Other religions will not be allowed under MDP government, says Nasheed

Religions other than Islam will not be allowed in the Maldives under a Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government, former President Mohamed Nasheed reiterated on Friday (November 1).

Speaking at a campaign event in the island of Velidhoo in Noonu atoll, the MDP presidential candidate said Islam has always been accorded “the highest place” in the hearts of the Maldivian people who “hold sacred the noble principles of Islam.”

“There will be no room for another religion in this country under an MDP government. This is very clear,” Nasheed asserted.

Allegations suggesting otherwise by rival political parties “to play with the hearts and minds” of the public were sowing “discord and division” in Maldivian society, Nasheed added.

Last week, a group of local religious scholars from the Maldives Society for Islamic Research released a 48-page book titled “The word of religious scholars concerning Nasheed,” calling on the former president to “repent” and “return to the true path.”

The scholars claimed that Nasheed demeaned the Prophet’s Sunnah (way of life prescribed as normative for Muslims on the basis of the teachings and practices of Prophet Mohammed), rejected tenets of Islamic Shariah, and tried to foster public debate over the enforcement of compulsory Shariah punishments.

Regardless of the winner in the upcoming presidential election, Nasheed assured that there was no possibility of other religions being introduced to the Maldives.

“That is not something that we should doubt. But the doubt is created because our rivals are constantly using these words. Something that does not exist will exist when you continually talk about it. A lie becomes the truth when you keep repeating it. It enters our hearts as the truth,” he said.

The religious faith of Maldivians was actually threatened by the MDP’s political opponents, Nasheed contended, because they were “creating suspicion and doubt.”

Addressing the people of Hinnavaru in Lhaviyani atoll earlier in the day, Nasheed reportedly said faith should not be “shaken so easily” because of what one hears or sees, adding that it was the five pillars rather than “backbiting” (gheeba), spreading rumours, and defaming others that were needed to uphold Islam.

Nasheed’s remarks follow persistent accusations by the MDP’s political opponents concerning the party’s alleged “securalisation agenda” and anti-Islamic policies, contending that the 100 percent Muslim status of Maldives would be threatened under an MDP administration.

Political record

Among Nasheed’s alleged transgressions, the scholars listed the “idolatrous” monuments placed in Addu City, efforts to legalise sale of alcohol in inhabited islands, remarks suggesting addicts should be able to use drugs, and a speech in Denmark in which he allegedly criticised the Sunnah.

On December 23, 2011, a coalition of eight political parties and an alliance of NGOs rallied at a mass gathering to “defend Islam” from Nasheed’s allegedly liberal policies and conveyed five demands to the then-MDP government.

The mass gathering followed the release of a pamphlet titled “President Nasheed’s devious plot to destroy the Islamic faith of Maldivians” alleging that the MDP was working with “Jews and Christian priests.”

Meanwhile, the religious conservative Adhaalath Party – presently allied with the Jumhooree Party and backing its presidential candidate business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim – released a press statement on Thursday (October 31) claiming that the MDP would amend the constitution to allow religious freedom if the party gained a majority in parliament.

The Adhaalath Party referred to an amendment to the Drug Act recently proposed by an MDP MP to shorten the jail sentence for the offence of refusing to provide a urine sample to police from one year to 15 days.

“Therefore, in the ‘Other Maldives’ that Nasheed wants to bring, the punishment for a person caught redhanded using drugs is only a 15-day detention. Drug use cannot be encouraged any more than this,” the press release read.

The Adhaalath Party contended that, with a larger majority in parliament, the MDP would not hesitate to “decimate” Islam in the Maldives and “open up the country to other religions.”

With the provisional support of nine Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party MPs, the MDP currently has a simple majority of 39 votes in parliament. However, a two-thirds majority or 52 MPs is needed to amend the constitution.

In the face of religion-based attacks, the MDP has maintained that rival parties were using Islam as “a political weapon to sow discord.”

In a press statement in September, the MDP reiterated that the party would not allow other religions to be introduced in the Maldives.

The statement referred to the MDP’s achievements in government: establishing a Ministry of Islamic Affairs, allowing freedom to preach for local scholars, building 42 mosques as well as a number of prayer rooms in schools, training 150 Islamic teachers, strengthening the National University’s faculty of Shariah and law with foreign assistance, opening of an Islamic Bank and the construction of a new government-funded building for Arabiyya School in Male’.

