Parliament accepts Police Integrity Commission Act for vote

The parliament today accepted the Police Integrity Commission Act presented by People’s Alliance (PA) MP Abdu-Raheem Abdulla, with the objective of making the Police Integrity Commission an independent body.

Out of the 67 MPs present, 36 MPs voted to accept the bill for preliminary debate and decide whether or not to pass it into law.

According to the bill, members of political parties or political activists would be banned from being member of the commissions.

The father, mother, son, daughter, wife or husband of a police officer would also be blocked from being a member of the commission, according to the bill.

Appointing members to the commission would be parliament’s responsibility, and a member of the commission could be dismissed if a parliament majority found that person incompetent or incapable.

The President of the Commission also will be determined by the parliament in a sitting by popular vote.

The PIC currently operates under the Police Act, and the Commissioner appointed by the President.

According to the bill, it would be prohibited for the PIC to disclose any information a commission member receives in an investigation unless for the investigative purposes of a lawful body.

Parliament’s finance committee is responsible for determining the wages and allowances of the commission members, the bill states.

The police are obliged to inform the commission within 24 hours if anyone dies, attempts suicide or is seriously injured while under police charge, according to the Integrity Commission Act.

The bill also rescinds all articles concerning the Police Integrity Commission from the Police Act.


5 thoughts on “Parliament accepts Police Integrity Commission Act for vote”

  1. The first objective of this country should be to ensure the integrity of Parliament itself. Without that, this is just another attempt to steal power by MPs sitting in the comfort of their chambers.

    "Parliament’s finance committee is responsible for determining the wages and allowances of the commission members, the bill states."

    Very nice. Our MPs get yet more power to dispose of state money to whoever they like! Imbeciles!

  2. Police who cannot answer 4 questions in 8 months have little integrity............... j

  3. Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb

    I fully agree on your comments.....Dirty MPs are drinking peoples blood in the Peoples Majlis

  4. Very interesting comments and I do agree that much has happened for the average citizen to lose faith in our Majlis. We have seen time and time again the members of the Majlis conduct themselves in a manner that creates doubt and mistrust between the people and the members of Majlis.
    However, I am also hopeful that the creation of a Police Integrity Commission and the appointment of Bona-fide and Credible persons with a track record of integrity with merit to their personality will be good for the country.
    It is also been very optimistic that this process will go un-politicized especially in a situation of such polarized politics in the country. But the strengthening of the institutions however polarized or in whatever measure is a step forward and we the citizens shall hope that it will be a move towards establishing a system in which eventually justice will prevail.
    “It is the perpetual dream of all citizens that no nightmare is forever, and the parliamentarians to know that no dream is forever. “ (By the author)


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