Police arrest deputy speaker after 12 hour siege

Police today arrested Deputy Speaker of the Parliament and People’s Alliance (PA) MP Ahmed Nazim, after laying sieging to his house for half a day.

According to the warrant issued by the court this afternoon, police are seeking to question Nazim on matters concerning bribery, attempting to influence and threaten independent commissions, and attempting to physically harm political figures.

Police waited outside Nazim’s house from 11:00pm last night in an attempt to take him into questioning, but he remained inside. After several attempts by police to obtain a warrant, the court this afternoon issued a warrant for police to enter Nazim’s house without his permission.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that Nazim was taken to Dhoonidhoo police custodial.

A police spokesman said that police have been trying to summon Nazim for days regarding the investigation of a case reported to police.

”We last night informed the Speaker of the Parliament (Abdulla Shahid) that police needed to summon Nazim and had tried to take him [in for questioning], but Nazim did not co-operate with the police,” he said. ”He is now under police observation.”

He said that Nazim was “not arrested but summoned”.

Police recently arrested People’s Alliance (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom and Jumhoory Party (JP) leader Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim on charges of bribery and treason, after the case was reported to police by the President’s Office.

Days afterwards, several recordings believed to be of MPs discussing the sale of political influence and obstruction of bills were leaked to the media.

”The leaked audio clips were edited versions of the real clips,” claimed DRP MP Ahmed Nihan. ”They edited it in a way that they can achieve what they wanted.”

Local media have claimed that one of the voices in the leaked audio clips was Nazim’s.

DRP MP Ahmed Nihan however condemned the arrest of the PA MP.

”This is what the government does to threaten the opposition,” said Nihan. ”He threatens the opposition leaders and MPs physically and mentally.”

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ahmed Mahlouf said he ”always knew that dictator’s Nasheed’s actions would be like this.”

”Right after the peace talks [mediated by US Ambassador Patricia Butenis and more recently, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa] concluded, police went to arrest Nazim,” said Mahlouf. ”President Nasheed tries to solve problems by creating them.”

Mahlouf said that arresting Nazim “was like arresting the Vice President.”

”President Nasheed is very dangerous. I would do not think he would be afraid to shoot people either,” Mahlouf added.

Nihan claimed the government was now expecting opposition parties to hold demonstrations that would deteriorate the situation of the country further, in order to charge more opposition leaders and MPs.

”President Nasheed will be behind everything,” Nihan said. ”MDP is a party that never respects their words and their pledges.”

He said that the ‘new’ cabinet reinstated yesterday was unlawful and that the parliament would not approve some of the ministers.

Yesterday the President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair claimed the wording of the constitution was such that parliament was only required to assent to a cabinet as a whole, and was not required to endorse individual ministers.

In a joint press statement this morning, the Nasheed and Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa said the government and the opposition had agreed to constitute a six member Majlis committee “to carry forward a dialogue addressing such pressing issues as the appointment of the cabinet of ministers and the smooth functioning of the legislative process.”

Nazim chairs the parliamentary finance committee, which was at loggerheads with the Ministry of Finance over additions parliament made to the budget, such as the restoration of civil servant salaries.

Nazim also put forward a motion to dismiss former Auditor General Ibrahim Naeem, after he was accused of corruption by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for using the government’s money to buy a tie and visit Thulhaidhu in Baa Atoll.

Naeem claimed the charges were an attempt to discredit his office and prevent him from reclaiming the government’s money stored in overseas bank accounts.

“A lot of the government’s money was taken through corrupt [means] and saved in the banks of England, Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia,” Naeem had claimed two weeks prior, announcing a financial audit of all current and former ministers.

Nazim the previous week had pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud the former ministry of atolls development while he was Managing Director of Namira Engineering and Trading Pvt Ltd.

Both Nazim and Speaker of the Parliament DRP MP Abdulla Shahid did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


42 thoughts on “Police arrest deputy speaker after 12 hour siege”

  1. What we are encountering at current in the political spectrum of Maldives is no more than "GAMES".
    Planned and dramatized by the yellow government of Anni. He is symbolic in creating such scenarios. We have seen him defaming the previous government totally misleading the public with blunders and lies.
    Now it's him again, where's the best practice and democracy. How can he simply be " Asian Mandela" with this games. Where's hopes and transparency. Where are the promises that he made to Maldivians.
    Apprehending opposition leaders is a clear signs that his government is very weak and in the urge of extinction.
    Every dictators and starts from these signs.
    Let's pray this guy resigns and leave this country sooner than later.
    I salute these young opposition MPs like Mahloof and Nihan for their courages to counter such a ruthless dictator.

