Palm trees used by MDP to curse President Yameen, alleges senior government official

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) were using areca palm trees planted in Malé by the city council for black magic to curse President Abdulla Yameen with ill health, an anonymous senior government official has alleged.

“The palm trees were planted with black magic,” the unnamed official told newspaper Haveeru today, claiming that the sorcery or black magic was the reason for the main opposition party’s concern and preoccupation with the felling of the trees in the early hours of October 24.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed alleged that masked Specialist Operations (SO) police officers in plainclothes chopped down the palm trees with machetes.

Patrolling police officers from the Maafanu police station arrested two of the perpetrators, Nasheed told the press on Tuesday (October 28), claiming that the suspects were handed over to the SO on the orders of a senior official from the SO command.

The pair were taken to the police Iskandhar Koshi barracks on an SO vehicle, he claimed.

Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed held a press conference yesterday and denied police involvement in the incident, dismissing the opposition leader’s allegations as “baseless”.

Haveeru meanwhile claimed to have learned that the palm trees were cut down because senior government officials believed the MDP was using the trees to practice black magic.

The local daily claimed that senior members of the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) believe that the trees were planted for use in black magic or sorcery, noting that several areca palm trees were uprooted during anti-government protests in January 2012.

The MDP-dominated city council planted the palm trees – donated by the Indian High Commission – in October 2011 as part of efforts to make the capital greener.

President’s health

Haveeru also referred to rumours of President Yameen undergoing brain surgery in Singapore to remove a tumour following his most recent unofficial trip to the country.

President’s Office Spokesperson Ibrahim Muaz had dismissed the rumours as false and assured that the president and first lady were in good health, after MDP leader Nasheed had questioned Yameen’s absence from the country.

A close associate of President Yameen told the newspaper that the president did not seek treatment for a brain tumour.

Instead, the associate claimed, the president sought treatment for infections caught during his Hajj pilgrimage and had to be admitted at a Singapore hospital.

The anonymous government official said the president’s close associates believe that black magic or sorcery using the palm trees were responsible for the president’s ill health.

The associates advised President Yameen that the palm trees were the cause of his health problems, the senior official said.

“[They] believe that [President Yameen’s] health worsens with every palm frond that falls off the areca palm trees. And that his health would worsen further with every tree that blossoms,” the anonymous official was quoted as saying.

The official further claimed that the housing ministry had sent a letter to the home ministry requesting the trees be taken down.

“Those who [chopped down the trees] did it because the home ministry wouldn’t,” the president’s close associate told the local daily.

“This has to be done for the sake of national security as well. That is the palm trees can be taken down when the head of state’s life is in danger,” he was quoted as saying.

“President Yameen got relief when the palm trees were cut down. And the black magic is being exposed by the MDP’s actions, isn’t it? Less than 24 hours after the palm trees were cut down, [MDP MP Reeko] Moosa [Manik] announced he would contest in the [MDP’s presidential] primary.”

Allegations supported

Police officers have also told Haveeru on condition of anonymity that former President Nasheed’s allegations were true.

“We were on duty that night. The police command said masked men were cutting down the trees,” a police officer claimed.

A second police source alleged that the two or three groups of officers from the SO SWAT who cut down the trees were wearing SO balaclavas or masks.

“The Maafanu police caught two groups. They caught one on Lily Magu and he fell when they struck him on the back,” the police source alleged.

Credible sources have corroborated the claims to Minivan News, revealing that the incident has caused a rift between the SO and capital police commands.

In May 2012, police raided the MDP’s Usfasgadu protest camp over “suspected black magic performed in the area.”

The search warrant obtained from the Criminal Court alleged that on May 25 “MDP protesters threw a cursed rooster at MNDF officers.”


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  1. did they know that the trees were planted in 2011 and after those trees were planted, nothing good happened after 7 Feb 2012 to MDP. i wonder if thre was a curse

  2. So, Minivan final speaks the truth about this event. They still don't explained that the carving were of Surah Yaseen along with Yameen so who ever does this is an attempt to curse Yameen and has knowledge in black magic.

