Oversight committee rejects President Yameen’s nominees for Prosecutor General

Parliament’s independent institutions oversight committee last night decided against recommending for approval President Abdulla Yameen’s nominees for the vacant post of Prosecutor General (PG).

According to opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Rozaina Adam, the committee awarded President Yameen’s nephew Maumoon Hameed 33 percent and Criminal Court Judge Muhthaz Muhsin 67 percent following a vetting process.

A minimum score of 75 percent or marks is required for the committee to recommend a nominee for approval. The pair were interviewed by the committee last Thursday night (July 10).

Marks were awarded following evaluation of their academic qualifications, experience, competency, management skills, leadership qualities, achievements, and integrity.

The nominees will however be put to a vote on the People’s Majlis floor.

The ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has a clear majority of the 85-member house with 43 MPs in addition to five MPs of coalition partner Maldives Development Alliance (MDA).

The independent institutions oversight committee is comprised of five PPM MPs, one MDA MP, three MDP MPs and two Jumhooree Party (JP) MPs.

The final evaluation process took place at a closed session last night where opposition MPs reportedly awarded zero marks to both nominees.

In April, Maumoon Hameed failed to garner the required 39 votes in the previous parliament – falling just three votes short – four months after he was put forward by President Yameen.

Article 221 of the constitution states, “The President shall appoint as Prosecutor General a person approved by a majority of the total membership of the People’s Majlis from the names submitted to the People’s Majlis as provided for in law.”

The independent oversight committee in the 17th People’s Majlis had also rejected Hameed’s nomination after the lawyer failed to meet the assessment criteria.

“Approval is based on a preset grading scheme, and not on members’ opinions,” MP Rozaina told Minivan News at the time.

The PG’s post has been vacant since November following the resignation of Ahmed Muizz ahead of a scheduled no-confidence motion in parliament.

Moreover, Acting PG Hussein Shameem’s resignation in early May brought the criminal justice system to a halt after state prosecutors went on strike, citing concerns of a lack of accountability in the absence of a PG.

However, the Supreme Court ordered prosecutors to resume work “without any further excuse” and ordered the seniormost official at the PG office to assume the PG’s responsibilities.

President Yameen meanwhile refused to submit a new nominee to the 17th Majlis during the crisis and opened up a third call for applicants, announcing his intention to nominate Hameed – son of former Atolls Minister Abdulla Hameed – for a second time to the newly elected 18th People’s Majlis.

Meanwhile, at its meeting last night, the independent institutions committee also awarded 68 percent to President Yameen’s nominee for the Police Integrity Commission, Adam ‘Kurolhi’ Zahir.

The committee however approved the nominations of former MP Abdul Azeez Jamal Abubakur for the newly created post of Information Commissioner with 88 percent and Aishath Zahira for deputy governor of the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) with 90 percent.


5 thoughts on “Oversight committee rejects President Yameen’s nominees for Prosecutor General”

  1. This can only be either a charade OR a sign of rift between Qayoom sr and Qayoom jr

  2. Prez Yameen and the second most powerful man in the government namely hon. Adeeb wants to appoint Muhthaz as PG, which is why he scored much more marks than Maumoon Hameed.

    Former Prez Maumoon really wants to the job to go to his cousin Maumoon Hameed which highlights the big rift between these 2 factions within the ruling PPM.

    Without doubt Muhthaz will be appointed as PG by the Majlis as he instructions are clear.

  3. Rozaina has a degree in dhivehi language. Is she qualified to vet these people?

  4. Yameen says his family has educated people. What a joke!!! What about Bunny (Bunyamin)?? What about Ghassan?? He was asked to leave Medical University in England due to reckless driving and death of a person.

    And how did Abdulla Hameed's children got thier education??? Abdullah Hameed was the Education Minister! So many times, candidates who had the merit to go on scholarships were cancelled and given to Abdullah Hameed's children. Fathin Hameed (May Peace Be Upon Her Soul).also did her first degree, Masters and Ph.D without taking any break in between or coming back to Maldives.

    And what about Yameen!!! I studied with him for the first degree. I was never able to get a scholarship to do my Masters. My transcription has more credits of distinction. I applied for the same coourse of Public Policy that Yaameen applied. Yaameen was selected!!!! Definitely, his brother was the President!!!

    All Yaameen's family got their education (whatever they might have got) by UNFAIR means. Dunya and Yumna studied Geology and Anthropology.

    Maumoon Hameed. Just because Yameen boasts that his family has educated people, however is not qualified for the job. If you consider the fact that the family has educated people, then, Dr. Mariyam Zulfa is more eligible.

    Which family has 5 Doctors from one family?? Dr. Mariyam Zulfa. Dr. Rami Hassan. Dr. Zahida Hassan. Dr. Farahanaz Hassan. And Juha himself is not less than a Doctor. He is one of the most intelligent persons in the Maldives.

    Select Zulfa.

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