Opposition MPs vow to forward no-confidence motion against President

A group of opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MPs have declared they will forward a no-confidence motion against President Mohamed Nasheed to parliament.

“There is no need to go out and protest on the streets, there is only one individual who is the issue for the Maldives,” said DRP MP Ahmed Nihan. “It is the president who is the issue, and as MPs it is our lawful duty to file this motion and send the president home.”

Nasheed had violated the constitution which justified invoking article 100 of the constitution, concerning impeachment, claimed Nihan.

“Multiple times he has gone beyond the chart and violated the constitution – we have no other choice,” Nihan said, adding that if the president was “allowed to to do whatever he wished, there will be no use for an institution named parliament.”

Nihan said that DRP MP Ahmed Mahlouf, DRP MP and deputy leader of the party Ahmed Ilham and DRP MP Ali Arif were working together to secure the no-confidence vote.

A vote to impeach the President or Vice-President requires a two-thirds majority in the 77-member parliament, and counting the voting history of the Independent MPs, would still require 8-10 of the ruling MDP MPs to cross the floor and vote with the opposition.

Nonetheless, several weeks ago the government revealed that six MDP MPs had written to the President alleging opposition MPs had attempted to bribe them to vote against the government, prompting the resignation of cabinet in protest and precipitating the current political deadlock.

Nihan said he would propose the motion be supported by the rest of the DRP, “although we do not know what would our party’s stand would be,” he said.

“Any MP who works according to the oath and is sincere to their people, will definitely support the motion,” he claimed.

“This is a very serious declaration, this is not a joke. The whole nation is calling in one voice simultaneously for the resignation of the president,” he added.

MDP MP Ahmed Shifaz said that opposition MP were only in parliament with the sole intention of trying to topple the government.

“I can give you 100 percent assurance that they will not be able to topple the government in parliament,” said Shifaz. “Even if they try [with this motion] it would not be successful.”

Shifaz claimed that opposition MPs made such claims to try and boost their status among opposition supporters.


51 thoughts on “Opposition MPs vow to forward no-confidence motion against President”

  1. The Majlis hypocrites have got plenty of problems of their own. Passing bribes everywhere, too many rufiya to fit in the bank, no time to count it all. They can't judge a bad smell, let alone the first honest President.

  2. My Mother, who of course knows nothing about the Maldives, saw President Nasheed on Australian television, and she was so blown away by his wonderful, shining, gentle yet strong spirit that she said, how lucky the Maldivians are to have such a wonderful, kind, strong spirited PRESIDENT, she wished we Aussies could have him as our PM...

    Millions of Australians felt the same.

    Anni is a treasure, a gift from Allah, not only to the Maldives, but to all humanity.

    I have watched Anni struggle and suffer for freedom and human rights in the Maldives since I first met my Maldivian Wife who introduced me to Maldivian politics in early 2001. Not being there for his Wife when she was giving birth, being tortured, no body can go through that much trauma for selfish reasons alone. Sure, he is not perfect, but to endure what he had been through, I am convinced that the essence of his soul is one of kindness, benevolence, compassion, and from that streams a mighty zeal and unbreakable strength for human rights.

    It is apparent to anyone, that the main motive behind this attack on President Nasheed, is jealousy. Sure, he may have made some mistakes, but this man's personality and courage mean that he is your best hope for the realization of liberty in the Maldives. Giving up Theemuge' for Muleeage', his open manner, all of his beautiful qualities of self sacrifice for you, the Maldivian ppl, are amazing. Not that it would effect me who comes into power if you boot him out. But if you guys lost Anni, I swear, I would weep for you for a week. I would grieve for my Wife's family whom I love very dearly.

    Looking at the selfish qualities of all other would be Presidents, I could honestly promise that the Maldives would become a dictatorship very very quickly under any of the opposition leaders I have seen.

    You are calling Anni dictatorial because he gave Yamin a week in paradise... If Anni was really vengeful, Yamin would have had a week in solitary confinement being tortured! Look at how vengeful your leaders all are, they want to impeach the President. What the hell do you think they will do to any opposition once they come into power.

    If Yamin is supposedly the next in line then Allah help you all because I have had lengthy talks with that man and may Allah help you if you come under him.

    However, if you Maldivian ppl are not greatful for the treasure you have, then Anni, please come to Australia to live, we love you here man.

