
    you were to arrange the high chairs in time for the fun, and you failed us all badly.
    did we not warn you to stick to minifacts, and not to sing your songs in public?


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