Police launch street and sea clampdown over fears of pre-CNI unrest

Police have this evening launched new measures detailing increased scrutiny of the capital’s streets and surrounding waters to try and control fears over a potential outbreak of unrest in the build up to the release of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) Report.

Police have today announced that extra traffic check points will be stationed around the streets of Male’, while some areas will be closed off entirely.  Boats docking in the city’s will also be searched, with some vessels potentially being sent back to their point of origin.

The intensified security measures are being introduced as the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) this week alleged rumours had been spread by “mutinying” officers that certain sections of the police planned to take to the capital’s streets to create “havoc”.  The accusations have been rebuked by the police.

Maldives Police Service Assistant Commissioner Hussain Waheed today told reporters that authorities had decided to strengthen security across the capital and other islands, in order to “not give any opportunity to create unrest”.

“We have received information that some people are negotiating with former inmates released under Second Chance Program to create unrest in Male’,” Waheed observed while speaking at a press conference held today to announce the special operation which has come into effect at 6:00pm today.

During the operation, which will continue indefinitely, police said, they will be visiting mass gatherings in the capital.

According to Waheed, Marine police will also assist in searching boats and other vessels coming to Male’, while some boats may be “diverted” by the police.  Groups of political activists have traditionally been brought from other islands to the capital in the past to participate in significant political rallies.

“We will take strict action against anyone attempting to disrupt peace and security of the nation.” he added, contending that the police have the authority to disperse a gathering without a warning if they find it to be provoking unrest.

However, he said the police will provide full support and security services to the demonstrations held “peacefully and within the contours of laws”.

Fears are growing across the Maldives over escalation of unrest and violence as the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) findings are scheduled to be released on Thursday, in a bid to provide details about the controversial transfer of power on February 7.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed and the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) maintains he was forced to resign in an opposition backed military-police coup.

The party recently alleged mutinying sections of the police planned to create unrest and violence on the streets of Male’ as senior politicians began contemplating the release of findings by the CNI.

However, Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef refuted the claims when speaking to Minivan News yesterday, adding that the party’s comments reflected what he said were attempts by former President Mohamed Nasheed to “erode public trust” in the police and create “fear” among the general public.

“The police are always professional. Right now we are taking precautions regarding information we are receiving,” he claimed

Haneef added that the authorities would be stationing officers around the country, adding that the police would “not tolerate unrest”.


20 thoughts on “Police launch street and sea clampdown over fears of pre-CNI unrest”

  1. Now it is really becoming a police state. Soon the MDP leadership will be in jail.

  2. yes , Anni should be the first to put in jail and he is the one who is behind 90% of the violation here in Maldives.

  3. Any violence or unrest, be it Pre CNI or post CNI must be dealt with Immediately by the Police. There needs to be ZERO TOLERANCE against perpetrators of violence.

    Those who wish to demonstrate from any political group must do so peacefully and within the Law. Likewise no leniency must be given to any past or present politician to engage in violence .

    Good luck Blues!

  4. yeah,Police go, you can do it and let the drug bunch who rotates around Seyku Nasheed see the light of the big J -

  5. who are the perpetrators of violence... not MDP, but certain elements in the police force as we have seen on 8th feb and later. we should come up with a citizens' force to have a vigil over these traitors who are giving a bad name to the police uniform

  6. Sadly the specter of violence looms higher in the horizon, with every passing day. Let’s pray that our Security services are able to contain the situation. They deserve our prayers and our full cooperation in the interest of the nation.

    It’s a tragedy for the Maldives that President Nasheed has allowed himself to be convinced by thuggish elements of MDP that his own success is tied to violence and unrest exploding in the country to such a degree that the country would increasingly become ungovernable. It’s becoming more and more obvious the persons who benefit from unrest and unmitigated violence on the streets of Maldives are President Nasheed and his cronies. As long as President Nasheed & Co continues to see their success linked with violence on the streets of Maldives, violence will hang on the heads of the Maldivian nation as a Damocles’ sword.

    President Nasheed and Co had invested heavily when in power cultivating influential foreign contacts that have clearly been able to influence foreign Governments and organizations to act to further President Nasheed and his crony’s interests - at the expense of the interests of Maldives. It’s a nightmare that President Nasheed had to resign as a result of his not knowing how to Govern Maldives due to his lack of experience and the failings of his selected advisors. Given these considerations foreign Governments and organizations bear some responsibility for the loss of peace and harmony in the Maldives, by encouraging President Nasheed’s penchant to cause chaos in Maldives - both on the streets and even in the Parliament. Things cannot change for the better until foreign Governments are apprised of the true situation and informed as to what is really happening in Maldivian politics.