    But of course, he never would, because he is a Maldivian, and he loves you. This exasperates me because I sometimes doubt whether you are greatful to Anni for the gift of freedom he gave you through his suffering, but tough for me thats the way it is.

    Think about that!

  3. The fundamentals have not changed. Yaameen is out to plot more dirty tricks with Jangiyaa and Company. Mr Hassan Saeed now thinks that he's the voice of opposition and lobbyist in the international diplomatic circles.

    So, the old guard are still plotting to take us back to the 'good old' days. You cannot have 'peace' until everyone sits down with just one objective:

    o To work together to get the country out of the deep economic and social hole it is in.

    Nothing else should matter. Personal grudges should be left aside. But that isn't going to happen; this is the Maldives. The likes of Yaameen do not have single cell of sincerity in them.


    This is what they have been trying to do from the day they took oath of their seats at parliament. This is more unconstitutional and more valid a reason for President to act swiftly to get rid of all evils of this society.

    The case is clear, they have been on this bandwagon. Toppling this Government by hook or crook.

    They will never stop and they aren't there because of love for this nation. They are just jesters who are being acting like puppets of the "Blue mission".

    Rightly said:
    "MDP MP Ahmed Shifaz said that opposition MP were only in parliament with the sole intention of trying to topple the government."

    I believe its time for the President to act decisively for the benefit of this nation as a whole.

  5. the problems with maldivians are that more than 40% of maldivians are being benifted from the previous dictatorship, and specially those unaducated fellows such as MP.Mahuloof,who has received $25000 for minor injury from the the dictator Maumoon. How can they ever think in the national interest ? those fellows can only think of the dictatorship, which they were illegally benifted.

    Mr.Nasheed is not such a sell fish man, he is a real blessing for the Maldives with a normal life style. the rest of fellows are looking foward to come to power and use preidental palace and swallow our money in millians daily.

    Specially with the new extensive projects planed to be implemented in the islands other than Male,oppositions MPs are scared that they will loose the support from the islands.

    but we voted to Mr.Nasheed for change and we would remain supporting him till the end of his term, we dont give a damn on the false information and allegation from DRP.

  6. what is constitutional? bribing and playing poker in parliament. Even so parliament has no right to take no confidence vote for the president.. how can 77 people decide on something which has already been decided by 300,000 people of this country. if the opposition parties accomplish (which is not very possible) that means in the coming years the development plans of the country would be changed in every two years, making each plan impossible to be implemented. this is not a persons underwear that you change every single day. the parliament has gone nuts. Dhivehi raajeyge verikamaa adhi dhivehi raajeyge sarukaarakee jangiyaa nazim ge jangiyaleh noon dhe dhuvahun ehdhuvahun nuvatha dhe gadi irun badhalukuraakah rehvunas!!!

    We citizens voted and chose a party and a president for five years and that cannot be changed by any law. if there is any allegations against the president..it should be sorted out in an international court!!

    with this new parliament with in two years how many bills have been drafted, proposed and passed???? check their website and everyone will know it moves slower than a snail and the reason for this is the majority of the parliament has an ulterior motive!!!

  7. @Ben Don't talk nonsense. The bugger is a dictator. He is above law. Even in his speeches he have said such things... He doesn't just talk. He does it... even if its unlawful. Ben, buddy, first read our law, and look at what his doing to this nation. Mohamed Nasheed is a dictator who is worse than Gayoom!

  8. Nihan and Malhlouf are both nincompoops, if they had an ounce of intelligence they wouldn't be puppets. Their cringe inducing statements will no doubt embarrass their masters too.

    Their exploits would be funny if this wasn't such a serious matter.

  9. Lets wait and see what the DRP and MDP clowns come up with.. This nation does not even deserve a democracy.. Gayyoom was right.. Maldives is not ready and will never be ready.. Selfish Bastards..

  10. Ben it's sad that you announced in a public forum how ignorent your mother is. And certainly you are very much out touch with Maldives. You and t
    your mother only seem to be seen what's shown on TV. The truth is majority of maldivians don't like nasheed and certainly ge hass failed the people and the mandate he has been given. to run a nation one has to be acceptable to the people of that country not somebody in Australia. I am afraid Nasheed hasn't got that acceptability in the Maldives .

