PG appeals MP Adil’s sex abuse case at the High Court

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PG) has appealed MP Hassan Adil’s sexual abuse case at the High Court, after the Criminal Court ruled that the state had failed to present sufficient evidence as per the requirement of Article 47 of the use of Child Sex Abuse (Special Provision)’s Act.

PG officials confirmed to local media that Adil’s case had been submitted to the High Court and the High Court had accepted it.

Police arrested Adil on 4th April 2011 with a court warrant, and on the next day extended his detention period for 15 days. He was later transferred to house arrest.

On June 12 last year the court granted the Prosecutor General (PG)’s permission to hold Adil in house arrest until the trial reached a conclusion.

If the court finds Adil guilty, he would face imprisonment for a period of between 10 to 14 years and would lose his seat in parliament.

Under article 73(c)(3) of the constitution, MPs found guilty of a criminal offence “and sentenced to a term of more than twelve months” would be stripped of their seat.

Police at the time alleged that Adil had sexually abused a 13 year-old girl belonging to a family with whom he was close friends. The family of the victim had raised concerns over the delays in filing the case in court by the Prosecutor General.

MP Hassan Adil was originally elected to the parliament under the ticket of Dr Hassan Saeed’s Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), however he switched allegiance and defected to then ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Following the change of power on February 7, he left the MDP and joined the pro-government Jumhoree Party (JP).


33 thoughts on “PG appeals MP Adil’s sex abuse case at the High Court”

  1. Four male eyeballs (or 8 non menstruating female eyeballs) should have witnessed this act for him to be guilty. That's the Maldivian Evidence Law.

  2. i am no fan of MDP, but this case is very irrational. we are just making a big hoopla out of a very common thing. people have sex in and out of sex. also what is the big difference that one day does make? suppose if the girl was just one day short of the legal mature age and she did whatever she did with Adhil. then suddenly it becomes big issue, whereas had it happened just one day after, it would have been a fine small mistake. see how illogical is this? in islam, a woman is a woman when she physically is mature that is when she menstruates. otherwise she is a child. how clear is that to follow. but we are too zombified to follow anything except our white masters. no?

  3. @jamalu, she wasnt one day short of the legal age, she was FIVE YEARS short of it.
    and for you to justify someone having sex with a minor makes you a filthy disgusting human being. Hope you never get kids

  4. @homosexual, you are also another dysfunctional strange and disgusting part of society, hope your kind gets extinct from HIV or some horrible kind of disease

  5. He has a special way with his female staffs, very very friendly and generous with promiscuous gifts. There should be nicer words for molesting and sexual harassment.

    Molesting and sexual harassment is not a crime in maldives, it is rather a dying art form from our glorious 30 years of servitude heritage. Now only artisans from Gayoom Family can save Adil

  6. Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
    Narrated 'Aisha:
    that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

  7. @homosexual, what do you think the life expectancy of the average lady was back then? half of them died from childbirth, merely getting pneumonia would have resulted death, and most people who lived back then people wrote of in those books were mostly people who lived long enough.

    In todays world, child marriages are not justifiable,

    And yes. condoms may prevent HIV, but that doesn't mean Ill stop hoping you'd live a STD ridden short and unhappy life

  8. It really sad that homosexuals become punching bag of our society; they have to live a lie by marrying women. While dreaming the day that they could marry a man, with Islamic extremism it seems like it’s never gonna happen, the first and last guy who was a gay advocate and a homosexual practitioner got his wind pipe slashed like a fruit cake. These homosexuals’ people wait in agony to come out, to be accepted in society, leash out their frustration and anger with no hopefulness of ever been happy. It’s a crual world once they become known as a homosexual they become the punching bag, be laughed at, molested and abused, rediculed and mad a crazy man by school boys and young lads. It’s a never ending vicious cycle for the homosexuals but they still dream of being important at the places of Maldivian kings and noblemen like they did in the past. Homosexuals hate Mohamed Ameen for breaking the taboo of bringing women to the forefrom of mens life.

  9. @Homosexual

    aaww bro homosexual please keep hope and faith. Maldivians are with you.

  10. @waheed its not islamic extremism, Its not even islam talking here, a man being interested in another man? WHAT?

    You find that appealing? you go issues

  11. Homophobia tells a lot about the other person. 🙂 Google the studies.

    And Aisha lived a long life. He could have waited.

  12. He is the example to follow, Don. That's the justification. 🙂

  13. Don! Please! Look at the violent impact that your intolerance, the intolerance of Maldivian society, is having on people's perceptions of Islam itself.