  3. We are no better than tribal people living in the jungle of Papua New Guinea a century ago.

  4. If it were a solution to the President's ailment, these people must think of uprooting all the trees planted on the side of all roads, bringing down all constructions and excavate every foundation that was laid during the time of Nasheed! How is it not possible if the surah was not inscribed on them as Kashim say!
    This may be a total solution!

  5. Yamins fathers side people believe in blackmagic more than they believe in GOD. This may be the reason why they plunder the trees.

    As I heard that President Yamin is in a decease.

    I was playing cricket with Maumoon sisters son Amil jaleel.

    Every morning before the match he came with a blackmagic papers written in Arabic wrapped up in a tread asking me to burry them. One on balling end the other under the pitch.

    Ami was told he will win the by black magic not by skills by his grandfather.

    He comes and tells me that the black magic is made and given by his grandfather Mr.Gayoom.The father of President Maumoon and Yamin is his Uncles.

    The elder brother showed me a jeans that they want to send him custody.

    The inside part of the jeans was written in arabic with black magic.I was told the same thing it's written by his grandfather, the father of President Yamin and Maumoon.

    Adeel Jaleel told me that his grandfather told his the justices will be a default.

  6. @Mohammed Naseem

    You confuse Yamin with Nasheed, Nasheed engaged in this black magic and even his own worship here admit this trees were plant under his presidency by INDIA. Your own news paper admit this.

    @A Maldivian

    If you know black magic Surah written in a foundation this should also investigate so the truth out.

  7. The occult pratices of Gayoom himself are well known and common knowledge. He does everything in accordance with Astrology.

    Now we either trust God or the Zodiac but not both..

    So there is the dilemma for Sheik Imran.

  8. I wounder why countries even fight wars .
    Let both sides plan palm trees. A green strategy. Hhahahha

  9. The reaso is Gayom want's to plant again likewhat he did during his lat long 30 years. 9th,17,18th,29, theses are the days he was planting Tress,
    Al sihuru.
    And, every month he sends MDF to shoot at
    Est of Male, on Zuhuls Saaathuga.

    The same thing is going on.

  10. Nasheed did this. He gave money to some guys to cut those trees.

    The purpose if doing it to blame someone else and then to become in limelight again.

    Prooof : Nasheed had given a full report on how this was done and it was very clear that he knew exactly how it was done since he is the one who plan and got it done.

  11. This is only the beginning - a test run to see if the stupid sheep will swallow the story of sihuru.

    Next, they'll behead opposition figures and label them as 'sihuruverin' to silence any investigation and justify murder.

  12. Hero
    It was Nasheed who casted the magic on to Yamin.What a moronic bunch of people you really are.Mr hero what you fail to understand is that the way of the world is that Heros are not made but rather born.No matter how much you try to badmouth or belittle nahseed it dosent have any significance on anything.Your call is like a dying call,people just hear,but they don't care about it,they just ignore it,most consider it as a nuisance.You said you are not a pinkie,but in fact you are.You believe in Yamins economic miracle,but you fail to understand that it is a false prophecy,he is not the ADAM SMITH you believe him to be,but he is rather Pablo Escoba.Isnt he.His closet aid is not allen greenspan,but carlos the Jackel aka adheeb.Your anger only consumes you and your soul.On this board nobody cares about you,because you are that insignificant.They know how dimwitted you are.You claim to hold a grand position in a resort (villa or sun?).The people who employed you must be out of their minds to employ a moron like you.Nasheed is already in the history books,people who matters believes in him.But you believe in Nihan or Adurey.That shows how cheap you really are.I comment on your comments because I consider you as a clown and I find you amusing.

  13. @Hero: Wrong.

    We gave him that list. But you wouldn't know that, right?

    Ah, but it's true - your police are like that; the person who reports the crime is persecuted. The child who reports being raped is flogged, and returned to the rapist. We are aware of how much worse than Sadhoom your pathetic country is.

  14. @Hero

    The purpose if doing it to blame someone else and then to become in limelight again.what do you mean by this.You better start an online english class


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