Criminal Court Judge acquits MP Adil citing lack of evidence

Criminal Court Judge has acquitted Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP for Maradhoo constituency in Addu City,  Hassan Adil, from the charges of child abuse submitted by the state.

The judge said that the state had failed to present sufficient evidence as per the requirement of Article 47 of the Use of Special Procedures in Dealing with Child Abusers Act, and that therefore Adil was not guilty.

If he had been found guilty, Adil would have face imprisonment for a period between 10 to 14 years and would also have lost his seat in parliament.

According to the Maldives constitution, a parliamentarian loses his seat if he receives a criminal sentence of more than a year.

Article 3, clause (a) of the Use of Special Procedures in Dealing with Child Abusers Act states: “If a person touches a child with sexual intention, it is deemed as an offence.”

Clause (c) of the same article states: “If a person is guilty of the offence stipulated in clause (a), the punishment for the offence is imprisonment for a period of between 10 to 14 years.”

In order to find a person guilty of the charge, the state has to provide sufficient evidence according to article 47 of the act.

Police arrested Adil on 4th April 2011 with a court warrant, and on the next day extended his detention period for 15 days. He was later transferred to house arrest.

On June 12 last year the court granted the Prosecutor General (PG) permission to hold Adil in house arrest until the trial reached a conclusion.

However, Adil was later given conditional release from house arrest by the Criminal Court..

Police at the time alleged that Adil sexually abused a 13 year-old girl belonging to a family with whom he was close friends. The family of the victim had raised concerns over the delays in filing the case in court by the Prosecutor general.

MP Hassan Adil was originally elected to the parliament under the ticket of Dr Hassan Saeed’s Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), however he switched allegiance by defecting to then ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

“I believe that the government is conducting many development projects at a high speed, and I signed with MDP for the development of my area at the request of [my constituents],” he said, speaking to Minivan News after switching sides.


11 thoughts on “Criminal Court Judge acquits MP Adil citing lack of evidence”

  1. Shall we say an early welcome back present to Adil by Jumhoory Party.

  2. I'll comment later after I know which party Adil is joining.

  3. who is a child anyway? IF the majlis decides that a 32 old woman is a child then what? all the humans become pedos then na? to my knowledge the girl this horrible MP is involved with is a promiscuous girl who is a teenager. In islam a woman is woman if she menstruates. That is the biological marker to call a woman, a woman. So stop this feigned abhorrence. tell me one man who hates to have a relationship with a beautiful teenage girl. just one is enough! or am i out of trend here? men now wants 50 year old hags to flirt with? haha [lol]

  4. If he switches party, he is guilty, simple as that!
    We are watching you..... In detail.

  5. My friend from MDP. A thirteen year old is a girl, by any definition. Even in true Islamic definition.

  6. This may be the deal to buy his loyalty by the coup regime collaborators. So that instead of paying him millions he is guranteed his seat. If he refuses the case will be sent to high court, If AG refutes to send the case to high court this sure is a done deal.

  7. My friend, AG , the President or the Government has no control on the fate of MP Adil. If any appeal is warranted it is the independent Prosecutor who decides. ok?

  8. @ mp adhils friend

    so touching a woman without her consent is okay? the so called "trend" you claim is right?

    correct me if i am wrong, but Islam and the Prophet (PBuH) showed us that women demand equal respect and the right to live in dignity. women are not just objects for your sick fantasies. we are equal, perhaps not in your eyes, but in the Islam, infront of Allah.

  9. @mp adhils friend

    There is a line and an extent to which you should go, and yes, even if the child was or even is promiscuous it will still be child abuse.a girl started menstruating at 8 months..does that mean the man who got her pregnant at just 4 years old wasn't a rapist???and a pedophile?? it's ignorant people like u who let the bastards live in our society, endangering our children!! in my opinion, ur as bad as the next pedophile!!!

  10. mp adhils friend on Fri, 30th Mar 2012 7:06 AM must be one of those sick minds who like doing this!


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