  2. President Nasheed's these efforts would further alienated the opposition.

  3. Proponents of corruption such as Mahlooof and Nihan will continue to poison the Maldivian fabric. They will be supported by all those who are corrupt - those wanting to ensure the current corruption filled status quo.

    I praise the investigations of corruption in the parliament. The means of evidence collection maybe questionable. But the evidence itself is quite clear - no matter what hassan saeed or azima says.

  4. Yes, I agree with all the 'negative' comments to this article. I will start at thanking Dr. Hassan Saeed (my good fellow boy) who've commented as Hassan on Thu, 8th Jul 2010 6:18 PM.

    Good people of the Maldvies, please let us all bring down the DICTATOR Anni's regime. Myself, Dr.Hassanu, Kutti, Gasim, Yamin, Tasmin and Janigiyaa we all need to reform this country. We the majority of the Maldives needs to simply change this country's presidency just for the betterment. We've kindly and compassionately govenrmed the country for 30 long years. We've the leadership and wisdom (some of you might call cunningness - but I don't care) to run the country.

    DOWN with MDP. UP with my DRP. I am the Most High & the Most Poweful and the Most Cunning.

    Hahaha. Nothing, NOTHING can be done against me and my good boys. All courts are MINE. All institutions are all MINE. hahaha. Human Rights Commission is MINE (thanks Saleem).

    Now, some of you might say I've eaten alot of money, but where's the PROFF? hahaha. And who's gonna belive you idiots? The courts wont. And I know Maldivian ppl are so nutty. Hahaha.

    You peasant Maldivians. I'm from a high class of Maldives and with more wisdom.

  5. i Guess Maldives will be Maldives, in Gayoom administration opposition members are arrested in terror charges and theft,one good example is President Nasheed, now it seems he is practicing the same. Nasheed reminded people that he is in charge of military and police, i think Nasheed wanted to get more experience from sri lankan president mahindra Raj paksa, may be thats the reson Raj paksa is in Maldives while his home minister is protesting outside UN office in colombo. i hope this comments appears

  6. Thank god the thiefs are being arrested.
    Good work Mr. President

    @ Hassan, Rulhi gadha vefa hurey. Dhen la la la

  7. Dear Hassan,

    When you say what you have said above, people would believe those are just your dreams.

    The President has created several scenarios. Have you thought of the impact of those scenarios?

    What the President is practicing is in fact democracy. Sometimes you don't see even if something dangles right between your eyes.

    The promises he made to the people will be fulfilled in due time, now that the obstructions are removed.

    If the President is weak we would not see his cabinet resigning together and back again. And you know that the government functioned without them too.

    Leaders have to be sometimes dictators. If you know about management, depending on the circumstances we see managers becoming dictators too. Read some of those books.

    Mahuloof and Nihan are immature boys. There is basically nothing in their skull. They will create a lot of noise. Soon people will find it dull and would stop listening to them.

    Three years down the line you would be embarrassed that you have said what you said here.

    So just think a little deeper next time.


  8. @hassan: wow. u sounds like u r really hurt... nazim or jagiya whatever cant be above the law.

  9. mi jangiyalakee miadhaku dhaave najis vi jangiyaleh noo. mee naa akee maumoonu ge aniyaaveri saru kaaru gaa ves rayithun ge jangiyaa lai dhaakuraameeheh kamah ginabayaku bunay mikan ingay nee thahugeegu nimunee maatha

  10. The yellow group which Anni represents learned from the very best moumoon.The only differenece is its Anni's turn.Nihan and Mahloof are battery toys.

  11. Hassan no evidence in the world could prove you that these people are guilty of corruption for more than 30 years now.... u wouldnt belive it because ure Pathetic like most of the DRP supporters. they dont look for reason they only look for CASH.....

  12. Even if he was take bribe do you think from MDP all politician holy angels?hehehehe nothing will change it is only political and even personal revanche and nothing for country.