The party’s 2013 manifesto meanwhile includes the construction of an “Islamic Knowledge Centre” in Male’ for MVR 200 million (US$13 million) that would include a library, lecture halls and a mosque with a capacity 5,000 worshippers.

Among other policies for the next five years include conducting an international Islamic conference in the Maldives at an estimated cost of MVR 25 million (US$1.6 million) with the participation of renowned foreign scholars, training 300 Quran teachers to first degree level, and allocating MVR 36 million (US$2.3 million) for renovating mosques across the country.

“We note that all these projects are costed and budgeted and the manifesto includes details for implementation,” the press release stated.


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  1. Adalath thinks protecting Islam is the responsibility of Adalath, Anni believes protecting Islam is in the hands of Allah. This means Adalath has no confidence in Allah and Anni has confidence in Allah. Therefore Adalath is in Shrik because they don’t believe Allah can protect Islam and this is clear blasphemy and Anni is true Mumin because he has confidence that Allah will protect his religion. Guys wake up Adaalth and its allies are Mushrikeen .

  2. This new stand of MDP would comfort the Maldivians (a highly nationalistic country throughout history), if MDP pledges to revise the acession conditions of the many Human Rights Conventions signed by Shaheed.

    A winning political move could be to withdraw support rendered to Shaheed as Rappatour on Iran. In any case, with warming US Iran relation, Shaheed had no further use. Even Iranians could lend MDP some support!

  3. Of course not.

    It's just that we will advocate no religions. And abolish every mullah from town.

    Religions, may have done good, sometime in the past. But after the first few days, that wore off. Since then, it single handedly, has been responsible for genocides, mass exterminations, the source, the root, the cause and the essence of innumerable wars and disputes between men, cities, countries, continents etc. pretty soon, I expect even between planets.

    So, enjoy while you can. Peacefully on earth. Live humanely. Humanity is the faith, the thing to bow to and must protect at all times. Forget religions.

    Even a single human finger, has got more miracles than any book ever printed. Even One single life, is far more precious than all the hoohaa of religions combined.

    Protection of humanity must be the priority. Not protection of religion.

  4. @ Andrew @ all

    Attaboy Andrew Andreas! You reflect the philosophy of Nasheed and Ibra without mincing words. I might not agree with you but I sure do respect you for being truthful.

    The fact about the matter is that the question that really needs answering without DECEPTION ..... "IS Maldives going to be a secular state or a state that's going to uphold the Shariah?"

    Now Anni once again facing the prospects of loosing the elections is back tracking on what he so openly proclaimed in Denmark & other platforms and NOW asserting that he is for Islam and Shariah & that freedom of choosing a religion would not be given to Maldivians in a MDP Govt.

    In effect he is pulling wool over people's eyes and now playing once again just as he did in 2008 the "ISLAM" card; where else his pronouncements and actions HAVE BEEN not only Secular but virulently disrespectful to Allah & His Prophet- pbuh. So now we see the avowed secularist that he is being forced to renounce Secularism for political reasons.

    If Anni & his cabal deceives the public, gets elected and goes back on their word and promotes a secularist agenda, paving the way for entry of other religions in Maldives there is every likelihood that such schemes will back fire on Nasheed & Co with disastrous consequences for him, his cabal and the nation.

    I'm sure Andrew / Ibra & the apostates out there will agree. I cannot understand why the deception ?--- make the case for Secularism and put it to the public for it to decide rather than limping around the bush with lame arguments.

    I ask myself, Is the fear that if the Maldivian public is asked to choose between Secularism & Islam that Anni/ Ibra & Co would see their votes evaporate leaving them with LESS VOTES THAN THE SPOILT VOTES? After all we have seen this happen not very long ago in our country.

  5. President Nasheedccorded the highest place in the hearts of Maldivian people from the offset of his Presidency by initiating so many Islamic things in Maldives. Initiating eradication of drug menace thus protecting 3 generations destroyed from 1978, giving us the correct Dhivehi translation of Holy Quran, building so many mosques in Islands, canceling liqueur permits issued to expatriates, permitting religious scholars to preach without fear and so on. He is one of the most sincere person who dared to call a spade a spade unlike most of the leaders who have openly acted with double standards proving their hypocracy. This man is the savior of Maldivians. Let's get the unislamic judges and gang leaders and drug dealers back to Islam and get the prostitutes in the garb of sheiks also back to our faith Islam

  6. To my belief, religion is a faith that one has within one's self. And there is no need to show it off.
    Maldivians have experienced and practiced Hinduism, Buddhism and now Islam. It is very evident that the majority of Maldivians will never ever believe any other religion, no more!
    And Islam being what it is, can never be abolished or the words of Allah be ever fiddled with!
    So there is no need for anyone to protect Islam. Not even Adhaalath or anyone.

