Parliament’s approval of Financial Bill will impact pledges, say MDP

The parliament has today approved a Financial Bill including an amendment which declares that government can only lease a state asset or could borrow money from a foreign country under specific legislation approved by parliament.

The bill was approved 41 in favour to 33 against out of 75 members present.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed ‘Colonel’ Nasheed said he regretted the bill had been passed and that he was “very concerned” over its approval.

”All the services that MDP has planned to provide for the people will be disrupted according to this bill,” said Nasheed.

”Right now there is a hung parliament and it is very difficult to bring out and sufficient results from it.”

Nasheed said that responsibility for the country’s financial condition was the duty of the President and the Finance Ministry, according to the constitution.

”The Bill was not approved in the best interests of the country,” he added. ”I regret the approved amendments [governing privatisation].”

Spokesperson for MDP Ahmed Haleem said the bill was approved according to “the self-interest of two or three businessmen in parliament.”

”This bill will obstruct the public and private partnership policy of the government,” said Haleem. ”It was not passed for the benefit of the people of the country.”

However, Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Dr Abdulla Mausoom said that the government was required to govern the country “according to how its people wish.”

”The parliament represents the people,” Dr Mausoom said, ”and according to the bill, the government will now need the approval of the parliament when leasing state assets or taking loans from other countries.”

Dr Mausoom said the parliament “belongs to the people” and would only make decisions “for the benefit of the people.”

”I do not see any article in the bill that disrupts the government’s pledges,” he said. ”Privatising Male’ International Airport was not a pledge of the government.”

A senior government official Minivan News spoke to during the privatisation signing ceremony accused the opposition “of running a scorched earth policy to deny the government any chance of improving the country. It’s so short sighted – what do they hope to inherit if they gain power in the next election?”


10 thoughts on “Parliament’s approval of Financial Bill will impact pledges, say MDP”

  1. Colonel Nasheed, in US also they have a "Hung Parliament" ... LOL, in UK they have a "Hung Parliament" and we the small country Maldives also a "Hung Parliament" we should be proud Colonel.


  2. People like Dhonbile is speaking about the interest of Maldives. What a big laugh.!!!!!

  3. All of this will backfire on DRP/PA in a very short period of time. There is absolutely no doubt that this is pure revenge and hatred towards the current government.

    Disguising that as "representing people" doesn't fool anyone.

  4. Just as the President is speaking about Maldives being open for business, the "people's" representatives have firmly shut the door to investors in the Maldives. Bye bye investors!

  5. As an employee of MACL, I welcome the recent changes. We here at the company managing the airport know the everyday difficulties faced due to poor maintenance and low capital investment. The commercial land owned by MACL has great potential rarely realized by the narrow scope of commercial activities. These are issues which would benefit from the experience and investment of multinational companies such as GMR and MAH.

    The preponderance of MPs in the Maldivian parliament are indeed short-sighted and it is an undebatable fact that the opposition is hellbent on slowing the pace of development in their own interests and at the expense of Maldivian citizenry - national interest be damned! This is mainly due to the fact that the MDP came to power with the promise of a power-sharing structure in the absence of which they have become a minority government.

    In fiscal terms, development has already been slowed with a reduction in dividends which MIGHT have been received by the Maldivian people if the political climate was more favorable. Maldivian politics is not just in its infancy but the politicians are infants themselves.

  6. great news alteast now i m sure that anni cannot privatize the space between my two legs coz he thought that was right thing to do. anni is a man who could nt run a carpentry business how could who manage to run a country. thank you majilis.

  7. People-elected Majlis members killing people, while taking rf 60,000 monthly off peoples blood! This is the darkest day in the history of this country. DRP being sucking peoples bloog for 30 year, Thasneem is now leading to continue that. ARREST THEM ALL FOR NEXT FOUR YEARS!!


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