Parliament cancelled during debate over retrials

Speaker of the Parliament Abdulla Shahid cancelled last night’s hearing on the Court’s Bill when the debate heated up between ruling and opposition party MPs, during the last sitting of the second session of parliament for 2010.

A statement issued by the parliament this morning said that the parliament had ceased for recess and would resume in October.

During last night’s session, ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs expressed disapproval amendments proposed by Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MPs, however all the amendments presented by the opposition were passed.

The amendment that triggered uproar was a proposal to prevent the courts from conducting trials related to activities of the former government. The amendment also obstructs the retrial of controversial cases.

MDP Parliamentary Group leader Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik claimed that last night’s sitting was to be cancelled “because DRP MPs tried to take hold the judiciary in their fists more than they already do.”

‘’We had to protest against the way parliament’s session was conducted when DRP MPs forwarded their self-interest,’’ said Moosa. ‘’DRP presented an amendment that disables courts hold trials of ‘recent cases’.’’

He said the “friendly environment” in parliament established after conclusion of the constitutional deadline “has now vanished because of the DRP MPs.”

DRP MP Abdulla Mausoom said last night’s session “was ruined” by MDP MPs when the session “was not going the way MDP MPs wanted.’’

“We have the right to propose amendments; all the things they are saying are excuses,’’ said Mausoom. “MDP MPs just do not like following the due procedure of the parliament.’’

Mausoom said MDP MPs had previously boycotted parliament sessions when matters did not go the way they wanted, and suggested it would have been better “if they also did so this time”.

‘’Our amendments were proposed to broaden the bill and to frame it in such a way that the courts can perform their work best,’’ he said. ‘’All the amendments were presented after discussion with [DRP’s] parliamentary group.”

The Bill on Courts was presented to the parliament by the government.


9 thoughts on “Parliament cancelled during debate over retrials”

  1. So, who is telling the truth? Mr Mausoom will of course claim to be the right hand of God. He can do nothing wrong.

    Where are the facts? Journalism is about presenting facts, I'd have thought?

  2. Shameless and deplorable ways of using the partiament to protect the crimes of the old regime continues. Shame on you Mausoom. Shame on you all DRP MPs.

  3. Shame is not on DRP or anyone!
    Shame is on us!
    We are happy when we are NOT paid in full measure!
    We are all happy that Maumoon and his GANGS OF THIEVES are making law to protect themselves!
    We are happy someone is fighting a cause!
    We are all happy to criticize what is not done or what cannot be done!
    We are happy to let parliament do this!

  4. the public should administer their own justice if the former dictatorship tries to hind behind their grubby DRP MPs.

  5. Public must come out of hiding and do justice to themselves! This is ridiculous and ending up nowhere!

    Are we nowhere people to sit and wait to watch the "Former President", who in reality have literally cut off our galls!

  6. Please dissolve this party system it is creating more discrepancies and try to run the country in a more rule based manner and it can be done without party system. We don't have to follow the mainstream and we should be able to find a system that suits best of us and not for other. This is a much too smaller country and we don't have party politics or understanding of party system our population is young and have no such experience. This time we have a flaw in the system and we have to correct while last time we had flaw in leadership but we corrected the whole system. For once make a right decision and take correct action.

  7. I think it is better to let the DRP run this show trying to dodge jail time for the crooks who owns DRP. It is sad some of the crooks are still hanging on to Gayoom and Yaameen who are the biggest crooks of the century.

  8. @Jameela.
    Don't just think.
    Get ready to pay a visit to the Parliament and the parliamentarians who are harassing people by passing uncalled for bills and ask them to quit parliament or face "MUSIC OF THE PEOPLES"!
    Eid kulhelan rangalhuvaane kanneynge!


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