Police Commissioner, Home Minister, refuse to appear before Government Oversight Committee

Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz has sent a letter to parliament stating that he will not appear before the Government Oversight Committee on advice from Attorney General Azima Shukoor.

In the letter Riyaz said the police accountability did not fall within the mandate of the committee, and that this was rather a responsibility of the National Security Committee established under article 241 of the constitution.

In response, chair of the oversight committee, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Ali Waheed, told local media that the committee will examine the case further with a view to taking action against the police commissioner for refusing to attend the committee.

Ali Waheed noted that the Supreme Court has previously ruled that the parliament committees can summon anyone and that until now, Riyaz and other government officials had accepted this fact and attended parliament committees as requested.

The Government Oversight Committee has summoned Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel and the police commissioner to question them about a previous decision by police to boycott MDP-aligned television station Raajje TV.

The Committee has said it also intends to question the pair about the death of Abdulla Gasim, a bystander who died in motorcycle collision. Police had denied involvement, however CCTV footage of the incident that was subsequently leaked showed a police officer striking a suspect fleeing on a motorcycle with his baton, prior to the fatal collision. Police have defended the officer’s action as in line with regulations.

The Home Minister has meanwhile informed parliament that he cannot attend the committee hearing because he had to attend a cabinet meeting, and said he would then be out of Male’ for the rest of the week.


5 thoughts on “Police Commissioner, Home Minister, refuse to appear before Government Oversight Committee”

  1. This committee is trying to run the country and there is nothing that they will not engaged.

    Parliament and Mps are biggest jokers in this country and they think that they are there to run the country and never thought that thier responsibility is to enact laws.

    These idiots in the parliament are biggest corrupted people in this country and government should dissolve the parliament and reduce it size and then have election to elect new MPs

  2. What's the matter? Scared?

    You should be. Run, run and hide - and take your 'kuribe' with you.

  3. ...in a few months, so many will have to take a one way ticket to Malaysia or be forced to end up in jails or under the ruthless revenge of a few who are eagerly waiting for the right moment..

    ....kuribe, before its too late, stop your nonsense and take care of your kids, that's if you're not gay. If you are, you're lucky Europe awaits you..

  4. Not even hiding in Buckingham Palace or the White House will save them from us, Judgement.

  5. Reading the columns of various papers and listening to the TV/Radio programs based on the political dramas I get the feeling the people on the government side are Maldivians (at least they think so) and the opposite are people from another country trying to take over the Nation. Come on! we are all Maldivians and trying hard to follow a very moderate Constitution and trying to establish a democratic government. It’s time we stopped this fight and concentrate on the development of the country and try to look after our children and give them a safe and happy environment to live in these tiny islands. And it’s a huge joke when people ridicule international experts after they are invited to come and assist us in developing our country. One of these days we will be on our way out of International organizations. Our Politicians think Maldives can live happily without the help and assistance of International community. I think it’s time women started taking a mightier role in this country. The men of Maldives only know to fight and character assassinate each other .


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