Parliament’s CSC and HRCM appointments “capable and willing”: Zuhair

Parliament selected three of the eight names proposed by President Mohamed Nasheed for members of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM).

The three members appointed for HRCM were Maryam Azra Ahmed of Maafannu Hukuradhige, Jeehaan Mahmood of Dheyliyage in Hinnavaru of Lhaviyani Atoll and Ahmed Thalal of Henveiru Adduge. Former President of HRCM Ahmed Saleem was not approved by the parliament.

In the same session on Thursday, Parliament appointed five members for the CSC: Dr Mohamed Latheef of Mahchangolhi Kimbi, Mohamed Fahmy Hassan of Galolhu Kohgiri, Ahmed Hassan Didi of Galolhu New Waves, Abdulla Jinah and Khadheeja Adam of Galolhu Alafaruge.

Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair, said that the government believed “all persons appointed are capable and willing persons.”

“The President proposed names to the parliament including the people who are already members of the commission,’’ said Zuhair. “Parliament researched the names and appointed names for the CSC and HRCM.’’

Both the CSC and HRCM were left in constitutional limbo last week after parliament failed to conduct the reappointments in time for the interim period deadline of August 7.

Prior to the appointment of commission members on Thursday, a source at HRCM said the legal legitimacy of the institution’s activities were questionable until the new commission was approved: “we don’t even know if we are supposed to be going to work.”


3 thoughts on “Parliament’s CSC and HRCM appointments “capable and willing”: Zuhair”

  1. I wonder how the names were selected and sent to the Parliament. There were 57 people whom included lawyers etc. So on what criterion and basis did the President sent the names to Parliament. No discussion about it or the Paris principles. There were experienced, qualified and experts among the 57 people who applied to HRCM but their names were not transparently and accountably evaluated by President’s office. So it leaves open to lots of questions? Is it corruption, vetted interests of party policies or intention to control and weaken the independent institutions?

  2. I agree with Ahmed that the full list of applicants for any post should be disclosed to the public.

    However, I disagree with Ahmed that MHRC should necessarily have lawyers sitting in it.

    The 8 nominations made by the President's Office to the MHRC shows the President's lack of consideration to strengthen the role of the MHRC.

    And now I'm looking forward to a very disappointing MHRC in the next 5 years.

    Article 4 of MHRC law says that the commission should have ..."people who are actively engaged in promoting human rights..."

    Did anyone hear of Mariyam Azra Ahmed doing any work for human rights before she became a member of the outgoing one?

    She was strategically placed in the outgoing commission by Gayoom because her husband is his handy man who later ran for the Parliament and lost in Mahibadhoo Dhaaira.

    Jeehan Mahmood: A relative of MDP MP Ibrahim Mohamed Salih. She is currently a staff of MHRC.

    Ofcourse, now Juha can defend the President and say that both Azra and Jeehan was promoting human rights while in the commission.

    Mohamed Thalal: A TV star presenter who also sat to moderate the show by Dr Zakir Naik at the unfortunate even where a Maldivian declared himself an apostate.

    He has some qualification related to cultural heritage and god knows what he has done in human rights. A friend of his told me that he applied for HRCM for the fat salary.

    Why in the world did the President nominate Mr Nanreethi Saleem?

    You know Juha, sometimes you don't even understand what you are forced to say.

    And I pity you.

  3. @Press Secretary Zuhair,

    Could you disclose or describe the criteria on which you measured the "capable and willing" aspect of those 3 people?


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