  11. Maldivians has elected 26 MPs from MDP, to make the government more responsible and also to survive a No Confidence motion against the elected President. I really don't won't to break my silence... but for the betterment of our country I had to do so...
    This decision from some of fellow MPs has made me to be away from my sleep in a beautiful night.
    I know my fellow MPs would be very generous to think about what I have to share, with them and also with the public.
    Think about a future no confidence, which could be iminent when DRP is in power, due to the composition of the Parliament. For example when DRP is having 27 MP other oppositions are short with only 2 votes and I doubt with the influence of some MPs DRP can Survive a no confidence motion. Today, MDP is said to have 30 MP's and If we think some MP's from MDP will vote with us, against an elected president why dont' we think of 2 MP's from DRP will be with MDP, at a future date, when the composition of the parliament always strong on opposition rather than Pro Government.
    I'm not a a supporter of current president, but I do support the system we have in place.
    I don't won't the political situation to be all ways worse. I want people to believe in good governance and democracy.
    Anni has nothing to loose in a battle against reformist and democratic people, right now he have lost all what he had advocated for. He should be very much aware of the people power. We as MPs has a right to make him remember about good governance and democracy, not to take actions as he does.
    I'm really sorry that I have out spoken in this regard, but I need my fellow MPs to remember one motion we all have passed in one of our Parliamentry group sessions, with regard to no-confidence motion to be presented to Majlis. I don't want to be unreasonable with u guys, but I will send a letter to PG leader with this regard.

  12. Nihan and his cronies have to piss to their pants. They are just kinder garden kids. No room for mentally ill people like Nihan and his thugs in DRP. Just give a vacation to your baseless stupid mouth talks and leave your job and go back to school, or Gaamaadhoo, which will be more appropriate for DRP MPs

  13. Nihan can keep dreaming. He have no sense and will talk nonsense. The general public will make sure we keep Nasheed in power.

  14. Show me a better, more able, more sincere Presidential candidate than Anni, and i'll vote for him the next time. I do not see any at the moment....all all i want to say now is LET THE PRESIDENT DO HIS JOB!

  15. @Gaanim on Sun, 25th Jul 2010 11:08 PM
    Ok, your anger is quite clear. Tell us one single thing that makes you believe that President of this country is a dictator? You are just parroting deceitful, unrealistic and illogical arguments of "BLUE forever mission"

    What law are you talking about? Look at what who is doing to who's Country? 🙂
    Empty statements, factually incorrect and out of hateful anger.

    I don't think you have any reason except for your narrow minded and hateful attitude towards him out of your extremist view.

    You are surely a misguided patron of "THE DEEP BLUE SEA MISSION" suffering from "BLUE FOREVER SYNDROME" 😉

  16. “There is no need to go out and protest on the streets, there is only one individual who is the issue for the Maldives,”


    You know, Anni should grant me a permit to purchase RPG-7's and grenade launchers because their protests have disturbed my studies on more than one occasion. =]

    The problem is that there's a bunch of greedy, fat, old people who doesn't know when it is time to get the hell outta town. They've been doing nothing but blocking up parliament with their presence. They are like residue that clogs up a pipe.

    And what do we do to blocked pipes?. We remove the blockage by means of plumbing, surgical or otherwise.

  17. @BEN
    I couldnt have put what you said in words better my self....

    I too salute anni and then i salute you for such kind and wise words. I honestly dont understand why some maldivians cannot appreicate and accept that the democracy we have is a jewel.

    At least give anni the benefit of doubt...he's only been in power for 2 years..he's not perfect and he cannot clean up such a BIG mess that has been made in the past 30 years overnight... give him sometime. he's only human.

    He was elected by the majority of the people...and DRP should know better. If both the party care about the people at all they would just calm down and share the power they have in the country. LIKE ADULTS.

    I may not be in any political party but it absolutely saddens me to see my island being turned upside down by politics.

  18. Nihan and Mahlouf why don't you both jokers resign and do us, the whole nation, that you claim to love and stand by, a great favour! Now of course we know when you say that you are preparing for no confidence vote, you are actually trying to identify who can be bribed to do your dirty work for you! And for your information that institution called Parliament cannot exist with jokers like you around. Please resign Nihan and Mahlouf and use the fasting month to atone for your sins!

  19. ben. how about you take anni and present him to your mother as a toy or make him the pm of australia. we dont need him.

    and to you drp mps. dream on. not even your party will agree to this stupid idea.

