Opposition behind assault on MP Nazim Rashad, MDP claims

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has strongly condemned the “uncivilised and brutal assault” on Thulhaadhoo MP Nazim Rashad last night, accusing opposition parties of planning and carrying out the attack.

A press release by the party today states that “the party believes the attack on Nazim was a planned, cruel and cowardly act.”

“In the view of the party, these cowardly acts planned by opposition parties are purposely carried out to obstruct the valuable efforts of the sincere MPs of the MDP parliamentary group and intimidate them,” it reads.

It adds that such incidents would not discourage or hamper “the hard work of MDP members to establish and consolidate democracy in the Maldives.”

The press statement concludes by calling on all political parties to choose peaceful dialogue to resolve political differences.

Local daily Haveeru meanwhile reports that the former Independent MP was assaulted around 11:30pm when he came out of the Thandhoor Cafe’ in Buruzumagu.

According to an eyewitness, a person riding a GN motorcycle struck Nazim on the face “about three times and yelled at him before getting away.”

The eyewitness told Haveeru that the attacker accused Nazim, a former Islam teacher, of expelling him from Majeedhiya School.


3 thoughts on “Opposition behind assault on MP Nazim Rashad, MDP claims”

  1. Does the public care? I mean outside of Nazim's immediate supporters and family.

    We have become so desensitized and our larger-than-life political celebrities have become so dehumanized in our eyes that the public feasting on one of their entrails would not cause much excitement.


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