    If a person is otherwise a kind person, why force them through violence to commit the sin of Nifaq (hypocrisy) which is, according to many scholars, as abominable in the eyes of Allah as Riddah or shirk! Is it not better, to win them over through Mercy, rather than using covert and overt violence (the subtlty the form the threats take in Maldives makes Maldives able to pass itself off as liberal in rthe yeyes of the world) to force them! That way, you save them from the sin of hypocrisy, and have a much better chance at being successful in Da'wah!

    Allegedly, a bunch of MDP supporters, heckled the Adhan, please take a moment to think why, why should they!

    I guarentee you, in their most secret hearts, there are a few Maldivians who hate Islam with a fiercer passion than any Westerner Crusader redneck ever could, and you guys need to take a good long serious look at yourselves to find out why!

  14. Tis news is bad. Maldives shud not hav things like this.


    keep up the good work! say the right thing

  15. @ben

    The word homosexuality shouldn't be placed anywhere near Islam..

    And instigating violence? There wasn't a word said condoning violence in any of the comments above. Just merely wished him ill. Theres a difference between wishing someone death and killing them. I would not act violently upon him, but Id certainly wish him my worst.

    And this whole homosexuality being such a trendy "modern" thing, doesn't make it much less despicable and taking the concept as it is isolated from religion or whatever, its simply horrendous, and as species it doesn't even apply. It would be going down to the level of lower primates and some other mammals who do similar things.

    And to implement your agenda laced world view by attaching it with Islam, simply bastardises all the religion stands for.

    And there are two sides to this,
    There are people like the evil piece of crap who approved of child marriages in the comments above and that being in the name of religion,
    and there are people like you, who sugar coat unnatural disgusting immoral depraved acts such as homosexuality using Islam calling others hypocrites for speaking out against distorting religion,

    You all are part of the problem.

    And speaking on the issue on the article above, its horrible and disgusting and abusing a child cannot be justified at all.
    And nor can be child marriages in this day and age, where children CAN be children and not have lost their concept of childhood after puberty, because the average life expectancy for even in the late 1800's was a little over 40 years old with slightly improved healthcare compared to 1400 years ago, where the average life span was more than slightly less. And then child marriages are to an extent justifiable for them at least because of the number of early deaths, and women dying from childbirth.

  16. @ben

    And to an extent I agree with what you said Maldivians or anyone to be angry at Islam,

    people who represent the religion are unproductive, lazy, nuts whose world view is extremely within their own fish bowl.
    Hence there is no creativity, innovation or room for constructive growth and criticism and education for people, especially young people.

    But.. certain things, like this matter
    simply horrendous

  17. Oh, due to an extremely serious situation, I HAVE to make one extremely important point. It will seem like a bit of a crazy thing to say for those who do not understand, but, I MUST say this, and, there will come a time i will need to remember where I said it.

    My views, my thoughts, feelings, from where this flowery shit stems, these are MY views, My thoughts alone!

  18. Visceral disgust is not an effective argument. Some people find eating meat or showing one's hair "simply horrendous". Its funny though.

    And we are animals. We are primates to be specific. And just like them we eat, reproduce and love. And just like them we hate, fight and kill. Let's have more of the former and less of the latter...

    Dance, monkey. Dance.

  19. And yeah, its becoming 'trendy' so to speak. LGBTQ rights are slowly being accepted over the world. Most Western countries have approved legislations protecting them. Asia is following them. So will the Middle East and Africa. Its only a matter of time now.

    I believe it is the homophobes who will die off. Their kind is definitely dropping like flies. Is that ill will? Sorry, my only wish is that you'll become more accepting. 🙂

    And yes, islam and homosexuality can be compatible. Just like you're justifying child marriage illegal (something which the example to mankind did) so are others reconciling LGBTQ and Islam. Fascinating stuff. You ought to read up. Perhaps that'll cool down that internal homophobia.

  20. @homo
    An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something: "he had a phobia about being under water"; "a phobia of germs".

    Go drown in acid

  21. I didn't use the word phobia. I used homophobia. Huge difference... 🙂

  22. @Don said to me..."And to implement your agenda laced world view by attaching it with Islam, simply bastardises all the religion stands for..."

    You are Gravely Mistaken Don, I can assure you of that...

    I am the one who exploits Islam for MY agenda?