  20. Ok Then.ROCK THE BOAT.If that's what you want, you're most welcomed. Nihan have you seen the mass demonstrations against gayyoom led by anni. So is your future my friend. If he is impeached we will give a hell of time to whoever makes it to be the next president. Be it yameen or Dr.hassan. WE WILL ROCK YOU.

  21. what is this oath of the party nonsense. how can one be true to his party's oath and to the people or country at the same time. The drp mps are expected first to be true to their oath. However dirty or harmful to the country they have to act with the partys agenda. They should not be called mps. Puppet is a better name.

    I call on drp mps. Please start thinking from your own my mind. Not just be faithful to your party oath and following their harmful agendas. Start being faithful to the country. Work for the better of the country. Please.

  22. Anni must be doing such a terrific job that this DRP-PA-Gasim bunch are beginning to get scared.

  23. That there is any support for the schmucks of DRPA - is for God only.

    Support for corruption and self interests are alive and well in DRPA and its supports.

  24. I am disappointed that things have reached this stage. What a sad state of affairs? What lead to this? I guess the President needs to think and analyse this issue very seriously.

    I hope Mahluf et al are not serious and will abandon the idea soon.

    I also hope President Nasheed will make some compromises and prove to us that he is sincere with his vision. So far we have seen all talk and really little beneficial results.

    For almost a month now, it has been all rhetoric, acts, drama and stunts -- all fruitless events that would have better been avoided. A sheer waste of time, energy and resources.

    The government needs to quickly pull us out of this mess. So dear president, show us that you can!

  25. Anni is our first anti-Maldivian politician. For him getting validation from Australia, UK, US is far more important than solving our day to day problems like the cost of electricity - which was increased overnight and caused hardship to many. Also, we are seeing the first signs of an anti-Islamic movement emerging in the Maldives. It is alleged that the people who gave Anni 'Sanctuary' in the UK are hard-core Christians who have a Christian conversion agenda. This, in the long run, is extremely dangerous for our country - a situation that could tear the country apart. As a first step, we need to deport all foreigners who are 'Consultants' deep inside our government who may have a Christian-conversion agenda - inside the ministry of environment and energy and other sensitive government organisations.

  26. Mr Nihan, the issue here is not the President. The issue here is that our parliament has been hijacked by a group of hardcore ex-thugs who are unable to digest the fact that 30years of crony capitalism will come to and end if President Nasheed completes his term in the office. Get that in your honourable brain, Hon MP!

  27. Both MDP and DRP, President Nasheed and Yamin, Tasneem, Gasim, Hassan Saeed, Maaria, Reeko Moosa and Mahlouf, Nihan, ilham....etc are all corrupted. After all, we maldivians gets the most damage... Our politicians, whether it be MDP or DRP and its alliances, aren't sincere for the citizens...

    We are facing really a tough time in our politics... Some are less corrupted but, still they are corrupted and same... I don't see any hope for future in this country...

    Really, its a time for grievance.. coz, we are ruled by unloyal people and the opposition are corrupted too.

    May God save our country from these corrupt politicians and replace them with sincere people.

  28. "although we do not know what our party's stand would be"
    Nihan, do you think we all don't know that you are just a puppet and a delivery boy who is just delivering?

  29. Abdullah A Raheem.... as a member of ur constituency....i salute ur decision.

    Even Seena Zahir, the man who was the President of the "haasa Majlis" said it was unconstitutional what some of the opposition members r doing by trying to take away powers of the executive into the legislature....

    let us not bring more disorder and chaos... and work for the betterment of the entire nation...Amin

  30. To :Ibrahim S on Mon, 26th Jul 2010 11:19 AM

    Do you think here in the Maldives we had Islam in the pats 30 yrs..If you have seen things around you would not say wat you had said.....
    Compare present and past 30 yrs

  31. He he. Minivan, thanks for the much needed laugh. It seems these Deputy Leaders will never cease to amaze (amuse?) us.

  32. @Ben,
    I salute Nasheed and at teh same time I Salute you... for being honest!!

  33. @I do @neutral @Dhiyanaa Thohiru,

    I just want to say that you, honest self sacrificial brave Maldivians who stand up for and believe in human rights are my heroes...

    This is because, I know how tough your society can be and how dangerous it is to take a stand against tyranny in your nation. I believe that compassion, justice and truth can only emerge from the darkness of tyranny and oppression when people come forward who place truth, justice and compassion ahead of their own personal safety. I see that in you precious and beautiful brave Maldivians whom I revere so immensely. I wish, I was even quarter as brave as you Maldivians who have stood for what is right and suffered for it. I mean, it is easy for me to write here in my little home a zillion miles away in perth, but you guys, you guys have to face the consequences of what you write or do for justice, and I love you guys for it...