    It can be believed that Adhaalath is keen and all out to achieve one goal!

    Lay their paws on the weapons store!

    They are aware that the Maldivian Defence and Security forces are capable of detecting and knowing much about any arms that can be brought into the country.
    Therefore by hook or by crook, they are all out to get into the right circle, lay their hands on firearms, kill a few unwanted and maybe challenging characters, then make slaves of us all!
    Send as much adults as needed on suicide missions. Their widowed wives can be made concubines!
    And the young boys can be doing "ODD" jobs for both the Sheikhs (as most will be called), and also their concubines if there is NEED!
    So much as Adhaalath has to say about unseen stories about MDP and Islam, and Anni and Islam, I am sure there will be stories as much as there is in the "Arabian Nights".
    If one cares it can be put in all sorts of media.

    People then can know better for what reason Adhaalath is vainly trying to criticize everyone else and become masters!

    What Adhaalath do not know is that the Maldivians have seen what is Adhaalath and they know in what kind of skin they are in! LOL!

  7. Fools. So after we elect a President he immediately becomes an all-powerful dictator?

    For god's sake, as long as we remain a democracy no single President is going to be able to impose either secularism or Islam on us unless the majority of us want it to be so.

    I for one, do NOT support Nasheed however I sincerely believe this country stands to gain from becoming secular. What has the label of 100% Islam given us so far?
    - Aid to build mosques (no material benefits and often squandered on dodgy construction companies).
    - The occasional shipment of free dates (once again distributed by dodgy individuals).
    - Training in the Shariah for a negligible number of Maldivians who return into a life of politics spent preaching without actually doing research or making any contribution to the country.
    - Development aid the responsible expenditure of which is not fostered by urging efficiency in government or efforts to curb corruption by increasing transparency and public participation in governance.

    On the other hand, Western colonialists or puppetmasters in India and China offer larger aid packages, technical training to build our human resource and a disproportionate presence in key international organizations.

    There, Aleem. The case is made. Your response please?

  8. @Andrew Andreas: I comment on what you have written with some trepidation. What business of mine can this be? You do make some valid points, but the fact is that the average human being has some need for belief in the supernatural.

    Despite the advances of science, the world is not getting liberated from superstitions of all sorts. Human beings are coming more and more to believe that that human wisdom is infallible and that human-made science can provide all the answers. In the process we may destroy all living things on this planet, and the chances are that if we colonise some other planet in another galaxy we will destroy that as well!

    I have not been to the Maldives for twenty years, but the links are strong, and began long before I ever set foot on the Maldives, well a good twenty-five years before, but that's another story. One great advantage that you, Maldivians, enjoy over us is the homogeneity of your people. Don't under-rate the value of this. Most of your people now use the English Language better than Sri Lankans, (it's just that few of you become teachers!) but I have yet to meet a Maldivian who doesn't value Dhivehi (and "ri-hakuru"), and almost all speak it at home.

    I know that there are some Maldivians who use it as their home language, but none of them think themselves superior on that basis. This is in stark contrast to Sri Lanka where the English-speaking give themselves airs. I find myself fighting guys with such complexes far too much of the time (need I add that many of the most obnoxious in this category use Pidgin English?). I whole-heartedly agree that you should not bring any other religions in to the Maldives, but you could tolerate a degree of agnosticism and allow foreigners to do their thing.

    You should also take pride in your 100% Buddhist PAST, and all the artifacts left behind by your ancestors. I remember the Nilandhoo islanders stating with some pride that theirs was the last island to change-over. I wish you could all show that sort of good humour! They are all good Muslims NOW, and I was rather shocked when they showed me the "dagaba" but walked over it in their shoes. Although not a Buddhist myself (people are usually followers of a religion because they were born in to it), I divested myself of my sandles out of respect for your ancestors who would have built the little mound with so much true piety.

