PPM MP Mahlouf’s shop vandalised

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Ahmed Mahlouf’s clothes shop was vandalised last night by unknown assailants.

Speaking to Minivan News today, Mahlouf said he believed that the attack came in retaliation for the protest the opposition and coalition of religious NGOs have decided to conduct next Friday.

‘’It is in connection with the protest we have planned. Ever since we planned these protests I have been warned and threatened that if the protest is conducted I will suffer the consequences,’’ Mahlouf claimed.

Mahlouf said police attended the area would have collected video footage captured by the shop’s cameras.

‘’I think police will be able to find out the culprits using the footage,’’ he said. ‘’It is regrettable that those who oppose us have started vandalising property.’’

Mahlouf alleged that Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) officials and senior MPs had threatened him “with consequences” if the protest was conducted.PP

‘’They have sent me texts and threatened me that there will be consequences if the protest is conducted,’’ he claimed, further alleging that the MDP was “paying gangs” to disrupt the protest on Friday, but would not state which MPs he believed were involved.

‘’Not many gangs have cooperated with MDP because it is a religious thing this time,’’ Maulouf.

Minivan News sought response from MDP Parliamentary Group Media Coordinator MP Mohamed Shifaz, MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik, MP Ahmed Easa and MP Ali Waheed, but none responded at time of press.

MDP MPs Mohamed Musthafa and Ahmed Hamza refused to comment on the matter.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that the incident had occurred and that police were investigating the case.

The religious NGO coalition and opposition political parties are planning a protest on Friday in which they claim 15,000 citizens will attend.


15 thoughts on “PPM MP Mahlouf’s shop vandalised”

  1. If Mahloof has information that gangs are being used by MDP, why simply tell the Media? Why not go to court, or call the police.

    In another country, such an allegation would bring down a government. Here, we have to hajam all of mahloofs vomit as freedom of speech.

  2. Maldives has officially adopted the African formula - a country controlled by thugs, milked by large corporations with the blessing of foreign powers and run by a clueless people.

    The busineses and the educated should be worried about the future.

  3. Is this news? For God's sake, stop wasting time publishing crap like this.

  4. Even we common folk are concerned my dear friend.

    Yet this is a common mistake a nation learns after an initial revolution.

    We made a hurried choice and a wrong one and we have a long way to go as a nation.

    The first step we need to take is to remove President Nasheed from office and seriously think over our options. Also that document we call a Constitution needs to reflect the true sentiments, aspirations and capabilities of our people.

    We lost confidence in our Parliament through our own failure to demand more stringent measures to prevent loss of confidence.

    We failed to monitor foreign influences on our Presidential elections through our failure to enforce Elections laws and due to the lack of a statute regulating political parties.

    We are unable to prioritize pressing economic issues due to the lack of awareness and education among the public.

    We are losing precious social cohesion due to the hurriedly put together multiparty system and resulting chaos on long-established systems which had earlier protected a fragile society from breaking apart.

    We need a President focused on economic issues. Of course measures to contain the rampant corruption is also vital. A degree of freedom for the masses is also necessary. Strengthening of enterprise is more than vital. Unity is the key to this achievement and we need to build consensus. Nasheed is the wrong choice due to his inability to command the love and respect of the Maldivian people.

  5. In the past Abbas Ibrahim was in charge of these type of "self inflicted wounds". This is an old trade where Maumoon is very capable of. We don't have to take this seriously. They have insurance and they will recover their losses.

  6. mahlouf stop being such a drama queen. you know you wanted this to happen and get the chance to play the victim.

  7. The only thugs and hysterical commons who are hungry for money are being employed by the opposition. A lot of money is being dumped to create division and useless tripe in this society. Sadly everyone seems to be too half brained to sort things out do some research get informed.

  8. I agree with Mahloof that this was done by MDP. For all these days there was no attack and why would this happen days to the protest ?

  9. It is not just the MDP.

    PPM itself is no stranger to hiring thugs to disrupt events or even harm people when they feel necessary - and I haven't the slightest doubt that Mahlouf is very well aware of this.

  10. "Not many gangs have cooperated with MDP because it is a religious thing this time."

    Hold on! You are saying we have "gangs" that respect religion? Is your brain really that empty? These are the very same "gangs" that chop off peoples legs, smoke crack, or commit the most hienous crimes under the sun. But you want us to believe that they have some sort of respect for religion? What religion would that be? I really want to know.

    The emptiness of this guy's brain never fails to amaze me. He comes out with blatant lies such as "threatening" texts and messages from various political figures etc. Care to show us these? Or even report them to the police? Of course he can't because these are figments of his own imagination.

    Morons like these have run a stake through our hard fought democracy; a real shame...

  11. From the time the Government came in.. I would say only around 20% of the things they have done has succeeded, while in many other sectors like religion and crime, the country has gone backwards due to the President and the MDP leadership thinking they know what is best for the people instead of listening to the people. Organizers for the party from various sides have been interrogated by Police and given threats as Mahlouf has said.

    Why are there so much threats by Government and its supporters? Are they scared of democracy when it is against them? They are trying to bring out propaganda, threats and vandalism to split and weaken the protest movement. Government had shut its ears to the opposition and religious NGOs for all this time and only when they see a material threat, they are quickly asking for a peaceful resolution. These are all tactics and people should not listen to a Government that threatens others to not demonstrate and their right to assembly.

    Parties should make sure they arrange to give free transport back and forth to protestors from different islands. This is very important to have a coordinated protest. Also security should be conducted by the protesters as well so that the Government does not send hooligans to create violence and than use that as an excuse to clamp down on the protest. Learn from the protests in Tunisia and Egypt.

  12. Regardless whether MDP did it or not, it has been done. There nothing Mahloof or even police could do!

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  14. The gangs are unwilling to work with MDP because this is a religious thing? Since when were they blessed with a religious conscience.
    We all know that this 23rd protest (which all this drama is supposed to bring attention to, probably) has very very little to do with Islam at all. It is doubtless a political game planned by all the parties joining it.
    May God never forgive you for abusing Islam for your political gain.

  15. oh puhleez, this clown needs to wake up to reality. Like anybody bothers that he has some lil shop, like as if its big business, goodness!

    and how come he is now taking 'credit' for organizing this protest? if anybody was going to vandalize regarding the protest it will be the propoerty of the real organizers, not this buffoon. Stop trying to take credit for everything and go do your left foot right foot dance at some retro show. that seems to be more your standard than being a respectable politician...or a successful businessman for that matter.


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