    Maldives is a society with both the worst and best ppl in it I have ever seen. The worst are those corrupt ones and gangsters, the best are those who stand up to them at the risk of your own lives. Anything sacrificed for justice and love, even life sacrificed for justice and love, is proof that in justice and love you find a greater life than this, your own mortal life, and that greater life is eternal justice and love,

  34. ANNNNDDD there they are. The christian scaremongers straight from the old regime's control room.

    A couple centuries ago, Christianity ceased to be a world power and was relegated to a ceremonial position in the lives of the free world. However, the image the old propaganda tycoons want to keep us in is that they are as much of a "threat to islam" as they were back in the age of colonialism.

    That lie has been used to enforce Maumoon's law during the past regime and anyone who worked against Maumoon's regime got labeled as "christian missionaries".

    And what is it with your lies about electricity and stuff being too expensive?. I've taken a look at the DRP's propaganda flyaway - and guess what I saw... that "bill" with the k figures was an industrial bill that wasn't paid for. Of course the charges are going to pile up!. It was created to serve as nothing but propaganda.

    I can say this, because I own a 4 storey building in Mal'e, complete with air conditioned rooms and multiple electronic systems - and never had a bill that hit more than 800 Rf.

    A warning to the supporters of tyranny - we have not forgiven that blood-besotted decade. We will never forget the widows, the traumatized children and the broken lives the previous regime left behind.

  35. Maybe Nihan and Mahlouf should just do the honest thing - leave DRP and join PA.

  36. And take Umar Naseer with them. There's still hope for Ali Waheed if he can learn to control his temper.

  37. heh heh! My favourite comedians are at work again. Please amuze me more. My favourite comedy show - "DRP Meetings" always lifts my spirits. I wonder sometimes if they even know what they are talking. Ha ha ha...

    45 years back Mr.Ibrahim Nasir brought independence to Maldives. And for 30 years, his name was being torn in to pieces.

    But, thankfully, the last year and half has seen his name being relocated to its state of fame. Mr.Ibrahim Nasir was the man behind our independence and its a fact that can never be changed.

    Thank you Mr.Nasheed for filling the heart of youths with love for this hero.

    Ben, thank you. Atleast you understand what Mr.Nasheed truly is. And please Thank your Mother from me and my family.

    Happy Independence Day to all. We love you Mr.Nasheed. Please continue with your vision for us Maldivians.

  38. Not a good idea. Not because I like ANNI. But how can we tell the next President can survive?

    Finally we will be like "bangaalhu" with a strike planned every day. It will destroy our economy!

    The solution is a VERY EFFECTIVE and sincere opposition party and nothing else.

  39. A Polish friend of mine told me that when Communism fell in his country, the old folk were very confused. Now they had so much choice in almost everything. You no longer had to queue for bread; besides, you had a choice of bread! They couldn't comprehend that for a while.

    Maldivians are in a very similar situation. We've NEVER had the freedom to choose for ourselves. We've always had to beg someone for our survival. We relied on the benevolence of those higher beings that ruled us.

    Suddenly we're being told that things are going to be different. We're confused and we don't know what to make of this FREEDOM!

    Now, we still go and beg every now and then. The first port of call will be our guy in Parliament. After all, they get such a hefty salary so that they can 'help' us out when we ask for 'some cash'.

  40. These kids who have been elected as "MPs" have no idea what the impact of such a motion would be regardless of success or failure. I hope some more experienced, reasonable, mature and educated people in the opposition would talk these kids out of the stupid idea which has the potential to destabilize our country and the whole way of governance for decades to come.

  41. Given the chance DrP or PA
    would be like the S.S world war two as a Maldivian i would not vote for either of these lunatics,the very bunch of mental retards who developed nothing but (Male')
    Keeping the people in the islands at a low standard Banks schooling even to get an I.D Card would have to be done here in Male' for work we came here because there was none at the islands,finally when there is some light they still try to make it darker
    The former regime and their ways have not died out because we are letting them take control of our life redo the Judiciary system arrest those who have to be put them behind bars for the murders they have committed. i still will not give a single vote for a party of people who have sucked the blood out of the people u cant buy me to change my mind about the right full elected president who is trying to implement a true nation

  42. A WARNING!!!!!

    The day any politician would propose a No Confidence motion in parliament against the president or his cabinet, WE (a quiet army of traveled, learned and connected people) would start our propaganda war which would expose the worst fears that you don't want to see or hear.