  13. It means the opportunity to soar as high as you possibly can. It means people are not going to judge you or put a block in your way because of how you look, what language you speak, or where you came from. But freedom is not the ability to do anything you want—that's a misrepresentation. There is a responsibility that comes with freedom: to use it well. That's why I've always found the hedonistic or anarchist view of freedom troubling. Freedom is a virus. We all should kill the virus

  14. It's the high time to penalized these criminals. Because they are the richest people in the country and if they use their money on corruption and bribery then the next generation won't hesitate to follow them.

  15. Finally, the mastermind has been taken in.

    Jangiya Nazim has amassed an enormous amount of wealth in the last 20 years, if anyone looks carefully into his activities.

  16. unfortunately,
    what this country needs.. is some patriots...
    the pathetic person who impersonate as golhaa.
    get a life! why would u do that?


    why is there no communist party..where the resorts should belong to the government.. and gasims and mp's rich ugly uneducated asses are at the same class as us, hardworking citizens.

  17. hey golhaa,
    I am shocked to see you write that you are from a high class of maldivians!
    you know what? We the peasants are the majority here and so the beyfulhu like you should get lost on a tiny island somewhere in meemu or laamu atoll and let us so called dictators run the country in our own way:...................i salute president his excellency nasheed.

  18. President Nasheed, it is empowering, inspiring to see your freedom loving spirit at work again, confronting injustice... I have not really seen this from you since your days as an activist...thankyou...

    those who seek to protect perpetrators of injustice in the name of protecting human rights and democracy, such as Saleem, are betraying the essence of what human rights and democracy are all about, the very dignity of humanity is at stake when corrupt politicians attempt to destroy legislation aimed at promoting the dignity of humanity...

  19. Hi Golhaa,

    Sorry that I didnt get your message as I only ready the last line and jumped in to conclusion... sorry

  20. Is Anni doing a guerilla style revenge on everyone? Hunting down one by one. Well nothing new, thats MDP Style, Gunda Style :~)

  21. May peace and blessings of Almighty God (Allah) be upon all of us.


    One way to resolve all differences is to get sincerely engaged in talks with different factions to find common terms.Compromises shouldn't be entertained with the corrupt elements no matter they belong to the "My" party or to the opposition parties. In this case the common term is everything that is good and correct & that is beneficial for the public, the people of the nation as a whole.

    We need to understand that corruption can be eradicated through enhancing spiritually and with the rule of law. To implement the rule of law, the leaders need to be firm and swift in their actions. To enhance the spirituality we need to educate people with "Truth". It's easy for anyone to criticize and even comment like I am doing, but to actually do it would be a "huge task". But at the same time easy enough if the correct path is followed.

    Let's start to educate people that change cannot come overnight.Lies and deceptions are games of the deceivers and we don't have to believe all that is heard and talked on the media or at the coffee tables. Lets use common sense and arrive at conclusions rather than out of own desires. Obvious enough circumstantial evidences are there against the elements of the community those had perpetuated most of the evil acts. It's well known to almost everyone "The BIG secrets of so called powerful elements of our community".Some may believe as "their smartness that they are getting away with all that all the time".That is the deception that we are made to believe. It's nothing but "Mischief". Lets put our trust and will to GOD and then try and correct our own selves, our families first. Advice each other for truth and each other for patience in times of difficulties. The hurdles of life is a total package we have to go through whether we believe or not. And let's advice ourselves not to encourage evil to flourish on our watch.

    I'm aware and it's a known fact that mentality rehabilitation or changing the heats and minds of people can only be a gradual and slow process,but in that process if we allow people to derail these well intended efforts with deception and lies full of vengeance from the past or out of own desires and delusions, I believe what we are doing is worthless.

    Freedom is not an absolute "right" for everyone. And I don't think if there is anything practical such as "absolute freedom" and “peace” that can coexist. That is because with "rights” there has to be limitations of rights in order to protect the "rights of others". There is nothing practical such as "absolute rights". Anyone who breaks the law has to be punished or face the consequences. That is the rule of law. Without that there can never be peace and harmony within a group or within a community.

    What a leader has to focus is to first implement “rule of law" without any hesitation. That is for the well intended efforts to succeed over the efforts of “rouge" elements of any community.