    President Nasheed was made electable and so brought to power in 2008 by the incredible work by Mr. Gasim, Dr. Hassan Saeed and the Adhalath party scholars lead by Sheikh Iliyas, and of course Dr Waheed lending his reputation as an administrator to the Presidential bid. Now they all have to bear full responsibility for the terrible violence and mess that Maldives is in; as a result of white washing President Nasheed and thus getting him elected. Now that President Nasheed and his thugs have got Maldives in a strangle hold of violence, they are not doing enough to extricate Maldives from the mess it finds itself in.

    They need to mobilize the public and organize, within the framework of the constitution and work with as much gusto that they demonstrated to get Nasheed elected to bring to light the truth of President Nasheeds presidency. It’s their job to mobilize the majority so to make them be heard, and make them visible to the world. The world needs to see and hear that there is in reality a huge majority in Maldives that firmly reject President Nasheed and his thugs. The Maldivian masses needs to be motivated and encouraged to be seen and heard and made to understand that their way of life, their beliefs and their values are at stake and motivate the majority to express their views in a peaceful and dignified way. Mr. Gasim, Dr. Hassan Saeed and the Adhalath party religious scholars specially Sheik Iliyas has their work cut out putting right the horrific mess that we as a country has got into by electing President Nasheed in 2008.

    Given the huge investments by President Nasheed & his cronies cultivating vociferous and influential foreign elements, present President Dr. Waheed needs to use active diplomacy to make clear to the international community the exact nature of our political crisis. He also needs to address the law and order situation in the country and needs to benefit from the experience of Sri Lanka, India and our friends in the West – UK and USA. Three years of the Nasheed experiment has ruined our economy and blighted our relationship with the Islamic countries; thus President Waheed has a mountain of work before him. Transparent Govt, respect of the law and working to empower the independent commissions and institutions in place, and sensitivity to the sufferings of the people –all peoples of the Maldives is what the Maldivian nation needs from the nations President.

    Looking back at President Nasheeds catastrophic 2 1/2 years, President Waheed has the luxury of seeing what he cannot allow himself to become.

  7. Kutti Nasheed and his gang have infiltrated the police and the army too.. they are the violent ones. Anni is our saviour and Master, we are to obey, he is the Mandela of our time, Napoleon of economics, Newton of fisheries, And the conqueror of hangovers.

    Anni for President, for the next 25 years

  8. All Maldivians are summoned to protect this country from tyrants,looters, theives!!
    Police or Army or any uniformed gang are scared!! not Anni, Not Gaaha Saeed!!!
    slute to Gaaha Saeed for his clarification and confirming our long lasting doubts in this commission!!

    Police And Army will react in fear, cox all of them are guilty (mutiny or accessory to mutiny) and non of them wants to go to Jail (where their enemies are waiting), that's why, first Nazim(defence minister) gave them his assurance that no legal action will be taken against them!!
    That's why HRCM report was middled into!!
    that why Maumoon said to accept the CONI report, after he said he'll never accept it at first,
    and that's why Sylvia went to singapore many times to meet, Hassan Saeed, Gasaan Maumoon and many who needed a change in the report!!!

    eye for an eye,
    blood for blood,
    Allahu Akbar !! this time we will chant it and topple this Ruthless company of thieves,and their dheeny hippo ratio group,,


  9. Patience is what we all need to practice.

    The media will sensationalize to maximize on public jitters surrounding the upcoming event. Yet there are reasons, good ones, which prove that we do not have much to fear from the MDP.

    - First the opposition's ability to gather numbers on the street has progressively dropped over the past months. Their only resort at present is to line up rows of 6 into 20 or so columns to march down our narrow streets while RaajjeTV, Minivan and MDP's online community provides fodder for MDP's contacts abroad to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    - Secondly the international community is slowly coming to its senses. Alliances have shifted. We may expect the British Conservative Party to mobilize its contacts for Nasheed as indicated in a recent communique from BCPs internal human rights body which calls on the party to influence its friends to reject CoNIs report if unfavorable to their ends. Yet the Maldives is no longer in the position it was before where Nasheed had a monopoly on reports that went out of the country.