    Although I myself am much more familiar with the "Middle-Eastern Religions" than with those coming from India, I seriously think that there cannot be a nobler philosophy than that set forth by Gautama 2,600 years ago. And see what a mess we are making of our country in his name! Organised religion is often a curse! With all the insults being hurled at poor Justice Underpants (yes, one does begin to sympathise with a guy who is the butt of everybody's ridicule!) it is significant that nobody has been able to cast a slur on Anni's private life. I met him when he was under house arrest twenty years ago, and I thought him an extremely charming, intelligent and committed guy - with a vision. That he has made mistakes is true; he is human. That I have thought him naive on certain occasions is also true, but isn't that a bit presumptuous for a guy like me, who hasn't any of Nasheed's achievements to his credit, to feel?

    On the other hand, drugs are the newest threat to humanity. The death penalty imposed by some countries does seem harsh to me, but I wouldn't lead protests against it, if it were impartially applied. Two weeks imprisonment is ridiculous. That the charges against Majlis Members refusing urine tests are politically motivated, is a different matter. As for liquor, is it indeed the worst of offences? I speak as a guy who used to sip every exotic brew out of curiosity, but never drank; and for the past fifteen years at least I've been considered a bit of a joke in my community because I now absolutely refuse to touch the stuff, just as I refuse to buy even a lottery ticket; I'm merely applying logic to both vices. I don't want to allow what others do to become an obsession with me, however.

    Let me also add that there is far too much of stereo-typing in the world today. When I first came to Male there was this decent Scot who was the British Council Teaching adviser who got me membership of the UNDP Social Club. We used occasionally to see films somewhere in Maafanu, but what I really valued was the trip to a different resort each Friday. Free boat, but we were expected to have lunch at the restaurant - which cost only about U.S.$10 at the time. Now, there were one or two Sri Lankans in other professions who had joined the Club, but when word got around that a teacher from the neighbouring country had joined there was dismay; nobody else was to be given membership! It was said that my country-folk would join only to get drunk, and perhaps, unruly. Also it was made out that we wouldn't have the obligatory meal at the resort. I always did - but I know that some whites used to pack some sandwiches for the trip. Then there was the theory held by a few (only) of the students that we Sri Lankan teachers were there to earn money but that the British VSO teachers were doing charity work. It is to their credit that all the VSOs used to debunk that by pointing out that their "allowance" was exactly the same as our pay, but their accommodation usually cost four times as much as ours.

    I enjoyed my year's stay so much that a few years later I returned for two more years. The UNDP Club was not a formal organisation any more, but the boats still plied, albeit usually only to "Bodu Bandos" (Thank you, Vice-President Deen). If I had to name one thing that persuaded me back to the Maldives, I'd say, actually, that it was the coral reef around Kuda Bandos. My child-hood Maldivian friend was pleasantly surprised to find that I had brought back the fins he had presented to me; he had not thought that they would last so long. Well, they are still with me - in the "salubrious" climate of my village in the hills. Who knows, I may still swim around Kuda Bandos using them.

    One other thing that you Maldivians, and especially the "Tycoons" should remember. It is not any virtue of yours that has made your country the best off in the region. Whether it was Allah, or God, or Providence that gave you those wonderful reefs, be grateful.

  9. There is no compulsion in Islam, so why this ridiculous need to force religion into every aspect of maldivian society?

    Only small minds fear the freedom of choice.

  10. I think Mohamed Nasheed is a world class politician and a great gift to the country. Maldivians must use him while he is still available.

    As for his religion, I am sure he is Muslim enough. He does not need to be an Adhaalath type of Muslim.

    There was a time when Muslims were the leading scholars of the world. Muslims mediated ancient classical learning of the Greeks and Romans to the Europeans on the basis of which the Europeans have built their great civilisation of today.

    Look around the world and we see the modern day Muslims lacking in everything that is sacred and valuable. The postion of Muslims in the world is so low that it is extremely shameful and humiliating to be Muslims.

    Many Maldivians think they are a great people. The truth is actually they are nothing. Look at the way they talk and behave. They are no more than clowns.

    Oh Gasim Ibrahim, oh Gasim Ibrahim. Withdraw your candidature for presidency. You simply do not have what it takes to be the president of even the lowly Maldives.

    Oh Gasim, oh Gasim. Count your pennies day and night. Take another wife, and that will be five. Those are the two great things you are good at. Only those things.