    Common Sense: Every community will have "black sheeps" , Correct enhancement of "Spirituality" & "Rule of law" is the only solution to save the humanity ( be it in Maldives or anywhere else) from being plunged in to a deep abyss of "mischief".

    If everyone knew that all their deeds and thoughts are known to Allah, and then they take their responsibilities seriously and with sincerity the situation would be much different from what we had and what we have as of now. I kindly advice everyone to give a deep thought over this.

    RIGHT AND WRONG:(Everyone knows what's right and wrong)
    What is "correct" will always be "correct" even if majority in a group or community might not follow it or reject it. Let’s be frank with ourselves first. "Majority Wins" is not the absolute solution. - The current crisis is a living example here in Maldives-

    I am not saying it is the only issue. We need to know what democracy is,& how best it suites any community.

    Democracy is a political form of government carried out either directly by the people (direct democracy) or by means of elected representatives of the people (representative democracy). The term comes from the Greek: δημοκρατία - (dēmokratía) "rule of the people",[1] which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos) "people" and κράτος (krátos) "power", in the middle of the fifth-fourth century BC to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notably Athens following a popular uprising in 508 BC.[2] Even though there is no specific, universally accepted definition of 'democracy',equality and freedom have been identified as important characteristics of democracy since ancient times.[4] These principles are reflected in all citizens being equal before the law and having equal access to power. For example, in a representative democracy, every vote has equal weight, no restrictions can apply to anyone wanting to become a representative, and the freedom of its citizens is secured by legitimized rights and liberties which are generally protected by a constitution. Source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy

    I do not believe "majority wins" should be a trait of a democracy as that may lead to situations such as we are facing here and almost all around the world. And I believe in practical the rule of law shall be implemented in order to govern the affairs of people justly, sincerely and with firm commitment by the leaders those who are chosen (elected) by the people. The majority might be wrong sometimes and very frequently it happens most of the time.

    There are no real and absolute democracies in practice anywhere in the world. Lets not just put more trust on this as a way of our life but let us find practical solutions that are needed based on our problems. That is the whole aim of my comment. "If you may read it carefully".

    Corruption by definition means : Giving or obtaining advantage through means which are illegitimate, immoral, and/or inconsistent with one's duty or the rights of others.

    Therefore we need to find solutions, not just blame and make a public campaign over it and just forget it. The root cause of these evils has to be dealt with and proper actions needs to be taken for the safety of the whole community. Non-action itself could be regarded as a type of corruption.

    The only practical solution for all the illnesses of communities or rather humanity as a whole is "pure teachings of Islam"... not to be mistaken with the way most of Muslims now behave and live. But the correct concept of our worship or Ibaadha. That can be simply said as " to do all that pleases Allah'. That is to be good to ourselves and all those around us and advice each other for truth and patience. To get the correct understanding I advice myself and all others to read and understand the Glorious Quran and Authentic Hadiths. The Glorious Quran is the best book of guidance.

    If only we the people truly realizes that we don't need leaked phone calls, surveillance camera footage,etc to get to know truth always, instead there will be a day that all that we do will be rewarded justly by Allah accordingly. A final Judgment by our Creator, to whom all praises are due. There is no doubt about it.

    Let us all at individual level start doing our job by trying to correct our own selves first. Lets start by justly evaluating our own actions. We all can make mistakes. That is our human nature, but we need not repeat it or keep on doing it. Secondly let us take our responsibilities towards our families more seriously and lead them to the truth. That is the grass root level action plan that I feel, we need to implement in order to make the whole community as a peaceful place for everyone who loves peace and truth. What leaders has to do is their job, and of course we need to be on the watch always.

    I seek forgiveness from Allah for any errors I might have made, and all that I have written if that makes sense is through guidance from Allah. Allah knows best.

    Truth will eventually win. That is the rule of our Lord, Our Creator.

    May Allah enlighten our hearts and minds with knowledge of Truth. May Allah guide our nation and the whole humanity to the Truth.

    Mohamed Ashfaq

  22. who is holding the prosecutors to account? who is keeping check of the keepers of law?

    What makes the executive holier-than-thou?

    Who is arresting anni, zaki etc etc ?

    are angels in presidents office, while the lower castes of government and its canine echeleons are being silenced or arrested like dogs?

    Mohamed Nasheed must also be on a timer no?