    We are Maldivians who want to go forward, forgive the past and build a future. Gayoom made blunders but also built the country. If he was the worst of all, he would be in mansion living in Saudi but thats not it. Anni just took over from the good and the bad Gayoom left behind, just like Obama and Bush. Anni will learn but not in two years, the country will recover but not in two years, and the people must be patient for sometime, not for just two years.

    We will expose you so badly you will not believe. We have tonnes of pictures, videos, recorded conversations of many of top government personnel both in ruling and opposition. What you did in night clubs in Germany, UK, Bangkok, Russia, Japan, Colombo, Bangalore, Seychelles. The young teenage girls you abuse in resorts, safari boats, in your offices, or paid trips abroad. The flow of liquor and drugs that are home delivered. Child abuse in the name of god by a few oldmen. Women pushing the young girls in lesbianisms and kinky female parties in exchange of money and favors. Shame on all of you, your DOOMS DAYS is just round the corner.

    RECONCILE, FORGIVE EACH OTHER AND DISCUSS AMICABLY. WE would then be quite for the sake of our children and the future of Maldives in International eyes. Make more noise on roads, more personal abuses and we would flood the facebook, hotmail,gmails, twitters with the truth, the only truth.

    The first on the list would be the person who proposes the No Confidence motion.

  43. Questions to Maldivians who are struggling hard, working long hours but are not getting the deserved wages and benefits that are showered onto expatriates.
    Does Anni decide your salaries, and allowances.
    Does Anni take anything from you that has made you what you are?
    Does Anni decide the air fair to your home island?
    Does Anni ask you not to be a muslim?
    Did Anni decide the education level you have now?

    Once you have the answers, then: Do you agree with DRP MPs to topple Anni because of the chaos in the country?

    We know waiters/room boys are forced to serve alcohol to Maldivians with their families, and friends. We know you know many young girls are brought to your resorts for sex and drugs and you have to serve them. We know that you know all the dirty things our top Maldivians are doing on the islands.

    Get up and fight. Get up and speak open and make the country right. Do not go on roads and abuse people, disturb schools but talk openly in all media programs available. Because, when the country goes down, you will suffer most, NOT the politicians, your bosses or expatriates.

    I am begging the youth to think and find a way to make a voice that will be heard. Do it through music, through art or sports and let the people know the facts.
    Do not depend on Male politicians to make your future. They live well, dress well, immune from everything, do business, and drive while you struggle to pay your bills. Think

  44. Reconcile with the tyrants who bullied the poor and the weak?. No thanks.

    Forgive the criminals and gangsters who drove this country to economic ruin?. Never.

    Discuss amicably with people responsible for years of suffering and hundreds of families ruined by regime brutality?. NEVER.

    And what do you do to attempt to defuse our wrath? Blackmail us?. Threaten us?.

    You cannot stop us. Vengeance begins now.

  45. wat then after that?? MP Nihan and all of you guys think thats the ideal solution? every time some thing is not right kill it and begin new?? Are you the so called qualified MPs who are so right and making things go right?? u know everything better? and you think if you or one of your colleges are the only competent people to be president and take over the responsibilities??? u think president is the problem huh?? Thats not how things function in real life! So grow uo you MPs and responsibility isn't about bringing someone down. its a lot more than that and so learn that first! you are all elected by people of this country for wat ever reason and belief you stand for !First practice that will you guys rather than always blaming someone else!

  46. It is precisely because of nut-jobs like REAL that we need to bring the No Confidence motion - "The first on the list would be the person who proposes the No Confidence motion" - oh, we are scared, really scared....

    As for pictures of drinking liquor - let me think - who do you think in the government is most likely to have pictures of them being drunk/drinking - someone who lived in London, Colombo ? Oh, can't think of anyone who fits that profile....I have the REAL pictures...

  47. I have to admit!

    SULA SHIRAZI investigation could bring about the most notable PERJURY case against a Maldivian head of state.

  48. Nihan do you really think removing Nasheed will bring back Maumoon? Remember there has to be an election to elect the next President! Unless a DRP lead parliament is going to start ruling this country under a parliamentary system against the constitution.


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