  11. @Sri Lankan Teacher on Fri, 1st Nov 2013 10:48 PM

    "Whether it was Allah, or God, or Providence that gave you those wonderful reefs, be grateful."

    (1) Couldn't agree more. Your writing reflects some things that have been lost from our culture in the last two decades or so.

    (2) A dark strand of intolerance has taken hold in almost all works of life. Whether that came from the Madrasaas of Pakistan, Middle East or somewhere else is debatable.

    (3) The above point is related to the brandishing of MDP as somehow less "Islamic" that others. I echo the views of @tsk tsk. No leader of this country or party can change our faith! That might have worked in the Middle Ages, but has not worked in modern times anywhere in the world.

    (4) The opponents of MDP are trying to turn a lie into truth by repeating it often enough. Sometimes that works. MDP has to counter that, just like Nasheed did, by reiterating at every rally and in every speech that MDP is a party that will strengthen Islam in the country. Even if its obvious (which it is), people like to hear that, for psychological reasons.

    (5) Finally, I believe that MDP freed the tongue tied "scholars" and lead to their liberation from 30 years of tyranny under Gay and his brand of religion, which I wouldn't call Islam! It was not just the last MDP government that helped in that. The whole democracy movement started off by the modern precursor to MDP brought about all the freedom we have today.

    It is then, ironic that our present day "scholars" are jumping into bed with the very same fellows who used to force them to shave their beards with chili sauce as shaving cream!

    You just have to wonder!

  12. Oh, one more thing before I forget. MDP really ought to distance itself from the likes of Hamid holed up in the Majlis building.

    Also the current attempts at amending the laws so that sentences might be reduced for parliamentarians under threat really diminish the values of MDP! The party must practice what it preaches. Otherwise, what's the difference between PPM and MDP?

    We always accuse PPM of trying to further the fortunes of one family. Likewise, people are accusing MDP now of trying to further the cause of its big wigs!

  13. @ Tsk Tsk

    I perhaps poorly wrote my comment above that you have misunderstood me. What I didn’t at any point set out to do in my above comment was to examine the pros and cons of Secularism in Maldives.

    All that I said is that if Mr Nasheed’s long-term goal as President of Maldives is converting Maldives into a secular liberal state with all the associated individual freedoms then he should state his case & put it to the public openly.

    Instead Nasheed is side-tracking the “For or against Islamic Shariah” or “For or against Liberal Secularism in Maldives” debate altogether. Now with his Velidhoo about turn he is playing once again the Islam card, and effectively laying out the claim that he and his party is more Islamic than the Islamic scholars of Maldives.

    In the short term such deception may land him once again the presidency. However in the long-term it has the potential to lead this nation to unimaginable consequences.

  14. @ Tsk Tsk

    You wrote - “Fools. So after we elect a President he immediately becomes an all-powerful dictator? For god’s sake, as long as we remain a democracy no single President is going to be able to impose either secularism or Islam on us unless the majority of us want it to be so”.

    You so graciously brand some of us fools. May we ask in WHICH planet do you live in? Where on earth do you see policy pursued in line with what the MAJORITY of people in a country want; in matters that count - like going to war, spy on the population or turn secular??? You are too smart and slick a lawyer not to see and understand that & I’m too tired to list the long list of world egs - where EVEN Western Liberal Governments consistently ignore what the majority of their public want.

    As for a supposedly DEMOCRAT turning into an all-powerful dictator – We have the case of Maldivian Democracy being hijacked by non-other than Mr Nasheed himself. Even though from where you are privileged to sit you have a birds- eye view of how it could be done, let me tell you what I saw…

    The splashing of unlimited money, Gov. favours in the form of contracts, islands to purchase MP’s and members of independent institutions, using the police to arrest political opponents & instilling fear on “those who aren’t MDP”, Instilling fear in the judiciary and muzzling the judiciary in the name of universally accepted need for judicial reforms & finally muzzling the broadcasting. All these we saw in 2008. What I also predict is passing of laws to proscribe the Adalath Party and passing of laws that will effectively muzzle the Islamic scholars.

    In a tea cup like the Beautiful Maldives, these events probably would be so drastic that what happened in Ata Turks Turkey and Nasser’s Egypt would like a cake-walk.