  23. @Mohamed Ashfaq.......you can give this lesson to young people and hope they will follow your advice but.....to all the corrupted politician present and past governing the country this lesson is just a whistle in earl!!!!!!
    "No better deaf is the man who don't like to ear"

  24. When we talk of corruption where shall we start? Can anyone in the Majlis truthfully state that in the last election, they did not pay anyone to secure even a single vote?

    Now comes to the voters? How many of us even bothered to have a good look at the options available to us and vote for the most capable person? Most voted either for their party or to someone recommended by a person he/she was obligated to, or for some benefit which was received directly.

    That is the fact, and the truth is not always as pleasant as we may like.

    Practices like this, is an invitation for a corrupt Parliament or for any other elected post. An MP once having tasted the pleasures of sitting in the seat, will want to sit again. (It is not only Maumoon, all these posts seems to have a common denominator). To get elected, in today's environment you need money, and lots of it. The salary we pay to an MP (yeah, its pretty hight), is no even near enough even in 5 years. So where do you think the money that MPs spend to get elected come from? Someone has to spend it, and would that someone spend it free? There will be strings attached.

    On the current issue of Nazim, Yaamin and Qasim, I feel the Government is not sincere in having them detained. I believe that in sch a high profile case, the Police should have exercied utmost secrecy and investigating this matter, collect enough evidence for a guaranteed conviction and then moved in for an arrest. At this moment, we know for a fact that what they have as evidence is not holding even to hold them for 3 days, and I don't blame the judge. He simple can't accept evidence gathered against the Constituiton, he is obliged by the Constitution not to. Unless the purpose of this whole drama was to shame and humiliate them, the other answer is that our Police are stupid and incompetent. That sir, I can guarantee they are not.

  25. May peace and blessings of Almighty God (Allah) be upon all of us.
    @Hithadhoo on Fri, 9th Jul 2010 9:12 PM :
    You have some great points that I agree with and most ofus would.

    May Allah unite us in Truth.

  26. anni akee naagaa bil moya meeheh! gaumu mulhin halaaku koh lan masahkah kuraa meeheh!

  27. Hassanu dhen mahah dhey. You are running behind people to protect and release them. Jangiyaa and Yameen are the pioneers of this operation and you think you re doing us a favor by running behind them in courts. This shows your stupid and crazy attitude and how power hungry you are. Even in Addu you will not get 10% votes now. We have written you off. Move to Malaysia and settle down.

  28. Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the Republic of Maldives. Dont raise your voice too much. The businessmen of this country will buy out ALL of YOU and you know it. Yellow and blue. Adhaalath, Salafs & Masodige. Girls & boys, men and women. You are all slave to the $ bill, so Just shut the F**k up. Dont voice against people with money. After all who the f*ck are you to voice & critisize when your grandmas and grand children are being supported by the businessmen.

  29. does anybody know the meaning of deen mocraty. i think now we at least have a democracy. before it was deen mocraty.

  30. To Mohamed Ashfaq.
    There is no single person who does not know all what you listed.. all developing countries face the same problems and there is enough research done to fill an ocean.

    But everything will fall into place only with a leadership that thinks of national interest rather than that of party.

  31. However much evidence is produced infront of the courts, apart from a confession by the accused, the lunatic judges we have will not mete out justice? Why?

    Because they're in the pockets of Buruma, Yameen and Jangiya! All these people, including the majority of Parliament and Judiciary had their hands in the National Khazana thanks to Gayyoom. Leopards don't change their spots

  32. Look at how Jangiya is crying like a baby! Oh, the President is my arch enemy, and he is going to poison me, blah blah.

    So, Mr Jangiya expects the President to turn a blind eye whilst the self styled person who rampages the country? The President did try to turn a blind eye to their PAST embezzlement, but he should never have given time to these people.

  33. Anyone alleged of a crime should be brought under the law and investigated. And if the investigation finds enough evidence to convict such people so then it must be. It does not matter if it is the Deputy Speaker or a political leader or a government official. No one has been convicted. So why all the hoo haa! This is not the first time we have seen MPs and political leaders in detention.

    Edited audio clips? What could a low life life Nihan possibly have to say about the conversations? He probably does not have an inkling as to where the whole thing begins and where it ends. He is just being used as a dirty mouthpiece and he thinks he is the next political leader. Now that is funny.