  10. Excuse me!! Fear MDP??
    tsk tsk u r baloney man!!

    First of all why fear something if u r right!! Ohh u know u r wrong, n believing in ruse
    f when u know u r on the wrong side has many psychological illusive dreams to justify wrong,,, fact is Mutinying ,Trators of state and political leaches are very frighten and it'll come to reality once enough is enough.

    secondly,, Your notion of international powers, media and commonwealth watching eyes undermines the caliber of many real politicians in higher respected posts, look around u!! Do you think you were honest to your constituency??
    where u truthful to your nation, Backing up uniformed thugs and gangsters, who will fall with you and crash into oblivion, once this report is public,and once international media and representations see how sterile, bias and corrupt an independent commission can get to!!

  11. "Patience is what we all need to practice." Great @tsk tsk!

    Wonder where was the so called patience, rule of law, and the constitution of this country on 7th Feb. 2012; when our constitutional right was wrenched out of our lives?

    DhiTV, VTV, DhiFM, SunFM never did and never does make mountains out of molehills! Very sweet!

    Curiosity killed the cat!
    And they say that patience killed the person who lay besides the fence waiting for hot rice pudding!

    Today people will not lay down besides fences in patience for rice pudding to come to them!

    Today people will demand their share if its theirs!

    The people of this country have been stripped off their rights!

    They will demand their rights!

    Let people talk!

  12. Visit the Adaalath Art exhibition at National Gallery. See the refined side of Adaalath


  13. The thugs in this regime practiced thuggery, committed sedition and indulged in rebellion against the President elected by the majority vote - means a crime against the State of Maldives.

    They consider only the first round of 2008 Presidential elections not the final.What does an election mean to them?

    Now calling for patience,harmony and cooperation by vilifying MDP - whose policy is to liberate this country from corruption to enable the people to enjoy the riches to the optimum.

    God willing, the end will be bitter for the miscreants.

  14. Institutional Oh S%^t.. someone is saying that Nasheed has invented violence and gangsters .. well just look at the History.. during whose regime all these things emerged ..drugs,Bangura, gay business, higher divorce rate etc.......... still some fancy English orators here are thinking that we all Maldivians are stupid...Adhives mi aaalaathun heekurani aharemenaki gamaaru kama .. bodu balaaaaa ehy

  15. @justice4all:

    My constituents? By virtue of posting a comment on this website have I been elected to a public post that I am not aware of?

    All joking aside, let me say I understand your sentiments. Politicians in this country have riled up the public with inflammatory rhetoric delivered from podiums, broadcast media channels the internet and anywhere else available.

    I am not surprised by your strong feelings towards the political side you support. Political polarization in this country is at a peak with most party supporters getting more and more emotionally charged by the day.

    But as you rightly pointed out, the work of the Commission of National Inquiry constituted to give us some answers is finally drawing to a close. Shall we all wait as you said for the findings of the Commission? Also, shall we all agree to remain calm following its release and prod our leaders towards acting on the reports recommendations in such a way as to ensure the long-term peace and prosperity of our nation?

  16. @justice4all

    puhleeeeease, don't use the name of Allah(SHW)in the name of justice advocated by seyku Nasheed and his cronies(eg;Ameen Faisal and Kerafaa Naseem who undoubtedly are the real baghees of nov 3rd and etc, whom the security forces hated to salute but still seyku Nasheed forced them to do whatsoever)

    justice for the security forces and Shaheed Hussain Adam and Allah, did give them that.

  17. The real crisis of our nation is here, where difference of opinion is vital, yet not on a daylight massacre of freedoms and rights of the president!!
    This commission has so far been trying to listen to everyone according to the Judge,!!!!
    yet, many testimonies were removed or considered irrilavent, ?!!!!

    The sad, most pathetic truth, is that there are intellectuals,thinkers, and so called big brains, who saw it all, saw it on TV, saw what happened on the ground, before, during & after 7 th February , and yet they deny mutiny, deny forceful removal of The President ( unconditional surrender of presidency ), deny threatening Nasheed or his family,,, as If we and the whole world saw something else!!!!

    wake up intellectual," Jaahils"!!!!

    No One will believe your drama, your lies and your reasoning of doing such a crime!!

  18. @shimy
    So you think your justice is to topple a democratic statesman,destroy the economy, burn and loot as if police are your uniformed gangsters, at your disposal to commit crimes, creat mutiny,and defend it,,,!!!

    your seance of justice is really twisted man!!

    If you or anyone think Ameen Faisal was not supposed to be in any post, FINE!! agreed
    But not you or anyone in this world can or should forcefully try or participate in a mutiny if you really talk on behalf of Islam and taking "Allah" as your witness,,,,,

    Allah is innocent from whoever claims this was justified!!!


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