Parents object to ballot box in Guraidhoo School over allegations of black magic

Parents at Guraidhoo Island School have refused to allow a polling station in the school for the upcoming presidential elections, due to concerns over black magic practiced by a local witch.

The parents alleged there was a witch on the island who, during previous elections, had cast spells to influence the outcome in favour of the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) which had affected children after targeting the school premises.

Speaking to Minivan News on condition of anonymity, one islander said a ballot box was last allowed in the school during the local council elections in 2011.

‘’After the local council elections the school students started fainting inside the classrooms and this became a huge issue,’’ the islander said. ‘’The parents knew this was related to something like this and called in a group of spiritual healers.’’

He said the spiritual healers forced the spirits talk to them through the body of the possessed students, who told the healers that they were unable to leave the students as long as the products of sorcery remained inside the school grounds. The spirits reportedly told the healers the exact locations where the sorceress had placed the spells.

‘’A group of islanders, parents and the healers dug up the area and found a clay pot with Arabic letters all over it, and a big tumbled ball of cellophane with blood inside it,’’ he said.

He said after the objects were removed the spell was broken and the students were fine.

‘’When the spirits spoke to the healers it revealed the name of a lady from the island and said she was the sorceress and she was casting spells to make PPM win,’’ he added.

‘’If the school is going to be a polling station again, the sorceress will cast spells on the school and all the students will be affected,’’ he said.

Online newspaper CNM has today reported that the Elections Commission had decided to place the ballot box inside Guraidhoo School despite the concerns of the parents.

According to the paper, Elections Commissioner Fuwad Thowfeek had reassured the parents that the commission would take full responsibility if any such thing should happen.


8 thoughts on “Parents object to ballot box in Guraidhoo School over allegations of black magic”

  1. LOL. 17th century Salem? Superstitious Dhivehistanis need to realise that all these sorcerers are con-men trying to take their money. When they contacted these snakeoil vendors about the fainting kids (probably their minions), they buried the junk secretly and then dug it up and blamed some innocent scapegoat woman they (or their paymaster) wanted to punish. Arabization only makes this worse. This school doesn't need a ballot box. It needs critical thinking. Lots of it.

  2. Is this the 21st century Maldives or is it an excerpt from "alf layla wa layla"? I'm laughing my arse off. Snake oil vendors should take note: Guraidhoo has some of the most gullible people around and there's a business opportunity not to be missed.

  3. Can we really blame them? Poverty, terrible education and a dumb religion would probably keep these islanders in the dark ages for the foreseeable future.

  4. It's all explained here......

  5. Mind you, black magic, sorcery and other dark arts exists on these islands long before Islam arrived thanks to a wandering sailor. So Islam cannot be blamed solely for the ignorance of the present generation.

    However, those ancient practises were incorporated into and mixed with Islamic rituals to create even more bizarre concoctions.

  6. I dont know if am gullible or no .. But i do belive in it .. As i have come across situation like it ..

  7. The power these sorcerers have is often very real, and all over the world it is a power which is abused to fulfil dark desires for sexual domination, or power, or hunger for vengeance'. The way they work is through culturally instilled belief in and fear of their sorcery. the sorcerers are powerful hypnotists, usually using intimidation to impose mental surrender upon their victims to make them suggest able to the point of receiving delusions.
    I will tell you a story about a real life encounter I had with an aboriginal sorcerer who stole my soul and nearly killed me, until he returned my soul to me by placing it back inside me with his hand on my stomach. Of course, he never really had my soul but I am just giving an example of how effective their psycho somatic influence can be.
    It can take years of re- acculturation and will strengthening to give some people the mental capacity to resist the power of sorcery ad it goes so deep into the subconscious mind.
    To start with you have to see someone laugh off and defy the sorcery to show you it is weak and not all powerful.
    I o

  8. I'll tell the story another night, about the night the Mabran sorcerer devoured my senses in his terrifying gaze, grabbed my lower stomach near my kidney, and held my life essence, my inner shadow, in his hand, able to kill me by clenching his fist in my presence.


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