    Democratic reforms were hijacked in 2008 & have never recovered, and never ever take root. Why? Because the rule of law was made a mockery of in Nasheed’s term. It was continued by President Waheed by not bringing to justice the law breakers such as Nasheed and the many MP’s breaking the law – all in the name of political expediency. What we see in Maldives is the CRASS failure of Democracy in Maldives. Because Maldives is a tea-cup we all see the flaws because it’s just at the tip of our noses.

  15. All Maldivians are and shall remain Muslims by birth and by law.

    The fact that we see people going to mosques does not mean all of them are TRUE MUSLIMS, but of course they are muslims.

    To me, anyone who is a pedophile, rapist, murderer, steals public money, prostitutes or beats up his wife is NOT a MUSLIM. Look around you and decide for yourself, but the fact remains no one would even know the actual faith of the other!

    Love God and be good to humanity.

  16. @Sri Lankan Teacher
    By gosh, if you take so long to come to point, how does your class cope with your lectures? Do you allow pillows in your classes?

  17. The religions are definitely very natural and it is an evolutionary game play. Religions are best for human to reduce competition for food. It is true without religion human population can be dangerous for survival of planet earth. Science is against the nature, religions are part of nature. Religions divide people and create rivalry so they can fight each other and reduce the unchecked infestation of human population, which is the Nature’s ways to balance eco system. Also religion is the best way to stop people from using their brain as use of brain is also against the nature. Therefore it is very true that religions are from the God and you can’t eradicate something that is integral part of its survival.

  18. @Aleem on Sat, 2nd Nov 2013 7:07 AM

    "What I also predict is passing of laws to proscribe the Adalath Party and passing of laws that will effectively muzzle the Islamic scholars."

    (1) Arguably, that'd be the best thing that could happen to this country! Who are these "scholars"? What qualifications do they hold?

    (2) The fact of the matter is that Maldives was more "Islamic" under the last MDP government than ever before in history. We all remember a time when Gay moon was the head of the whole kitchen and sink. Gay moon's word was The Religion and The Law.

    In 2008, a specific Ministry responsible for Islam was setup for the first time and Adhaalath was given free reign to do whatever they please in that Ministry. What did they do with that responsibility?

    (3) If Maldives turns into a secular state, then that'd be Allah's will. Everything happens because Allah willed it to be so! Now, where's a Muslim that wants to argue with Allah's will?

  19. Religions are for gullible uneducated people. The majority of Maldivians are gullible people. When they are educated enough you don’t need to secularize them, It is matter of time, Adalath will be the garbage of the past. When I die and if I meet Allah, Iwill ask him why did you have to send people like Adalath to convince me your existence. Didn't you have better way then using these brainless zombies, we human have better technology; we can do much better than this, we have invented even machines that can do better job than your bunch of crazy Adalathists. Why did you not send some silicon base machine to teach us your moral guideline, instead of this carbon base inferior product?

  20. @ Ahmed Bin
    “ … I echo the views of @tsk tsk. No leader of this country or party can change our faith! That might have worked in the Middle Ages, but has not worked in modern times anywhere in the world”.
    Repeating something often enough it takes a life of its own and is quasi accepted as truth. Another strategy adopted by some is to put forward a question in such a way so as to take the attention from the real question.

    Sure just because a future President's would be conversion to any faith would not be followed by the whole of Maldives following suit. Present day leaders simply do not command the type of respect required for that. There is no question about that and nobody seems to be suggesting it.

    If its a Govts policy to promote “birakanulai majakura” philosophy, promote the use of alcohol and drugs, encourage back packer tourism in populated islands, promote discotheques, denigrate Koran based punishments, speak despairingly about the prophet, mess around with the curricula, then you would soon have 2 generations of Maldivians who are clones of Anni.

    Mission accomplished! 🙂

  21. @ Ahmed

    "If Maldives turns into a secular state, then that’d be Allah’s will. Everything happens because Allah willed it to be so! Now, where’s a Muslim that wants to argue with Allah’s will?"

    I cant help but think you know exactly what you are talking about. You puzzle me and are an enigma and you scare me.

    Argue about Allah's Will? How very strange. Lets remind ourselves if I may that the golden standard is to tie your camel securely and then when you wake up in the morning and find it gone you say Alhamdulilahi and smile knowing its Allah's will.

    Its only an ignorant who would retire for the night leaving the camel untied invoking Allah's Will that it would not wander away. Like I said its obvious you know what you are talking about - very well.

