Police send case against DRP MP Ali Waheed to Prosecutor General

Police have sent several cases involving  Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Vice President and MP Ali Waheed to the Prosecutor General’s office.

Deputy Prosecutor General Ahmed Shameem confirmed the office had received several criminal cases concerning Waheed, and would decide in a week whether to take the cases to court.

“There is a process in the Constitution [that if a MP is found guilty of a criminal offence] it is punishable by 12 months in prison. He would be automatically removed from Parliament,” Shameem said.

Police Sub Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said one of the cases concerned Waheed’s claims that police helped protesters during a disturbance outside the president’s residence and MNDF headquarters in January.

He said other cases against Waheed would also be sent to the PG as soon as the police finished their investigations.

Meanwhile Waheed said he was “very confident” that he had not done anything against the law.

”It’s all President Mohamed Nasheed’s doings,” Waheed claimed. ”He is afraid of me.”

He added that he hoped the cases would be sent to the courts as soon as possible.

”They take me to police custody like a medicine they take twice daily,” he said, ”so its difficult to identify which cases they have sent to PG. Ask President Nasheed – I have no idea.”

He maintained that the police decision to detain DRP leaders in during last Thursday’s protests was “politically motivated.”

”That night when they took me Dhoonidhoo I was not doing anything,” he said. ”I was trying to protect our people from being attacked by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)  activists and I was standing in front of DRP office as I am a leader of the party.”


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  1. Some how I truly doubt that the President is shaking in his boots at the though of Ali Waheed. I also do not believe that the President would direct the police to target DRP MPs. He's been on the receiving end of such polices for all of his adult life and would no inflict the same treatment upon others. Any claims to the contrary are completely baseless.

  2. drp akee fidi baeh. delegatun ge kurimachchakah gos echcheh bunaa kah nukerunu noon. filaa thibegen faadeh ge liyumeh mi fonuvee. mihaaru mavota ekiyanee, maumoon dhawrugai hoadhan ulhunu echchisoo. dhen keykey bunaanee. maumoon ge dhogufathi mi pass kuranjehenee, muamoon ge alhun nah. nooneyvaa saabas

  3. he should be kept in solitary confinement till he is taken to court. Simply a lifeless guy with no ethics or moral values. He is one resaon why people are losing faith in democracy and turning back to god and ancient shariah methods.

  4. pettey theifs a hear but petty MPs first time..ali waheed got elected coz of maumoons support and loyalty from people but he is a shame to maummon legacy of diciplne. I m sure maumoon left from poltics cos he did not want to get assciated with thug style polticain like Nihan, Ali Waheed and Maholoof. Alhan was smart to leave the gang ...he has a good political carrier i guess

  5. this article is very one sided. ali waheed the only person quoted! stop being so lazy in your reporting

  6. I think Salim Waheed is have no idea about Anni. This is the same Anni whom your father called a redical, someone who create violence. Anni is really afraid of Ali Waheed, and thats he is trying to detain him, and mistreat him. Anni have several times met Ali Waheed and threatened him and even offered him many millions in return to join mdp. I am sure anni will not be afraid to detain mass public in time, because he is someone who is runing the state in the shadow of democracy, but in reality 14 months as president, he have done nothing to strenthen democracy. for instance look at political party bill, also Anni himself do not believe 3 powers should be seperated, i have spoken him personaly few times, and his belief is 3 powers are something writen in paper, technicaly as long as executive have majority in parliment, and those majortiy make sure that judges are appointed and indepent insitution are appointed with executive supporters, than its only one who is controling everyhing. but in paper its 3. Salim you are a kid living in US, even your father is continously harased by mdp loyalists.

  7. Ali Waheed is I believe the youngest MP in the Parliament.

    What would Ali Waheed possibly know? He is probably a young man who has been spoon fed, bathed, clothed and put to bed (not to mention the lullabies someone probably would sing to put him to sleep) by someone else during his good life.

    What would he possibly contribute to a bill?.

    Have we ever heard him say anything substantial to add to a bill

    Parliament is a place for mature people. Whether it is an MP from MDP, DRP, any other party or an Independent.

