PPM and JP threaten not to sign voter registry

The Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) and Jumhooree Party (JP) have disputed the accuracy of the re-registration process and threatened not to sign the voter lists as the first round of presidential election – re-scheduled for November 9 – draws near.

At the request of the PPM and JP, the Elections Commission (EC) has already verified fingerprints on a randomly selected sample of 9,152 out of 71,000 voter re-registration forms.

However the JP in a letter tonight has called on the commission to verify all 71,000 voter re-registration forms, while the PPM has asked for the verification of an additional 6000 forms.

The Supreme Court, in its verdict annulling the September 7 vote, asked the EC to obtain fingerprints of all voters who wished to register to vote in a location other than their permanent address.

The apex court also ordered the EC to obtain signatures of all candidates on the voter lists ahead of the election. The police forcibly halted the October 19 election at the eleventh hour after PPM and JP refused to sign the voter lists.

EC President Fuwad Thowfeek has tonight expressed concern over the actions of the two parties and appealed to PPM presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen and JP presidential candidate Gasim Ibrahim to be more responsible.

“I am concerned their candidates may not sign the voter registry. My hope is they will be more responsible. As candidates for the presidency of Maldives, my hope is they would prioritise the country’s interests and allow this election to proceed,” Fuwad told Minivan News.

In a letter to the EC tonight, the JP claimed they had received information from the DNR that the department had not been able to verify 12,000 fingerprints because the prints were unclear. An additional 3000 forms had fingerprints that did not belong to the voter, JP alleged.

However, Fuwad said the DNR had noted problems with only 294 forms. “But the DNR has not said even these forms are fraudulent. They told us the mismatch might be because the quality of database of fingerprints in their database is low. It may also be possible that the voter had given prints of two different fingers to the DNR and on the reregistration form,” he said.

The EC had called all 294 voters, and all voters have testified to the accuracy of the forms, Fuwad noted. There have been no complaints on reregistered location, he added.

“So I do not understand why the PPM wants us to verify another 6000 forms. Two of the forms they have asked us to verify are that of two senior EC staff. And these staff have said they have no problems with their forms. So why should the PPM ask for verification? Even if they could point out a problem with 100 forms, they have grounds to complain. But there are no complaints,” Fuwad said.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has noted 0.41 percent errors in the voter registry, but said the party accepts and will sign the voter registry.

In a statement issued today, the MDP noted a decrease of 488 voters in the November 9 voter list as compared to the September 7 voter list. New 2304 ID cards had been added to the new voter registry while 2792 ID cards from the September 7 list had been omitted on the new list. There were 61 repeated names and 1336 individuals who had come of voting age on the list, the party also noted.

“When the 1336 newly eligible voters are subtracted from the new 2304 ID cards that were added to the voter registry of November 2013, there are 968 unverifiable names on the voter list. This is 0.40 percent of eligible voters,” the MDP said.

However, the party accepts and will sign the voter registry as the percentage of irregularities are minor by international standards and as the constitution asks for an elected president by the end of the current presidential term on November 11, the party said.


14 thoughts on “PPM and JP threaten not to sign voter registry”

  1. Well, surprize surprize! The mentally challenged PPM and their friends the JP are going to throw another $1 million away, as if the Maldives economy can really afford it! Why didn't you retards just tell the EC you were going to wreck the next election weeks ago and save the EC a lot of time and trouble and also save the economy some expense. Banana politicians, Banana "Republic".

  2. The PPM and JP are determined to cause a civil war and risk International alienation and the loss of their Tourist Industry and drive the Maldives into a 3rd world standard of abject poverty.


  3. Everybody knows at least one won't sign as recommended by their master and that will be enough to cancel voting as per the SC guidelines.
    Now is Waheed with his 5% staying, is the speaker taking over or will the military take over?
    We shall know soon!!!

  4. Gasim is a joke at best. Yamin is the mastermind pulling Gasim's reigns.

    The Maldivians have voted you out. This is not because you cannot make progressive changes to the country, but simply because Anni can take us for a wild ride. He acknowledges reality. Where as you will be forever under the hammer by mullahs.

    There are maldivians who :
    1) do not believe in religions.
    2) who believe in equality. Men and women gets the equal shares in inheritance.
    3) believe in general statistics: infant mortality rates, colorblind %, cancer deaths %, race equality, sexuality variations, education is the key, vaccination is a must, etc
    4) do not believe in God being selective in avoiding Muslims when he unleashes natural disasters.
    5) do believe politics is being manipulated for the benefit if few.

    Maldives belongs to all Maldivians and not just the mullahs and whoever they say.

    When mullahs force someone not to enjoy a beer, the criminal there is the mullah. He is forcing his views on the other, while the other is minding his own business. As far as health is concerned cigarettes are also dangerous, but allowed.

    Enjoy life on earth. Recognise and acknowledge everyone is a human being like you. Realize that it's the same god who created brave and weak minded people. Brave enjoys life, takes risks, enjoys occasional drinks, sex, etc. while the weak, is too scared and bows for forgiveness unnecessarily.

  5. Is there anyone who is surprised by this?

    We can clearly see now why the criminals in the Supreme Court issued their "guideline". It's totally unacceptable for political parties to hijack an election!

  6. Alright, so now we have claims and counterclaims involving DNR.

    (1) Would the real DNR standup and publicly announce, as EC says that ONLY 294 forms had problems as far as fingerprint verification went. That would put a stop to Gasim's 3rd attempt at stopping the elections going ahead.

    (2) As mentioned before, EC is totally right to refuse the selected verification of 6000 forms submitted by PPM. Firstly, this is totally bogus from a statistical standpoint, as random sampling is the basis for verification of data from a larger population. Any idiot knows that.

    Secondly, those 6000 forms may well be "doctored" forms designed specifically to discredit the EC and bring the election to a halt once again.

    (3) If the EC shows they've done everything in their power to carry out the process with due diligence, then refusal by Yameen and Gasim can ONLY amount to contempt of court! For that they would have to face trial, assuming of course, we have a functioning judicial system. Alas, we don't...

  7. I am willing to bet the last Loa Laari I have, that both PPM and JP deliberately sent in bogus registration forms in order to stop the elections going ahead!

    Their aim is once again to stop the election. The re-registration process will never go cleanly as long as Yameen and Gasim both realize they cannot win the election. They are perpetrating the biggest and the most vile of crimes against the people of Maldives.

  8. Supreme Court to revise its previous verdict and rule round 1 is valid. Let the 9th nov be round 2 with pres Nasheed and yamin. This will be the least cost solution

    End of crisis in Maldives. And the country deserves stability

  9. Not surprised! They know they will not win this election as they do not have support of the public!

  10. JP and PPM know they cannot win the presidency in and election because they know that they are not of the people or for the people!
    Therefore they have no chance to be elected by the people!
    Yaameen has never won an election without high handedness and or distribution of (mostly forged ones, perhaps) money!
    Gasim do have some love of the people.
    But they know that he has a dirty mouth, and is only thank you for the Lara quality!
    Waiting to see outcome of Waheed meeting the 3 candidates!!!!

  11. We hacked into the PPM's servers and got their list.

    Here's why they refuse to sign it.

    Because they know that Anni will win ebburun.


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