  23. @ben,

    I did not use Islam when addressing homo,
    but I did when addressing you,

    You and him, little difference,
    We ll eventually see how this plays out,
    and even later or before, we ll see
    who's right and who was wrong
    I really don't give a damn if "the people" are for or against whatever, just want to watch the likes of you all suffer, and that day is God willing inevitable. Would be more than happy to spectate the filth and corruption being smeared.

  24. @Don:..."want to watch the likes of you all suffer..."

    That's called sadism brother...

    If you want me to suffer how can I be motivated to attempt to understand your perspective.

    I also hate that children would be violated.

    Violence and criminal behavior should be repressed by force, of course.

    Yet ones belief is a different thing.

    Do you feel that's the right Niyat, is that the right Qulp, to desire others suffering? It is an attitude of Reconciliation, not this desire for others pain, which can heal...

    THAT is really, what I am getting at...

  25. Homosexuals are deviants. In our case MalDeviants.

    May the lord of mercy cast them into Jahannam and melt their skin and bones only to resurrect them and repeat their punishment continually for all eternity.

    A just recompense for all the suffering and torment they have caused the faithful, often without our knowledge, by their lascivious sin. Alhamdulillaah.

  26. @Ben,
    Sadism no, a little bit of religion here to you,
    near the later days of civilisation sort of where we are at, the concept of right and wrong would be lost, as it is right now, and it will be only get worse.

    And there will be people who partake in such dreadful things, and there will be people who sugar coat it and justify it,
    Belief is something very personal,
    but when society is rotting, and when my kids and people who still have a slight amount of ethics have children growing up in a society like this, then you have to take a stand.

    And I really don't know what your thoughts are, but God knows.

    And whether you are using Islam as a façade or a mockery to what it truly is. Only God knows.

    And people who represent Islam are either ridiculous, uneducated, looneys convinced that the 8th century arabian culture is what religion is and the others are people who distort what religion truly is and tries to make a million exceptions for things as vile and horrible as homosexuality.
    If someone is inclined towards that, its fine, no one is perfect. There are people inclined towards necrophilia and what not. Being inclined towards something doesn't meant you have to act on it. There should be some ethics and morals in society. Some things just, should not be done.. and this definitely is one of those things.

    And the whole forgiving other people talk of yours, it doesn't matter if I forgive someone or not in the grander scheme of things. I am no one. And neither is anyone alive right now.
    And since you've brought up Islam so many times, forgiveness is with God.

    but if you ask me what the religion states homosexuality is, its an abomination, sin and something so horrible that an entire civilisation was damned for it.

  27. @Don I did not mean in one of my above comments that it was YOU who was exploiting religion for personal gain, I meant, the way it is used in Maldivian by those who do Haraam things, and then use religion to gain the support of the masses.

    Brother, yes, you should fight for what is right, Jihad, (struggle - NOT violence, I repeat, NON VIOLENCT struggle) is the essence of our Islamic dignity. Yet, I just think that our struggle, to be effective, has to be a struggle of Mercy. Our struggle should be a struggle to liberate people from addiction to the feeling of power gained from striking fear into the hearts of the innocent, and the first thing is...It is to make the people feel safe and secure from tyrants who use and abuse the Law, and Islam, at will.

    This sexual struggle against homosexuality seems a little, missing the point.

    When one has to be seen to be religious to be powerful politically, it degrades the image of the religion, because the last thing in the hearts of the pious is hunger for political power. You know it, Masakin are the Most Loved by Allah, MANY MANY times in Qur'an and Ahadith, this is said. Also, the nature of power is corrupt, makes Islam look bad to lift up political leaders as being pious with all of the lies and crooked deals they MUSt do in the name of political expediency, THAT is true of a democracy as well as a dictatorship.

    On forgiveness, of course it is with Allah, but does that imply we are not meant to also forgive?


    “Those who avoid major sins and acts of indecencies and when they are angry they forgive.” Qur'an ( 42:37)

    “The reward of the evil is the evil thereof, but whosoever forgives and makes amends, his reward is upon Allah.”Qur'an ( 42:40)

    “If you punish, then punish with the like of that wherewith you were afflicted. But if you endure patiently, indeed it is better for the patient. Endure you patiently. Your patience is not except through the help of Allah."Qur'an (16:126-127)

  28. I must admit, I see where you are coming from.

    As long as you aren't justifying something wrong, I really don't disapprove

    But even if perspectives here are different, on both our sides I assume there are certain things we can agree on as much as we disagree.

    Look forward to crossing paths one day.
    And would like to hear your take on things.


  29. @Don: Peace Back Brother...

    Anytime Brother, Be great to meet you Brother


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