    Mahlouf. The man who carried a stupid megaphone in the middle of all the chaos on the 13th August 2004, encircled by thugs and criminals alike, calling out inciting violence. This is the man who thinks Anni will shoot Dhivehin? Mauhlouf who sat smiling and contemplating his best wins while Maumoon ordered the shootings on 20th September 2003? And Mahlouf who has nothing but his personal interest, at the cost of generations of Dhivehin, who is concerned about this nation? Please. Get a life and let us Dhivehin be. Go play your ball and keep your silly thoughts to yourself.

    This is finally the rise of justice in this country. God speed, Maldives!

  34. I'm afraid, my comments have come true. Seems the Supreme Court didn't have the guts to keep Gasim in detention! What a surprise!

    Endemic corruption is now firmly rooted in all spheres of this country. This cancer is going to need major surgery. Whilst the government has been sleeping, the evil leaders of corruption have had ample time to plot their escape routes, i.e. ensuring that the Judiciary will always be on their side.

    This is not going to have a happy ending for the future of our country.

  35. May peace and blessings of Almighty God (Allah) be upon all of us.

    @Leadership.. on Sat, 10th Jul 2010 10:46 PM : - Quite true! I agree with you. In fact what we both are talking about is "sincerity". Isn't that so? I believe that is what is stated in the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives which indicates that all elected and selected leaders shall be sincere in their duties towards the nation as a whole. In that context how could we even justify anything that is promoted in the name of "Party Line" or concealed special interest of individuals,different groups,parties,etc. Isn't that itself unconstitutional,unethical and immoral. The biggest party we all belong to is "the humanity" and the prescribed way of living and belief by our Creator.

    Answer is simple: Those who can't be sincere to their Creator can never be sincere to themselves. Let alone the duties towards a nation.

    Everyone knows the root causes of all problems and solutions, but out of own desires we are failing in each and every step. We are failing miserably and the with that we are taking down the whole nation to the lowest of the lowest.

    @Ahmed on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 6:52 PM : I feel nothing but deep sympathy towards us. Some people are celebrating but what I would like to believe is those who are truthful and just will be crying inside on this sad day. If there is no justice then what is the use of Laws and Regulations and all the government establishments.Our Country is failing as a nation. Sincerity is the missing element in our leadership as well as amongst most of us.

    Let us all pray to Allah to save us from this mischief and lead us to the correct path. Lets us all show patience and wisdom and act swiftly with courage in the most ethical manners, in anyway we can to help our fellow people, ourselves.If we put our trust in Allah and join hands together , definitely Allah will unite us in Truth and show us the direction.

    Insha Allah,Surely Truth will win eventually if the sincere and honest people joins together.

    May Allah guide us and unite us all in Truth.

  36. Poorly Planed? Who does plan perfectly nowadays.

    I believe this is an utterly failed test of so called "democracy" and it gives us all who are truthful and peace loving a chilling signal of an upcoming disaster. Yet some are heedless of the fact that this is a war between "wrong" & "wrong" and goes on supportive of either DRP & it's coalition (The Evil) and MDP (The Devil).The "poor", "general" & innocent public caught up in the middle of it.

    STOP pretending that no one really knows what Yamin (Brother of Maumoon), Gasim (Buruma) , Hassan Saeed (The PHD who is so proud) & their supporters are up to. They are up to grab the power and enslave the nation yet again.

    It was not of choice they supported MDP in the second run of Presidential Election of Year 2008. They were under immense pressure and had no escape route. Everyone knows it.

    MDP: Most of the core activists and leadership is heedless and without any proper knowledge of where they are heading. Behind the scenes they are getting support from the Conservative Party of UK and promising weird things to them. On the other hand they are nowhere close to understanding people's plight.

    It's all about power, money and lust! And the media and the supporters like this Blog is concealing the truth knowingly. There's nothing factual in these blogs and biased comments for either side.

    NOW hear from us "THE PEOPLE" If you don't correct your attitude and actions towards us "THE PEOPLE" and let us know the reality and deliver what we want as a nation, we are going to do all it takes to bring down all that is corrupt and all that is supportive of Corruption.

    And for that we don't need any of you or your supporters of either side.

    Allah is sufficient for us, And He is our protector.


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