Politicians behind death threats to Gasim, claims JP

The Jumhooree Party (JP) has alleged that politicians are behind death threats sent to the party’s leader Gasim Ibrahim.

“We will take your life if you keep talking in the media,” and “We will wipe you and your family from Malé,” read the threats sent via text message to the business tycoon last week.

“The death threats are being issued to Honourable Gasim Ibrahim by those displeased or threatened by his efforts in the People’s Majlis, the media, and various other arenas for the benefit and wellbeing of the Maldivian people, in a planned attempt to intimidate him and push him back politically with politicians behind these threats,” the JP contended in a press statement yesterday (August 17).

The party expressed concern with the persistent threats and noted that Article 29 of the Constitution guarantees the “freedom to acquire and impart knowledge, information and learning.”

“And we note that these threatening messages are being sent at a time when the government and the ruling party have been directly targeting Honourable Gasim Ibrahim’s businesses, carrying out actions to hinder them and taking measures that are not being taken against other [businesses],” the press release stated.

Last week, the government terminated an agreement with Gasim’s Villa Air to manage and develop the Kaadehdhoo regional airport.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture meanwhile decided not to renew the lease of Laamu Baresdhoo, an uninhabited island leased to Gasim’s Villa company for agriculture.

Moreover, the fisheries ministry gave a 30-day notice to reclaim a plot of land in Gaaf Dhaal Hoadehdhoo leased to Gasim’s Horizons Fisheries.

President Abdulla Yameen has, however, denied “impeding” Gasim’s businesses, insisting that the decisions were made due to breach of contract.

In a letter to Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed informing the authorities of the threats, Gasim reportedly revealed that the owners of the numbers from which the messages were sent has denied sending any texts.

Gasim suggested that the text messages could have been sent through the internet using a phone number duplicating software.

The business tycoon appealed for police to investigate the threats with “utmost seriousness.”

Following similar threats sent in June, Gasim objected to lack of security provided to MPs despite the death threats he received, noting that he has arranged for private bodyguards.

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Spokesperson Major Hussain Ali told Minivan News today that “discussions” were currently taking place between the MNDF and the parliament secretariat regarding security arrangements for MPs.

Asked if MPs would have bodyguards from MNDF, the spokesperson suggested seeking the information from the People’s Majlis secretariat.

A media official at the secretariat, however, was unaware either of the present security arrangements or whether MPs had MNDF bodyguards.


Earlier this month, death threats were sent via text message from an unlisted number to six opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs.

While one message threatened to kill MPs who “behave inappropriately,” the second stated that it would not be “a sin to kill those who challenge the word of Allah and call for religious freedom.”

“Afrasheem Ali was an example before your eyes,” it read, referring to the murdered moderate scholar and Progressive Party of Maldives MP.

Police confirmed at the time that the threats were being investigated but declined to reveal further details.

Parliament Secretary General Ahmed Mohamed told local media that MNDF were formally asked to provide security for MPs after a number of lawmakers made requests following the swearing-in of the 18th parliament.

MNDF had not responded as of August 3, he said. In July, Defence Minister Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim assured that security would be provided to MPs and that recommendations for security provisions in the parliamentary rules – currently under review – had been shared with the speaker.

Article 105(b) of the Constitution states, “The security services of the state shall ensure the protection and safety of all members of the People’s Majlis.”

Meanwhile, a number of journalists have also received death threats in recent weeks, warning them against reporting on gang violence in the wake of a spate of stabbings in the capital.

An IT expert with experience in the telecommunications field explained to Minivan News at the time that it would be difficult to identify the culprit if the text messages were sent through an online mass text message service.

“Unless it came from a local IP address it would be almost impossible to trace it back. If they used anonymous proxy servers to send the texts it could be traced back to the SMS gateway, but no further,” he said.


7 thoughts on “Politicians behind death threats to Gasim, claims JP”

  1. Well, Gasim. You still have time to save your life. How about using that big cash to help topple the regime?

    I'm sure the People's Government will give you a lenient sentence if you do.

  2. Toppling the regime won't solve anything. In fact, it will have the opposite effect, since the next lot will also get toppled in no time! Terror begets terror.

    The solution lies in a peaceful democratic transformation of the country. Mahatma Gandhi showed the world how it can be done against an Empire. Surely, Maldivians can stand up and rescue their country from going down further and further into oblivion.

    Fear and intimidation cannot last forever. To make that work, the perpetrators will have to resort to violence eventually.

  3. @mullah

    We tried the whole "peaceful reconciliation" thingy once, you know. Back in 2008.

    All we got for it was a face-full of chemical weapons and a knife in the back.

    And the rest of the world quickly played 'ostrich'.

    Ah, but that's where you're wrong. Even the British Empire had some notions of humanity left in them. What we face now... this regime - the unholy union of big corporate monopolies, drug traffickers and wannabe jihadis; have no concept of humanity. I may dare say, judging by the attitude of many a mordisian, that they'd rather be happy in slavery as long as they get their gram.

    Gandhi didn't have to deal with that.

    Lastly, Any Maldivian brave enough to stand up and rescue their country from going down further and further into oblivion is abducted by drug traffickers, labeled as a 'kafir' and disposed of.

    We are at war - and they have visited violence upon us. They have murdered our friends and family, then hide behind religion to justify their oppression.

    Terror begets terror - yes. It is time for them to taste the foulness of their own medicine.

    So, I disagree with your opinion - but I respect your right to hold a different opinion on how to resolve this.

  4. Take a look at the countries that embraced democracy. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria etc. See how they fared. Why should we be the exception? Feel it is just a matter of time before we go down the same route.
    Saudi Arabia was the one country that refused to embrace change. "We have a system. It works. Don't mess around with it." This was the Saudi government's response to those who called for a gathering of 20,000 during the time of the Arab Spring.

  5. Qasim should stop complaining. Does anyone recall how he acquired the lease of Maamigili airport for 99 years? Now that he is getting a taste of his own medicine he should learn to swallow it without bitching. "The plotting of evil enhems its authors thereof."

  6. It is hard to believe some comments here!
    No corrupt body can digest democracy.
    Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria; were they incorrupt bodies? Guess not!
    Saudi Arabia by name is a dictatorship! It literally means it is the Arabia of Saud!
    Dictatorships allow the obedient who bends, or go down on to their knees at the beck and call to survive, or become filthy and hefty rich or powerful!
    But the dignified, who do not obey to unethical beckonings; their destiny has been always hard to imagine!
    If this is a system that can be believed; be the better judge!

  7. What this ALI RASHEED is saying here makes not even the slightest sense. Typical PPM reasoning: take the facts and turn them around.

    Each mentioned region has it's own problems. Democracy was never the cause. If I was as narrow minded as our friend ALI RASHEED here, I would say all these region have something in common: Islam. Of course it's not Islam causing the trouble, but people exploiting Islam to gather support for their cause.


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