PPM manifesto released to criticism over economic plans

President Dr Mohamed Waheed’s running mate Ahmed Thasmeen Ali has said the Progressive Party of Maldives’ (PPM) “concerning” proposal to slash the state budget by MVR 4 billion ($259.9 million) lacks critical detail.

PPM released its three-part manifesto on Tuesday (September 3) – just four days before the presidential election.

Cautioning that such a large reduction required careful adjustments, Thasmeen said that the proposed cut would have a negative impact on development projects and subsidies, reported Haveeru.

Thasmeen added that minimizing waste and promoting operational efficiency in the government would not yield sufficient funds.

His critique echoed concerns voiced by other MPs, including PPM presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen, over last year’s budget cutbacks.

Yameen has promoted himself as being strong on economic policy, with posters across Male’ touting him as the electorate’s best choice for an economic recovery.

Budget cutbacks attracted sharp responses from political parties in December 2012, after Parliament’s Budgetary Review Committee reduced the state budget by MVR2.4 million ($1.5 million).

Government-aligned Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Deputy Leader and MP Abdullah Mausoom tweeted at the time that the cutbacks were “a deliberate attempt by MDP and PPM to ‘choke’ government and institutions by 2013”.

Yameen – then PPM’s Parliamentary Group Leader and a member of the review committee – observed that, based on the proposed budget cuts, the government’s policies were unclear.

Minivan News was unable to obtain comments from PPM spokespersons at time of press.

PPM Manifesto

The PPM’s ambitious proposals target legislation, administration and infrastructure in multiple areas. The party’s plans include a youth, a sports, and a ‘Yageen’ manifesto – the latter derived from the party’s campaign slogan ‘Yameen Yageen’, or ‘Yameen for Sure’.

The ‘Yageen’  manifesto outlines programmes targeting health, fisheries, decentralization, women’s rights, national security, agriculture, transport and tourism.

According the sports manifesto, athletic programs would receive new facilities and equipment, complemented by legislation to develop young talent. Sports administration would be facilitated by a Sports Act and a Maldives Sports PLC in partnership with all national sports associations, which would draft agreements to pay professional players.

The manifesto also states that all islands would receive a sports arena and Hulhumale’ would be developed as a youth entertainment city, including a National Aquatic Centre of olympic scale. Taxes on sports materials would be reduced from 25 to 5 percent.

According to the ‘Yageen’ manifesto, policies on education would expand teaching of the Quran and arabic language throughout the curriculum, and offer both expanded vocational and higher education opportunities. Educational centers would benefit from teacher training, expanded space, improved counseling services, and “modern libraries” equipped with digital facilities.

On the subject of women’s rights, the manifesto proposes subsidized childcare system, allowing women to work from home through the internet, and connecting them to employers. Gender quotas in the political arena and leadership skills courses for girls are also included, intended to equalize the workplace gender balance.

Other proposals include reviewing national legislation on women, particularly in the areas of marriage and divorce, property, and crime.

To build connectivity within and between atolls, the PPM “ensures” that every island will have access to air transport through regional airports, to be complemented by a ferry network. The party states that, in addition to expanding the services of Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) and Island Aviation, it will invite private companies to operate transport facilities.

The manifesto did not detail budgetary provisions for these proposals.

Download the manifestos in Dhivehi.


4 thoughts on “PPM manifesto released to criticism over economic plans”

  1. There is a reason and season for everything.

    PPM at the height of Maumoon enormous powers was incapable of solving simplest project like Male Bus service. So how can a manifesto change anything.

    PPM has lost belief and faith of the people. The no 1 target of the PPM manifesto should be to win that, i.e., peoples credibility

  2. In the future PPM needs to learn to adjust to the new culture of accountability. I am not opposed to the party or its candidate as such.

    However, if PPM accepts the new system which I think the people seem to enjoy to some degree, then PPM must show commitment through greater transparency and better engagement with the voting public.

    PPM needs to use the web more often, establish an official website and use airspace on broadcast media to inform the public of their goings on. PPM can also do what all other parties except MDP has failed to do so far (must admit MDP itself has experienced some reversals in this area as well) - that is publish key internal documents (procedures, guidelines, results of voting) to build member confidence in their party.

    On the subject at hand, I have little to say. There seems to be very little difference between any of the candidates with regards to policy. A lot of the plans seem to be aimed at the medium-term which would require longer than 5 years to implement. A lot of the legislative proposals assume a parliamentary majority. Welfare seems to be the name of the game with fantastic projects thrown in here and there for flavor and shock-value.

  3. @ tsk tsk

    Yes, 'in future PPM needs to .....' do many things.
    Perhaps due to the cosy history, their concept of time seems distorted and stretched somewhat. 5 years future for others may well be another 35 years for them.. That may be why there is not not even a proper website and a web campaign.

    Hopefully they will have a proper website and a manifesto in 2033.

  4. Ppm aaah medhu maaka boddu yageen kameh nei, manifesto ves nerevunee vote loan 4 dhuvahah vefa hutta


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