    The difference between Reeko Moosa and Ali Waheed is Ali Waheed has more time to live and he is wasting himself.

  8. You seemed to know very little about how 3 powers work. See, all the so called independent commissions are hijacked by DRP-PA because they have majority. If parliament was to influence all these independent commissions, anyone who majority parliamentarians (DRP-PA)dislikes will be removed. One example is that of Auditor General. The other was that of Dr. Shaheed (But DRP-PA failed). With Auditor General,DRP-PA would not even allow him to respond to allegations, for fear that true motives behind the removal may be revealed to the people. The truthis, the DRP-PA thugs and drugloads will do anything to gain power. 30 years wasn't enough? And if you are not deaf, dumb and blind, you will see that you have the right to express your opinions without the fear of getting harrased by police or taken to solitary confinement. Grow up and get a life!!

  9. Why would Anni be afraid of a fat kid? You behave like a kid. You need to grow up and act like an adult. you wont have any stamina to go on for the next 3 years of protest. Hope police investigation goes smooothly and fat baby be the first to be removed from parliament for inciting violence and propagating LIES!

  10. i dont think kids like Ali Waheed has a idea about politically motivated detentions. he has not seen the inside of a Dhoonidho cell. 653 MDP activists were arrested doing the 1st one year. More than 50 spent more than 300 days in solitary within the second year without a trial or seeing a free judge.
    Rememeber What Ahmed Abbas was sent to jail for. If Ali Waheed mp or leader or whatever party if inciting violence, participation or encouraging violent act is a crime by law let aside obstructing police duty and destabilizing their integrity..

  11. believe it or not, Anni is a liar, someone who did nothing much for the change rather than delayed the process by his street gimicks to turn the focus on to him so that he could be opportunist, the actual meaningful stake were dones, by ibra, gayoom, his cabinet, qasim ibrahim and his team, other many independent reformists. Oneday Maldives history will tell the future students, that when changed finaly apeared in Maldives a tyrant, an opportunist, a militant style street activist took over the govt, betrayed his fellow coalition partners, delayed the process, and in consequence public had to suffer, and economy shrinked. also history will tell anni employed gandstars, rapists, fraud convicts, drug users, 3rd nov convicts and ppl who doent love the nation and its traditions, religion. Also do not remember the most violence ever created in Maldives is orchestrated, done, planed, by Anni. and he is still doing that if not with police, with his street activists. sooner or later like historical leaders anni will riped off and he will not be able to fool the nation. remember this is not 1978 when ignorants were living, today most of the ppl are learned, and they will know if someone is fooling around. my guess is anni will fall off before the term end

  12. Well MDP is the new DRP, how many times did our MP's shout the same thing over the stages. How many demonstrations did we hold, how many streets did we close, how many stones did we throw, how many laws did we break on the way to become ...? Stop behaving like fools don't forget your roots just govern by law not by face.Don't become what you preached against. In the name of politics don't protect the corrupt.

  13. this guy bali waheed should be detained by now, and with umar naseer, nihan, ilham and mahfool plus mavota.. who doesn't even behave any where as an MP, these are maumoon hooligans, this country will be much better without them

  14. MDP is not the new DRP. while MDP took to the streets democracy activists and others were routinely tortured and detained under the command of DRP thuugs.
    Political parties were banned from registrations, the sick and the old had no means.
    and the gov in place has rigged every vote and referendum in the country..
    ... now that a a gov has been elected by a democratic vote and all these corrupt bas***ds are alienated they are trying to cripple the country in the name of street protests and direct action..

  15. If Waheed has broken the law, he should be accounted for and punished. But I also wonder how fast a process takes place when it comes when politics comes in. I someone has done a 1st digree murder or if its about a drugload busted it takes months and eventually man goes free in the court rulling due lack of evidence. So i belive these all politically motivated and targetted. I bet Ali Waheed will be convicted but its just a game rulling is playing to warn opposition.

  16. Justice for all, We don't need any criminal to be as our representatives


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