Police forward MDP MP Inthi’s case to Prosecutor General

Police have concluded investigation and forwarded for criminal prosecution a case against Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Imthiyaz Fahmy ‘Inthi’.

According to a police statement, the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) has been requested to charge Inthi with disobeying orders, obstructing police duty and physically assaulting a female police officer during an MDP demonstration on May 29 that followed the dismantling of the former ruling party’s protest camp at Usfasgandu.

However in a statement condemning “excessive use of force” against demonstrators, Amnesty International reported that according to MP Imthiyaz, “police in Dhoonidhoo told him he was arrested for ‘disrupting peace’. The next day, in court, police stated that he had been detained for ‘physically attacking a woman police officer.”

Police arrested Inthi along with 56 other MDP activists on May 29 after police raided the MDP protest camp with a search warrant from the Criminal Court.

“I was arrested at the MDP protest camp and the court released me, after the police told the judge that I had assaulted a female officer at Usfasgandu,” Inthi told local media.

Police have also forwarded a case against MDP activist Shiyan ‘Shiyalhey’ Shafeeq of H. Hedheythundi to the PGO.

Shiyalhey faces charges of arson, disruption of public order and attacking officers of the armed forces.


8 thoughts on “Police forward MDP MP Inthi’s case to Prosecutor General”

  1. like the Maumoon era again the intimidation started.

    Be brave all maldivians, never give in to tese bhaagees , dont ever affraid of these crooks, er ministers.


  2. The old brutal dictatorship using the police has their propaganda weapon. Democracy has gone!!

  3. No wonder Police carrying such cartoon-type of tasks against those who do not recognize their President as the country's President. The police eventually shall arrest all MDP MPs and MDP supporters for the sake of justification that this is not a Police & MNDF Mutiny

  4. what did Anni did when he was ruling this country ? Anything against MDP thugs will be unlawful and any thing what ever MDP do will be legal.

    These blind MDP thugs and his dictator thinks that MDP is Maldives and rest of the people are aliens to this country.

    MDP thugs need to understand that majority of Maldivian are not MDP members and they either aligned with other parties or does not belong to any political party.

    This guy Inthi is one who i knew from very young age and grew together and his attitude is very similar to the dictator Anni and believe that he is only the one who will know things and rest of the people will be looked as much inferior to him.

  5. Police state in Maldives - there isnot any doubt about that - and you, #mvcoup bagees, police, mndf, whoever ... today you, tomorrow we.
    You will pay heavily for all what you are doing now against the people. the so far PEACEFUL protests, that also is clear from all footage available.
    25 years Maafushi will be the least you can expect, and much more for many, including death sentence, of course that.

  6. You MDP thugs already threaten the Maldivians in three years and you punished all the people who does not agree with your dictator and that is why you lost you place today.

    In the history of Maldives, water cannon was used against the peaceful demonstrator during the Dicator Anni regime and not before.

    You need to understand that you guys are not above " Allah the almighty, and those who had done wrong doing will get punished on the judgment day.

    MDP thugs also can not punish innocent people even if you come back and I tell you the corrupted dictator Anni will also be brought to justice .

    Do not think Anni is above the law and he will not be questioned for the amount of damage done to this country and its majority people.

    Anni may be the God for you yellow things not for us.

  7. why can't they investigate how they damaged government property during the coup

  8. it was done by MDP thugs and Anni was the man behind all the problems that was created on 8th Feb. and prior 8th Feb. too.

    He power mania


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