  22. @Ali on Sat, 2nd Nov 2013 5:12 PM

    "If its a Govts policy to promote “birakanulai majakura” philosophy, promote the use of alcohol and drugs, encourage back packer tourism in populated islands, promote discotheques, denigrate Koran based punishments, speak despairingly about the prophet, mess around with the curricula, then you would soon have 2 generations of Maldivians who are clones of Anni."

    I thought a bit about whether I should respond or not, since you're actually trolling here. Anyway, here are some thoughts:

    (1) We can safely say that a government such as the one you painted cannot exist in the Maldives, not for a very long time to come.

    (2) MDP's "birakaanulai ...", i.e. "enjoy without fear" is a great policy, in fact. Did you know that the most popular reason for youth taking to drugs is due to boredom? I believe MPD's policy is aimed at solving that particular problem.

    I've seen how people from countries where there are terrible restrictions on social life (countries in the Middle East) behave when they go abroad. They simply lose control of themselves; going into bars, brothels etc. It's like they are trying to make up for years of frustration.

    In the Maldives, we have a good example of that. Remember Ali Hameed. He must be permanently scarred for life after living in Makkah. Imagine the guy's boredom! Watching tented penguins pass by has led the man to a life of paying for s*x with prostitutes.

    In short, our youth need to have avenues for them to socialise within the laws of our land. As adults we start to forget that the youth have so much energy and we need to direct that along the right channels. Forward with "birakaanulai ...."

  23. You don't want other religions in your country but you don't mind taking Kaffir's money and foreigners mostly nonmuslims vacationers to visit and spend their dollars and pounds. All of you are biggest hypocrite Muslims!

  24. @ Virendra,

    Criticism understood! Few Maldivians would like a guy with my credentials to lecture them. I was making many significant points, but I had to establish the fact that I speak not only with some knowledge, but that I also care.

    So, note what I've said about ecology, foreign languages, stereotyping, drugs, and religious tolerance. Thanks for your comment!

  25. “There is no need for us all to be alike and think the same way, neither do we need a common enemy to force us to come together and reach out to each other. If we allow ourselves and everyone else the freedom to fully individuate as spiritual beings in human form, there will be no need for us to be forced by worldly circumstances to take hands and stand together. Our souls will automatically want to flock together, like moths to the flame of our shared Divinity, yet each with wings covered in the glimmering colors and unique patterns of our individual human expression.”
    ― Anthon St. Maarten

  26. To everyone who's saying there's no compulsion in Islam, please stop lying. When Muhammed died, the Ridda wars were fought to kill apostates who left the religion because the 'prophet' was no more. Also, in Islamic states, non-muslims had to either pay taxes or convert to be safe. Does Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or even Malaysia tolerate apostasy? All muslim states. Islam's stance is this: Once you become a muslim, you are either one until you die, or you die when you leave.

  27. @ Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb

    Thx. Understood your line of reasoning. It has some merit though I don't share your view point- ie all f it. Couldn't help but laugh at the penguins.

  28. Momo! You are so right!!! And clever! You are hitting the nail on its head! Thanks for so much common sense!

  29. @ wives & concubines

    That there cannot be compulsion  in religion is a Koranic Injunction (2:256) - that a Muslim CANNOT override. In an Islamic state a victim of any compulsion in religion could have legal redress. 

    I believe your accusation of lieing stems from confusion. It's best you seek out your closest Islamic scholar sheik.

    Once a person accepts Islam he Becomes a Muslim entering the fold of the Muslim Ummat a universal brotherhood. In effect it's a super state - the functional unit being the family then working up in the hierarchy ...  neighbour, neighbour-
    Hood, village, town, state, Islamic Ummat.

    Just as a pin prick has the potential to effect the smooth functioning of the whole body any harm or good is (should) be felt in the Islamic Ummat. 

    Leaving the fold of Islam is viewed as treason - akin to treason in a secular state. Treason in both cases have the potential to destroy the state structure  completely - a potential existential threat. Perhaps this is why High Treason is punishable by death universally.

    One cancerous cell has the potential of effecting other cells multiplying n replacing healthy cells until the whole organ is cancerous & spreads to other organs until the person dies. 

    An apostate is that first cancerous cell - if not got rid of  has the potential to effect the whole organism working up the hierarchy - family, neighbourhood etc. 

    Advice u to Seek out your sheik. 


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